Shopno Beej (Drought Resistent seed)

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Shopno Beej (Drought Resistent seed) Marketing strategy

Transcript of Shopno Beej (Drought Resistent seed)

  • Asad Ahmed Farmer Dinajpur, Ramshagar STORY OF ASAD
  • Questions we asked When does drought occur? How many months/days does this drought last? Which crops are supposed to be cultivated during drought?
  • Findings Drought mostly occurs during Falgun-Chaitro also can occur in Kartikh-Agrohayon Drought lasts for 1 to 2 months They cultivate Paddy, Oil seed, Pulse, Wheat, Corn.
  • Facts Using deep tube well and heavy motors Water being lifted up from 40-45 feet below the surface Irrigation cost per Bigha 10-15 thousand tk Deep tube well costs 1.5 2 lac Depletion of ground water is occuring at an alarming rate Scope of increasing the irrigation area is limited. It is clear that drought is inevitable
  • So to fight drought Farmers need Drought Resistant Seeds
  • Given the potential upcoming crisis, shopnobeej can be the saviour of our farmers, and resultantly the agriculture. But, our rural farmers need to be awarred and trained about the usage of this product properly. Md. Sultan Giasuddin, Assistant Director, BADC, Modhupur Distribution of seeds can be profitable if the demand of them can be created properly Md. Rashidujjaman, Seeds Dealer Dr Mushtaque Chowdhury Vice-Chairperson BRAC Current condition of Bangladesh is now much helpful for NGOs to function. The level credibility,earned so far, ease their path for any product promotion Experts comments
  • Target market segmentation Drought prone fertile localities Districts : Dinajpur joypurhat, Rangpur, rajshahi Male farmers Age : 16-55 Marginalized peasants Hard working Superstitious Less adaptibility Easily satisfiable Geographic: Demographic: Psychographic:
  • Selected crop Variance and Timeline Selected crop types: Paddy, Wheat, Pulse Crop Sowing time Harvest time Paddy Mid march to mid April Mid july to mid august Wheat Nov-Dec Mid March to Mid April Pulse Mid September to Mid October Late Nov-Dec Selected Areas : Dinajpur joypurhat, Rangpur, rajshahi
  • Campaign Objective Aware affected farmers about Drought resistant seeds
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Long Term Strategy To have our farmers having a journey of drought resistent seeds awareness to loyalty
  • Short Term Strategy Year 1: Awareness and Knowledge Year 2 Self driven uses Year 3 Spreading the successe
  • IMC
  • Year 1
  • Pilot Project (activation) Dinajpur, Ramshagar Rajshahi, Baghmara Joypurhat, Kalai Rangpur, Pirganj acre land Closer to local Bazar
  • Ambassador Shykh Seraj Renowned agriculture development activist Huge engagement with Bangladeshi rural farmers Influential personality
  • Cultural Fest Gambhira Introducing shopnobeej through nana natis poetic dance Palagaan Songs about Shopno beej
  • Local Govt. Involvement Chairman Members Union Parishad
  • Local School Campaign People from agrojatra, along with the teachers, will conduct an awareness programe to students at break. The school will call for parents meeting where the teachers will address the drought issue and give the solution as of using the seed
  • Local imam speech on Friday afternoon
  • Tv radio campaign BTV Bangladesh Betar Krishi Dibanishi prog
  • Year 2
  • Shopno Mela Variety of showpno seeds will be exibited and sold Farmers gathering Information zone At Winter
  • Success Story Sharing Ridoye maati o manush Agri segments of TV news programme
  • Year 3
  • Farmers Relationship Management Farmers Care Unit
  • Success Stroy Sharing, continues BTV Agriculture segments of the news program
  • Scare Crow
  • NCTB Text Books Suggesting Government to include a lesson in NCTB text books about the seed
  • IMC Timeline Vehicle Year Year 2 Year Pilot Project Cultural fest Local Govt. Involvement School Campaign TV campaign Shopno Mela Success Story Sharing Farmers RM Radio campaign Scare crow
  • Item Amount tk Pilot project (40,000x4) Cultural Fest (30,000x4) Tv campaign Radio Total Year 1
  • Item Amount tk Mela (40,000x4) Tv campaign Radio Total Year 2
  • Item Amount tk Farmers relationship management Scare crow 300X300 Radio Total Year
  • BUDGET OVERVIEW 1st year 46% 2nd year 37% 3rd year 17% COST
  • Witnessing Become inspired Awareness Researching Explore and consider Purchasing Moment of sale Using Sharing Loyalty Aspiration Consideration Advocate Farmers Journey Framework
  • RDC
  • Awareness video clip