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The Miller Heiman Summer Sales Academy 2014 Become more confident in using the Miller Heiman method!

Transcript of Slideshare minds more_presents_miller_heiman_summer_sales_academy_2014 (3)

  • Minds&More presents The Miller Heiman Summer Sales Academy 2014 25 30 August 2014 Invitation
  • Introducing Minds&More 2 Minds&More supports clients to grow their business by building capabilities in marketing, sales and transformation. Our clients can rely on flexible service solutions: consulting and program management, interim staffing and talent acquisition. Our seasoned professionals inspire, challenge, train and coach our clients and take accountability to realize tangible results through excellence in execution. Market Analysis Strategic Planning Sales Management Capturing Value & Return Marketing Management Brand & Communication Management Transformation Management
  • 3 The Minds&More team presents: The Miller Heiman Summer Sales Academy 2014 Hosted and facilitated by Pascale Hall & Grgoire Vanderveken, both Partners at Minds&More Become more confident in using the Miller Heiman method!
  • The program 4 *As participant of the workshop Strategic Selling and/or Conceptual Selling, you will get additionally our 6 resp. 12 months reinforcement program Advanced Concepts. It picks up the content of the workshop and gives you useful support with exercises, videos, sales articles and short PowerPoint presentation. All workshops are held in English and can be booked per module or for the whole package, or can be booked as in-house seminar as well. (The facilitators are trilingual NL-FR-ENG)
  • 5 Venue: Minds&More - Park Hill - Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan 16B DIEGEM Timing: All workshops start at 8:30 am and close at 5:30 pm Enroll now! Click here for Strategic Selling Click here for Conceptual Selling Click here for Strategic Selling & Conceptual Selling Click here for Securing Strategic Appointments Click here for LAMP-Large Account Management Process Click here for Channel Partner Management Click here for Negotiate Success Click here for Miller Heiman Certified Sales Professional Confirmation and payments will be managed directly by Miller Heiman
  • MINDS&MORE cvba E. Mommaertslaan 16B, 1831 Diegem Tel: +32 (0)2 704 4940 - WE HOPE TO WELCOME YOU AT OUR SUMMER ACADEMY! Registrations: