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Transcript of Slide Deck of Happy Hours and Hashtags: 40 Ways You've Never Thought of to Engage Millennials...

  1. 1. Happy Hours and #Hashtags 40 Ways Youve Never Thought of to Engage Millennials
  2. 2. ABOUT WEBLINK Leading SaaS AMS Company Over 720 Association Customers; 5,500 Users; Supporting 650K Members Established in 1996 Based in Indianapolis, Indiana 60 Employees 94% Customer Retention Rate 96% Average Daily Satisfaction Rating
  3. 3. WebLink Customers
  4. 4. WebLink Customers
  5. 5. WebLink Connect Association Management Software Solution One web-based centralized database Prospects, members, non- members and all reps in same system Financials, events, email, committees, website, reporting
  6. 6. Happy Hours and #Hashtags 40 Ways Youve Never Thought of to Engage Millennials
  8. 8. Presentation Overview 1. Evaluate 2. Realign 3. 40 Out of the Box Ideas to Engage Millennials Make sure to tweet your questions and share your thoughts and ideas using #weblink
  9. 9. Evaluate Your Existing Strategy
  10. 10. Revisit Your Goals Reexamine Target Audience Take an Inventory Evaluate Your Messaging Measure Your Performance Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy
  11. 11. Revisit Your Goals Examine your past goals Millennial marketing goals may include: Historical millennial event attendance Social shares related to YP events Millennial fan base growth on social networks Revisit Your Goals
  12. 12. Reexamine Your Target Audience An effective marketing and communications strategy is built upon well-constructed member profiles and include: Demographic data (age, gender, income, amount of education) Psychographic data (attitudes, interests, values, opinions, lifestyle) Reexam ine Target Audienc e
  13. 13. Demographics:Overview GOOGLE ANALYTICS REPORT
  14. 14. FACEBOOK INSIGHTS People
  15. 15. TWITTER ANAYLTICS AudienceInsights>Followers
  16. 16. Meet the Millennial Largest generation in the U.S. Cause oriented Political, ethical, genuine and authentic Strongly influenced by peers Seek adventure and experience Treat Assets (time, money, etc.) as having equal value Technology Teamwork makes the dream work attitude
  17. 17. Take an Inventory Evaluate your digital presence What digital and social platforms are you utilizing? Assess whether or not you are participating on the right web channels Take an Inventor y
  18. 18. Evaluate Your Messaging Which types of messages (texts, blog posts, video, webinars, etc.) perform the best when communication with millennials? Do your words and content resonate with your audience? What is the level of engagement of your millennial audience? How often are they sharing your material? Evaluat e Your Messagi ng
  19. 19. Measure Your Performance Identify the right measurement tools to measure your goals. For example: If your goal was to acquire new members or increase event attendance, use association management software to track your progress. If youre seeking an increase in website traffic to certain pages or content, use Google Analytics to monitor your progress. Additionally, tools such as Facebook Insights allow you to track the behavior of specific demographics who engage in specific types of content. You can use project-specific landing pages to track which members are downloading specific pieces of content. Measure Your Performa nce
  20. 20. Realign Your Strategy
  21. 21. Revamp Millennial Engagement Millennial immersion simplified: 1. Realign your general focus 2. Create a welcoming environment 3. Focus on front end growth activities
  22. 22. In With the Old The Singular Approach Young Professionals Programs (i.e., a program which designed to nurture Young Professionals as a segmented group) Young professionals arent being seen as serious members in the eyes of tenured professionals
  23. 23. In With The New Create experiences that direct organizational focus to immerses millennials in: The overall goal of the organization Professional recognition and development within the industry Create an environment that is equally as inviting to young professionals as it is to tenured members
  24. 24. Set SMART Goals Always remember to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound 1. Increase millennial new member growth by 25% over the next 3 months. 2. Increase millennial member social engagement across all platforms by 50% over the next 3 months. 3. Increase millennial member attendance at the annual bonfire by 50% in 2015.
  25. 25. Things to Keep in Mind Dont over complicate Ask Inform and educate Promote leadership Encourage participation Use gamification Engage
  26. 26. Analyze & Adjust Even great organizations need constantly tweak their processes and the best make changes to their initiatives while they are going through with them
  27. 27. Think Outside the Box 40 Ideas for Engaging Millennials
  28. 28. Connect Know which platforms millennials are using to connect and use them to your advantage
  29. 29. Go Mobile
  30. 30. Gamification
  31. 31. Social Contes ts
  32. 32. Repost
  33. 33. #Hashtags
  34. 34. Create Leadership + Learning Opportunities Create the opportunity for your millennial members to collaborate, continue their education and be community leaders
  35. 35. Build Committees
  36. 36. Utilize your member base to host guest speakers from local businesses
  37. 37. TED Talk
  38. 38. Healthy lifestyle tips from a fitness professional
  39. 39. Political Debates
  40. 40. Idea Sharing + Networking with Gen Y and Baby Boomer Members
  41. 41. Budgeting, Investing and Retirement Preparation
  42. 42. Budgeting, Investing and Retirement Preparation
  43. 43. Educational Seminars for Professional Development (Microsoft Suite skills, Adobe, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurial Workshops, etc.)
  44. 44. Master Something New! Learning doesnt always have to feel boring or forced Give millennials the chance to learn something just for fun Host events focused on the enhancement of lifestyle skills
  45. 45. Poetry Writing/Poetry Slam
  46. 46. Woodworking/B uild Your Own
  47. 47. Cooking Class
  48. 48. Photography
  49. 49. Foreign Language Classes
  50. 50. Play an Instrument
  51. 51. Write HTML
  52. 52. Self Defense
  53. 53. Its a Social Affair Host events that allow millennials to engage and network with their peers in a social setting
  54. 54. Food Truck Festival
  55. 55. Be Active! Community 5K or Obstacle Course
  56. 56. Art in the Dark
  57. 57. Book Club
  58. 58. Concerts with Local Musicians
  59. 59. Movie on the Lawn
  60. 60. Meet + Greet at the Dog Park
  61. 61. Local Sporting Events
  62. 62. Happy Hour
  63. 63. Craft Beer Fest
  64. 64. City Scavenger Hunt
  65. 65. Seek Adventure (skydiving, high ropes course, camping, mountain biking, etc.)
  66. 66. Team Building Activities
  67. 67. Comedy Club
  68. 68. Intermural Sports Leagues
  69. 69. Bonfire
  70. 70. Golf Scramble
  71. 71. Girls (Networking) Night Out
  72. 72. Tour de France
  73. 73. Holiday Parties
  74. 74. Give Back Create ongoing opportunities for millennials to volunteer throughout the community
  75. 75. Organize events and donate proceeds to a charity of choice
  76. 76. Local Engagement (Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, YMCA, Salvation Army, etc.)
  77. 77. Canned Food Drive
  78. 78. Plant a Community Garden
  79. 79. Community Art Project
  80. 80. Community Clean Up
  81. 81. Mentoring Program
  82. 82. Community Engagement Event Planning
  83. 83. QUESTIONS?
  84. 84. Thank you! WebLink International, Inc. 1-877-231-4970