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  • 1. Clayton Sloan 2010-2011 My Patience is a Virtue
  • 2. Inquiry
      • What questions did I ask while working on the project? Did any new questions arise while working on the project?
      • Will having cell phones in school really go through?
      • While working on the topic, gossip drama and rumors, I had began to worry and wonder, will this keep us from getting to use phones in school?
  • 3. Significance
      • My cell phone project was the most valuable because throughout the world people are worried about these problems like gossip, drama and rumors.
      • I thought that this project was important to me because I know people that have been cyber bullied and rumors have spread about them.
  • 4. Perspective
      • The cell phone project showed me that if a group of people gets together and work together than
      • they can do anything.
      • During the game board project we couldnt decide what rules we were going to use so I decided to use my other partners decision and it worked out okay.
  • 5. Evidence
      • When researching and looking at websites you see the same information on all the websites and you know its accurate.
  • 6. Connection
      • Slide 6 - Connection - How did the project create a connection for you between subjects or topics that did not seem related before?
      • All the projects that we have done has related to science and math. Like digging in dirt and electronics in the game board.
  • 7. Supposition
      • What kind of predictions can you make for your future - next semester or further? What changes will you make as a learner and/or team member and what do you predict the outcome will be as a result?
      • Next semester I will be more of a team member and more of a leader to my team members to make sure things are done.
  • 8. Conclusion
      • State three things that you have realized about yourself as a learner (positive or negative)
      • I work good in groups
      • I like to sometimes take charge
      • I listen to my partners ideas