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  • 1. SFX Media Studies A2 Maheni Short

2. This week we started drafting out ourstoryboards and scripts for our trailer.As we only have one minute to fill, wehad to make sure that our trailer wasshort, but snappy and includedeverything that we wanted ouraudience to know about the suggestedfilm, without showing too much. Wejotted down many ideas andbrainstormed what would work best,which ideas were practical and which Key:we would have to plan out in order toRed Text = Camera angles/shotspull them off. There are several ideas Blue Text = Soundthat were keeping at the back of oureffects diegetic/non-minds (the more complicated ones)diegeticbut, for now, I think we have quite aPurple text = Transitionsstrong layout to our storyboard that, ifexecuted properly, could turn out to bea very interesting trailer. 3. Storyboard Scenes 1-3Our trailer begins with a wide shot of thewitchs house; in the background we hear avoiceover briefly narrating this shot andhear soft Celtic music. It then cuts to 3 pairsof feet walking, including the sound offootsteps and crunching leaves/twigs.Another straight cut then fade into amedium shot of Hansel and Gretel (maincharacters). The music fades out and wesee them looking up at an unknown figureand we hear a deep voice (Hansel andGretels suggested father) saying hisgoodbyes to the children. We hear leavescrunching as the person walks away andwe get a close-up of their reactions Gretel then calls out for her father. 4. Scenes 4-6 In the next scene we see Hansel and Gretel give each other a knowing look followed by a close-up of them holding hands. Whilst this is happening, we hear a twig snap and a close-up of Hansel and Gretel swivelling their heads rapidly 5 to the side - they both gasp, and run off deeper into the woods, and we see a medium close-up of their feet scrabbling away. We then have a close-up of Mars Studios presents written with twigs on 6 the forest floor, and only then does the fast paced music begin foretelling adventure. 5. Scenes 7-97We then have 3 shots of Hansel and Gretelrunning for their lives each with text inbetween. (Text to be decided on at a laterdate). One running shot would be a trackingshot from behind both children, the next8from the side and the last a medium close-up of their faces.9 6. Scenes 10-12 From a distance ( a wide shot) we spot10 the witches house, surrounded by tall trees, then a medium shot of Hansel and Gretel who stop to catch their breath. We hear Hansel and Gretel breathing heavily. Then a wide shot of Hansel, Gretel and the house11 altogether, with a loud heartbeat in the background (along with the breathing). We see Gretel try and go forward towards the house but Hansel puts his arm out to stop her. 12 The next shot is a close-up of the house door, which slowly opens with a creaking sound in the background. A close-up shows us half of the witchs face, the other half covered by the door. A wicked smile slowly appears on her face. 7. Scenes 12 - 15 13Then blackout and the words Hanseland Gretel fade onto the screen, with astraight cut to the words ComingSoon. 14 8. Although we have our storyboard now,we did come across some hurdles, As wehave chosen a fairy tale that, althoughdoesnt require a particular magicalelement, there is mention of a housemade entirely of gingerbread and otherconfectionary. As this house doesntexist in real life, and we have no way offinding (or building) one, we decided tochange the house into an old,abandoned shack instead; this may givethe story a different feel overall as well.Other changes we made werent drastic,but will still change the tone of the storya little. For the witch, we decided not toportray the stereotypical witch with alarge nose and warty skin. Instead wewere going to make her look a lot moremysterious, with dramatic make up onher eyes and lips. For her clothing, wesuggested all black, with a hood cloak.This look we feel gives the witch a wholenew persona, and overall, makes thestory that little bit darker. 9. We also used the time to think aboutwho our target audience would be.We decided to go with the cinemarating of 12A. As we figured our filmwould be a little dark and gritty, butthere wouldnt be any real violence orshowing of blood for example.