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Voice Process Voice Process Outsourcing Outsourcing for a for a small scale BPO small scale BPO Setting up a medium scale international voice process in the city Raipur.

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This was the winning presentation of our 1st Business Plan in Disha.

Transcript of Bpo winners

  • 1. Voice Process Outsourcing for a small scale BPO Setting up a medium scale international voice process in the city Raipur.

2. Summary

  • BPO is one of the fastest growing sector in India. It already has its share as one of the top 10 business in India. Even with the available expertise our state has not come up with the idea of opening such firms in our cities. The opportunity awaits us to be a part of a business that will be a major future need of business. So, our Business plan basically describes how BPO can be introduced at our place.

3. Why BPO

  • Companies are moving towards personalizing their products.
  • The global BPO market is going to go over $900 billion and India will have a share of $50 billion out of it. Thats a 5.5% share.
  • It is one of the top 10 business in India now. Remained pretty much unaffected even in Recession.
  • Its a promising field which is slowly becoming a major need of business.
  • And, theres no such BPO such in our state.

4. Market

  • The BPO market is expected to grow 19% by 2013.
  • Indian domestic BPO will grow into $1.2 billion by 2011 and to $1.83 by 2013.
  • Changing market trend has increased focus on customer service.
  • The economic slowdown accentuated this phenomenon.

Growth rate of BPO from 2003-08 5. Market Identification

  • There could me many types of outsourced projects.
  • Our business will concentrate on a small scale international voice process.
  • The voice support is one of the most wanted service a client demands.
  • As per the cultural followed in Chhattisgarh, we can be better customer service provider than any other state.
  • We have enough expertise than the requirement.

6. Uptake

  • This plan is for a small scale international voice process.
  • Business requirements are
    • Infrastructure.
    • Any candidate with excellent communication skills and good English are eligible.
    • Computers and head phones.
    • Training expenses.
    • Supervisors.
  • As we are the pioneers we will not have any competition in the beginning.
  • Quality training is our key plan which will differ us from our to be competitors.

7. Requirements

  • We need to recruit individuals with excellent communication skills and good English.
  • A training of 6 months on the process is to be given with proper evaluations by test.
  • The 6 month course consist of
    • Training on global English
    • Neutral accent
    • Cultural study
    • Technical training related to the process
  • The time of 6 months will ensure the quality of employer.

8. Staff Requirements

  • Productive Staff
    • We can deliver quality service with our 90 well trained employers on a 24/7 process.
  • Non Productive staff
    • For running of the business smoothly we need
    • 1 voice coach
    • 3 Quality analyst
    • 6 Team leaders
    • 3 MIS
    • 1 Manager

9. Capital Requirements

  • A semi furnished space on rent with a capacity of 115 persons.
  • 115 Systems.
  • Voice absorbers
  • Furniture
  • Canteen
  • Transportation system

10. Capital cost

  • Investment on systems: Rs. 35,75,000
  • Investment on Furniture: Rs. 6,90,000
  • Noise cut arrangements: Rs. 50,000
  • Transportation: Rs. 25,00,000

11. Recurring expenses

  • Monthly
  • Salary of all the employees = Rs. 12,08,000
  • Building = Rs. 50,000
  • Canteen = Rs. 50,000
  • Transportation = Rs. 60,000
  • Other expenses = Rs. 30,000

12. Compiling up

  • Total capital: Rs.13475000
  • 10% of the capital every month = Rs. 1347500
  • Total monthly expenses = 1488000 + 1347500 = Rs. 2835500/-
  • Assuming $10 per employer, per day by the client, we have Rs. 3645000 approx.
  • Income per month 809500.
  • We will reach the break even point in 10 months because we are paying for out capital at a rate of 10% permonth.

13. Scaling up

  • For the first year we do not own an infrastructure. Land will be the prior most requirement.
  • To match with the competition by 2012 we need a growth rate of more than 13% every year.
  • Better performance in the first year will give us an opportunity to scale up the business in our city.

14. Linked Benefits

  • Untouched market is the first benefit.
  • Introduction of BPO will develop manpower with the knowledge of language and the culture of client country.
  • These expertise can entertain the entry of other industries such as IT industries in our state.
  • With the growth estimates of BPO, its a good opportunity to bring the foreign currency to our state.

15. Open for questions

  • Thank you