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by Carmel

Transcript of Search Engines!

  • 1. Have you ever really SEARCHED the Internet? Look Closer and you will find a new source! SEARCH ENGINES! By Carmel Davis

2. Hello My name is Cruzin Kitty your tour guide to the web! I will be guiding you on your journey through this Power Point by Carmel Davis about Search Engines. I will show you some great sites to visit if you are looking for a good resource for a research paper.Have a great time and remember to be taking notes so you can visit these great sites you have never gone before.HAVE FUN! 3. The Internet Public Library is a great library gateway to go for research. On the left hand side of the site there is a big list that has many topics for example: Health, Education, and Computers.When you scroll over the topic, more topics under that category will appear. This is a great site to go to when you need a topic for a report. 4. CHECK IT OUT AT Research Topic Many sources Using IPL Internet Rating 5 STARSGREAT SITE! I think this is a great site! There are many topics to pick from. IPL is also very easy to use. When you go to the home page, there are a lot of topics to pick from. If you click on one of the topics within the main topic, IPL gives you multiple different websites to go to. 5. When you go to Digital Librarian you first will see a list of topics. When you click on a topic it will show you many different links. If you click on a link you will go to a web site with all of that topics information.Digital Librarian is really easy to use. There is nothing that can distract you from research. MANY TOPICS TO CHOOSE FROM! This is a great library gateway for research. I think it is so simple and you can find lots of information. It is really easy when it comes time to find a topic to research. I recommend this site for people who want a better research spot on the internet. GO ! 6. If you click on a topic such as Cars, then Digital Librarian will take you to a list of web sites that can help you look further into your research. On the top right hand corner is an example of where Digital Librarian will take you after you have chosen a topic.WOW! Digital Librarian looks easy, fun and fast for research! 7. This Web Site looks complicated! I do not know, do you think Complete Planet looks complicated to use? Complete Planet is an online Subject Directory. When you first go to this web site you will see a list of topics or ideas. ( On the right hand side on the bottom.) There are many topics to choose from, such as personal favorite topics like music, news/ newspaper, games/hobbies, weather and travel. There are also Educational topics such as, art and design, health, law, literature and religion. If you click on a topic, Complete Planet will bring you to a list of their own picked web sites which they think are the best for your research. 8. I guess I just needed to look a little closer and discover that Complete Planet is easy to use! Guess what Cruzin Kitty, Complete Planet is easy to use! It is as simple as choosing a topic, clicking on it and getting a big list that is all involved in your topic. There is no distractions and it is focused on research. Complete Planet gives you different links that have a lot of information and you are guaranteed to get your information.There is also special features about Complete Planet. There is just not research, there is music and games. Click on the topic and Complete Planet will bring you to a list to choose from.Go 9. We have come to the end of our tour, so I hope you took many notes! I bet this was your first time seeing some of these sites! RIGHT? I hope you have had a great time learning some new web sites. Now go home and LOG ON! 10. Bibliography

  • IPL The Internet Public Library: Go
  • Digital Librarian: Go towww.
  • Complete Planet: Go
  • Pictures available by Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power point.

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