Session Agenda St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church ... – John Dunlap, Chair;...

download Session Agenda St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church ... – John Dunlap, Chair; (Ben Tiller, VC) ... The chair, Amber Beezley, announced that the Carrollton Christmas Camp would

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Transcript of Session Agenda St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church ... – John Dunlap, Chair;...

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    Session Agenda St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church

    November 23, 2015 6:00 p.m. SCAPC Chapel, Frampton Fellowship Hall

    Call to Order Dr. Don Frampton

    Introduction of Elder Class of 2018 and presentation of Faith Journeys Crorey Lawton

    Recess 5 Minutes

    Reconvene Frampton Fellowship Hall

    Moderators Report - Dr. Don Frampton - Action Item: Approval of 2016 offering schedule (attached)

    Clerks Report John Pearce; (Rasch Brown, Assistant Clerk) - Action Items:

    - Request for approval of Columbarium Inurnment for a non-member from the Elder Trustees (attached) - Request for approval of Minutes (attached)

    Called Meeting of Session October 4, 2015Stated Session Meeting October 26, 2015

    Report of Presbyterian Women No report.

    Team Reports:

    Community Ministry Amber Beezley, Chair; (Tupper Allen, VC) - No report

    Congregational Care Margo Phelps, Chair; (Barbara Weiser, VC) - Report: The feasibility study for the Adult Day Care Program has been put on hold until an Associate Pastor is in place.

    Congregational Life Geoff Snodgrass, Chair; (Price Lanier, VC) - No Report

    Finance Lee Randall, Chair; (Debbie Rees, VC) - Report: - October 2015 financial results (attached) - Reminder of the November 30, 2015 budget meeting.

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    Member Involvement Beth Poe, Chair; (Mike Pugh, VC) - Report: - Update on status of Long-range plan recommendations (attached)

    - Modified dates for the 2016 Elder Planning Retreat: no supper Friday, January 29, 2016; one-day retreat on Saturday, January 30, 2016

    - Call for volunteers for Carrollton Christmas Camp

    Membership Jack Little, Chair; (Tripp Edwards, VC) - Report: - October, 2015 Membership Report (attached)

    - Year-to-date New Member Report (attached)

    Personnel Hans Jonassen, Chair; (Dave Mize, VC) - Report: - Annual staff interviews with 17 full and part-time church employees

    have been completed.

    Property Bruce Peterson, Chair; (Brent Butcher, VC) - Report: - The Steering Committee approved the purchase of ten new tables for

    Frampton Fellowship Hall at a cost of $3,197.77 using funds from the Stan Morris Memorial Contribution

    - Waterproofing program status - Trimming of the oak trees on the SCAPC campus

    Spiritual Formation - Cathy Franklin, Chair; (Michael OKeefe, VC) - Report: - Status of Sunday School classes

    - In place of the Youth Offering this fall, Youth and Young Adults will host a silent auction in the first quarter of 2016

    Stewardship John Dunlap, Chair; (Ben Tiller, VC) - Report: - Status of the 2016 Stewardship Campaign

    World Mission Henrietta Harris, Chair; (Patti Pannell, VC) - Report: - Update on status of recommendations from SCAPC Strategic Plan, 2015-

    2019- Action Item: - Ratification of two covenants with churches in Cuba for Living Waters

    systems. Both covenants have been previously circulated to Session. 2016 estimated cost of $10,000.00 will be included in the committees 2016 budget request. (attached)

    Worship & Music Judith Halverson, Chair; (Donna Lupberger, VC) - Report: - Request for five volunteer elders to assist with communion at the 7:00 p.m. service on December 24, 2015 - Action Item: Approval of Baptisms

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    - Julianne Alise DuVernay, child of Jennie Wimbish and Charles DuVernay, on November 22, 2015, at the 10:30 a.m. service - Hillary Joy Manuel, child of Ben and Ellen Shields Manuel, on November 29, 2015, at the 10:30 a.m. service

    - Charlotte Carrere C.C. Sapir, child of Charlotte and J. P. Sapir, on January 2, 2016, at the 10:30 a.m. service

    Pastoral Care The Pastors - Report:

    New Business / Other Matters:

    Staff Reports:

    Phil Stagg Steven Blackmon Caroline Cottingham

    Andy Fox Michele Murphy Wayne Willcox

    Closing Prayer Church Staff


    (not including any PDA offerings we might collect in the event of natural disasters)


    SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2016 (Palm Sunday)Music Offering (supports the music program & costs associated with the performance)

    SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2016 (Easter)One Great Hour of Sharing PCUSA Sponsored Offering

    SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2016 (Mothers Day)PW Birthday Offering

    OCTOBER SUNDAYS All dedicated to Stewardship Campaign No Additional Offerings

    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2016 (Sunday prior to Thanksgiving)PW Thank Offering

    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2016?Youth Offering (On Youth Sunday, to support Youth Program)

    White Gift (Sunday, December 11; no official offering although people may write checks)

    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2016Christmas Concert Offering (supports the music program & costs associated with theperformance)

    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2016Christmas Joy Offering PCUSA Sponsored Offering



    The Columbarium Policy approved by the Session on May 21, 2012 states the following in Section II (Governance):

    The administration, operation and maintenance of the Columbarium are the ultimate responsibility of the Session which may delegate its authority, as appropriate, to the Columbarium Committee (the Committee). The Committee shall be responsible for making ongoing decisions regarding the Columbarium based on these Rules, Policies and Regulations (as may be amended by Session from time to time) and shall consist of the three Elder Trustees of the Session.

    Furthermore, in Section III (Eligibility for Inurnment) the Policy states the following:

    The Columbarium offers single occupancy and double occupancy niches for inurnment. Inurnment in the single niches of the Columbarium shall be limited to the cremated human remains of any one member or former member of the Church, or any one member of his or her immediate family. Inurnment in the double niches of the Columbarium shall be limited to the cremated human remains of any one or two members or former members of the Church, or any one or two members of their immediate family. Members of the immediate family shall include: spouse of the member or former member; parents, step-parents of the member or former member; children or step-children of the member or former member; the spouses of children or step-children of any member or former member; or Domestic Partner of a member or former member. Any current or former pastor or associate pastor of the Church and his or her spouse and members of his or her immediate family (as defined above) are also eligible. Spouse shall be defined as determined by Louisiana State law and Domestic Partner shall be defined as determined by New Orleans City law. Under rare or unusual circumstances, requests for inurnment by persons outside the above categories may be honored if approved by the Committee and by the Session.

    The Church has received a request from Church member Kate Prechter to allow the inurnment of her friend Doug Weber in her double niche in the Church Columbarium. Mr. Weber is neither a relative of Ms. Prechter (as defined by the Policy), nor has he ever been a member of this Church. Ms. Prechters request therefore falls outside the categories for eligible inurnment in the Policy. This request has been approved by the 2015 Elder Trustees (Gordon Kolb Sr., Michael OKeefe and Julie Nice) and now the Session is being asked to approve the request for inurnment of Mr. Weber in Ms. Prechters niche in the Church Columbarium.

  • Minutes Meeting of the Session

    St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church New Orleans, Louisiana

    October 4, 2015

    Respectfully submitted,

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    St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church Minutes of Stated Meeting of Session

    October 26, 2015; 6:00 p.m.

    Call to Order Dr. Donald R. Frampton, Moderator

    The Moderator called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. in Frampton Fellowship Hall.


    Present: Nathan Adams, Patrick Adams, Laura Avery, Anderson Baker, Amber Beezley, Steven Blackmon, Rasch Brown, Catherine Cauley, Jeanie Clinton, Caroline Cottingham, John Dunlap, Andy Fox, Don Frampton, Cathy Franklin, John Geiser, III, Jane Gwyn, Seth Hagler, Judith Halverson, Henrietta Harris, John Hope, IV, Hans Jonassen, Price Lanier, Jack Little, Donna Lupberger, John Martin, Dave Mize, Casey Morriss, John Morton, Jr., Ashlin Murphy, Michele Murphy, Julie Nice, Michael OKeefe, Patti Pannell, John Y. Pearce, Bruce Peterson, Margo Phelps, Beth Poe, Mike Pugh, Lee Randall, Debbie Rees, Geoff Snodgrass, Philip Stagg, Jean Stickney, Barry Thompson, Barbara Weiser, Wayne Willcox, and Pierce Young.

    Excused: Tupper Allen and Brent Butcher.

    Absent: Tripp Edwards, Lilla Wright Kearney, Gordon Kolb, and Ben Tiller.

    The Clerk confirmed that a quorum was present.

    Meditation/Prayer Bruce Peterson, Chair of Property, presented a meditation relating to the film Lilies of the Field and its lesson of placing faith and trust in the Lord to aid us with and guide us through our troubles.

    Moderators Report Dr. Donald R. Frampton

    The Moderator sought approval to invite the Rev. Paul Seelman, Associate Pastor of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas, to preach on RHINO Sunday, January 24, 2016. Upon motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously carried, the request was approved.

    Clerks Report John Y. Pearce (Rasch Brown, Assistant Clerk)

    The Clerk distributed a copy of the Sustainability Covenant for the Living Waters System at Juan G. Hall Presbyterian Church in Cardenas, Cuba. He further advised that a team from SCAPC will travel to Cardenas for a wee