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  • 1. AppleMelissa Mendez

2. Think Different 3. Overview of companyApple company is one ofthe most recognizedcompanies and bringsnew, different andcutting edge technologyto its customers. 4. Steve JobsCreator of AppleFebruary 24,1955-October 5,2011 5. Product History1970s- Apple I, Apple II1980s- Apple III, Apple Lisa, Macintosh 128K, Apple //C, Macintosh Plus, Apple IIGs, Macintosh II, Macintosh Portable, 6. Product History1990s- Macintosh Classic II, Quadra 950, Macintosh Color Classic, PowerBook 140, Quadra 605, Newton Message Pad 100, Power Macintosh 6100, PowerBook 540c, Power Macintosh 9500, Performa 6400,PowerBook 3400, Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, iMac G3, iBook, AirPort 7. Product History2000s- Pismo PowerBook, IPod, IMac G4, PowerBook G4 12, Xserve G5, AirPort Express, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Ipod Touch, IPhone (1st generation), IPhone 3G,2010s- Ipad, Iphone 4, Iphone 4S, IPhone 5, IPad mini 8. Mission statement Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers inthe world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork andprofessional software. Apple leads the digital musicrevolution with its iPods and iTunes online store.Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with itsrevolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is definingthe future of mobile media and computing deviceswith iPad. 9. Purpose of company The purpose of thecompany is to bringnew and excitingtechnology to itscustomers to alwayshave the newesttechnology and to getyou to think indifferent ways. 10. How is the company used ineducation, home, business?The Mac laptops are every were. There aremany different university with Mac in theircomputer laps, businesses using Mactechnology, and IPhones that make everythingaccessible in the palm of your hand. 11. Similar companies Broadcom Vmware Qualcomm Amazon Windows 12. How does this company make money? Apple makes money through their technology.Every time they sell a product they make aprofit off of that product, they make moneyoff of the apps on an IPhone, music sold off ofitunes, etc. 13. Article 1 This article is talking about how apple postedmixed quarterly results. There net salesoared 27% to $36 billion, just ahead of whatanalysist were expecting of the $35.8 billion. 14. Article 2 This article talks about how the shares ofapple fell below $400 for the first time in ayear and a half. 15. Article 3 This article is about how the former executiveof Apple is how working as an executive of thedepartment store JcPennys and is not doingthe best of job there. 16. The job I would be interested in Creative Job summary- you inspire creativity by sharing your knowledge with Apple Store visitors- whether theyre first- timers or longtime loyal customers. As a Creative, youre the foundation of the Apple Stores welcoming environment that invites individuals to share their ideas and learn how to bring their visions to life. Those who work alongside you are knowledgeable teammates just as eager to share their skills as they are to learn more. Nothing gives you a greater thrill than empowering a customer to create something wonderful. Description- as a creative, your main role at the Apple Store is that of instructor, whether guiding small groups to learn or helping individuals complete projects. You use your presentation skills act as a facilitator, helping users get set up, get trained, and get going. But youre also an excellent listener, taking the time to understand what each user hopes to achieve or learn. By adjusting your teaching style to each users individual skill level, you maximize his or her understanding and your own time. You recognize that purchasing a new product can sometimes help customers attain their goals. You 17.