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Build The 5,000 is the World's Biggest Skilled Volunteering Event taking place on 5th December 2014. This is the internal business case for taking part as a company.

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  • 1. #Buildthe5000Matched by skillDesigned for maximum impact

2. #Buildthe5000The Worlds Biggest Skilled Volunteer Event5th December 2014 3. 9 out of 10MBA's would take a pay cut to work for acompany that helps them give backSource: [STANFORD GSB/FORBES] 4. 70% Agree30% DisagreeMaking the world a better place is more important than anyaspect of a Millennials career or life.IVEY 5. Commercial AdvantageCompanies that are CSR leaders are outperformingcompetitors in stock performanceby an average of 25%25%Source: Goldman Sachs 6. Skilled volunteering helps you recruit and keep thetalent ; whilst improving your bottom line.hmm... 7. 1500 75%63% LIKESFinding the rightcharities, who aremaking an impact andneed your skillsBut Its a Lot of Work47%1 2 3 4Understanding what skillsthe charity needs andfinding a way foremployees to give andlearn.Engaging employees toenlist participation.Coming up against linemanagers who can'tspare people.Reporting on the impacton both the charity andthe staff. What does it allmean?CharitySelectionDevelopment Participation Evaulation 8. Skilled Volunteering Made EasyJoin these companies taking part in Build The 5000CANADASOUTH AMERICANEW ZEALANDERM RESCANISM CanadaTB Bank GroupASIAAxis BankNaverTitanBank of New ZelandAccorEdenredFalabellaSOUTH AFRICAAdams and 9. NETWORKWITH INDUSTRY LEADERSAt free local events 10. It is Impossible for a fewcorporate citizenship staff atheadquarters to manage multipleprograms in multiple countries bythemselves.GLOBAL EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS 11. Receive Vetted, Bespoke ChallengesChallenge ExampleCharity: International AidTeam: Marketing and CommunicationsChallenge: The charity earns far less voluntaryincome than any of their competitors.Despite being the biggest deliverer ofInternational Aid services in the Asia. Howdo we create an emotional story for themthat will pull at people's heartstrings? 12. Retain and Train the Best PeopleMORALEPRIDE INCOMPANYMOVITATIONVolunteering 13. No HassleEmployees book direct and we deliverdirect. You can login at anytime andsee who's taking part 14. Teams of up to 10 take part virtuallyWe deliver the brief and dial-in detailsSit back, relax and watch your employeeshave fun and make a difference. 15. Measuredin real time 16. 1000's of MediaOpportunities 17. SIMPLE UIMULTILINGUAL.FULL SUPPORTFREE APPFOLLOW ON IMPACTEASY TO USE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. 18. 14,100BITC fees + 3KCompetitive Analysis2,500Industry Av140GWYGACost perskilledvolunteeringchallengeGWYGA cost based on 50 teams taking part 19. Built to FitFilter the volunteering activities to include yourcurrent programmes, including location, causeinterest and current partners. 20. Breakdown of costsA Non-profit evaluationB Non-profit managementC Challenge DesignD Impact ReportingE TechnologyA B C D E 21. "Delivering a coherent CSR programme whichunites staff with a shared passion and a desire tomake a difference, across the enterprise, multipletime zones and differing skill sets- is logisticallyand culturally a tricky task Give What You'reGood makes look easy" 22. Show The World Your CompanyCares#buildthe50005th December 201450% off until 7th September | 23. Powered byGWYGAThe GoldStandard InPeopleDevelopment