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    What is BPO?

    The Evolution of Outsourcing. Capabilities in the Marketplace.

    Rule to Follow.

    Pros and Cons.

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    Business process outsourcing (BPO) isthe contracting of a specific businesstask, such as human resources andcustomer service, to a third-partyservice provider.

    This allows companies to focus on their

    core business processes. BPO is implemented as a cost-saving

    measure for tasks that a company


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    It is often divided into two categories:

    - Back Office Outsourcing whichincludes internal business functionssuch as billing or purchasing.

    - Front Office Outsourcing which

    includes customer-related servicessuch as marketing or tech support.

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    Key Terms:

    - Offshore Outsourcing is BPO that is

    contracted outside a company's owncountry.

    - Nearshore Outsourcing is BPO that iscontracted to a company's neighboring

    country.- Onshore Outsourcing is BPO that iscontracted with the company's own


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    Indian revenues from BPO are estimated tohave grown 107% to $ 583 million.

    Leading Competitors :-- Philippines, Mexico, Canada, China

    and Ireland.

    67-72% of costs to call centers operating

    in the US/UK is directly linked to manpower costs. India only spends 33-40% ofcosts on man power. This includes training,benefits and other incentives for labor.

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    Language Major attraction for Multinationals

    Advantage over competitors Educated Employees

    Large number of qualified workers Proven to be the best in the IT and

    computer software fieldsStrong technical skillsEagerness to engage clients

    Produce around 100,000 engineersannually

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    Infrastructure Improvements have led to increasing success

    Telecom facilities Power sector India as a whole

    Government Realize potential for economic development Favorable policies have turned India into a

    BPO/IT hub.Examples: Investment promotion, telecom policy,

    IT Act

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    Processes that do not add value to aproduct or service.

    Highly repeated tasks with littlevariation.

    Labor intensive tasks that do not

    require a companies intellectualproperty nor core competencies.

    Processes that will tie up large

    amounts of capital in assets.

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    Processes that incorporate your corecompetencies.

    Processes that require access tointellectual property of yourcompany.

    Non-labor intensive tasks.

    Processes that are associated withthe image of your company.

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    There are many BPO providers, soresearch to find the one that best

    suits your needs. Using one provider for multiple tasks

    will help streamline your BPO.

    Have some measure to check andcontrol the output of your BPO.

    Communicate with your BPO.

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    English Language Proficiency

    Skilled Workforce

    Lower Wages

    Flexibility in Working Hours

    Suitable Human Resources

    Large Number of Graduates

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    As a manager! Allows company to focus on core

    competencies. What the future lies.

    Attractiveness of India.

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    BPO India: Business Process Outsourcing.

    Forbes Magazine: Business Process Outsourcing.

    Why India?

    InformationWeek: Indian Outsourcers Grow Fast, Gain Prominence.

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