Skinning & DotNetNuke 4.9

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Skinning & DotNetNuke 4.9 presented by Cuong Dang, Engage Software

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DotNetNuke provides a powerful feature in design call skinning. DotNetNuke administrators can very easily change the entire look and feel of an existing web site without compromising the content. In this session, we will learn about the skinning engine, how it works and dynamic elements. We will also discuss new changes in skinning engine that were introduced in the latest release of DotNetNuke. Presented by Cuong Dang of Engage Software.

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  • 1.Skinning & DotNetNuke 4.9 presented by Cuong Dang, Engage Software

2. Brief Bio EDUCATIONB.S. Marketing & ManagementMaryville University of St. LouisEXPERTISE DotNetNuke Skinning Usability & UI Design Branding & Marketing HIGHTLIGHTS Wrox AuthorWrox Blox Technical Reviewer (PACKT Publishing Co.)DotNetNuke Skinning Tutorial bookLead Skinning InstructorEngage Software, Ocial DotNetNuke Training ProviderFeatured SpeakerOpenForce, User Group Meeting 3. About Engage Based in St. Louis, MO Specializing in ASP.NET development DotNetNuke Module Development Skinning Implementation services Microsoft Certied Gold Partner Ocial DotNetNuke Training Provider 4. Topics DotNetNuke Skinning Concepts Skinning Approaches Creating a DNN Skin Package Changes with Skinning in DNN 4.9 5. Skinning Concepts Panes Modules Containers 6. Wireframe 7. Skinning Approaches 8. DotNetNuke SkinsItem Files DNNSkin Oneleactsasaskin(eitherHTMLorASCXbeforeinstalla=on) DNNSkinPackage Onepackagemadeupofasingleormul=pleHTMLorASCXles,CSS,medialesaswellascontainersthatarecompressedintoa.zipleformat. 9. Creating a Skin Package Web Standards Skin Conversion Layout and Panes Navigation Containers 10. Web Standards W3Cs Recommendation: XHTML 1.0 Separate Content and Presentation Greater Accessibility Machine Human 11. Skin Conversion 12. Layout and Panes 13. Simple Floating 14. Simple Floating 15. TOKENS Placement [LOGO], [SEARCH] [USER], [LOGIN] [CONTENTPANE], [COPYRIGHT] Source: DotNetNuke Skinning Guide 16. Navigation Core SolPartMenu dnnMENU Third Party HouseMenu ( Telerik ( 17. Containers Similar to Skinning Concepts Container Objects 18. Changes in 4.9 New Tokens [TEXT] - Localization [STYLE] Enhancements [SEARCH]