SEA OTTERS Life and Death. Major Objectives Sea otter evolution Relationship between sea otter and...

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Transcript of SEA OTTERS Life and Death. Major Objectives Sea otter evolution Relationship between sea otter and...

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SEA OTTERS Life and Death Slide 2 Major Objectives Sea otter evolution Relationship between sea otter and man Sea otters role as a keystone predator Sea otters and kelp forests Sea otter futures Slide 3 Evolution of todays sea otter 2 million years agoEnhydra lutris Slide 4 Humans like sea otters Slide 5 In the beginning Slide 6 A simple and complex life Food, shelter, breed, avoid being eaten Slide 7 Sea otters eat a lot of meat Slide 8 Work of a keystone predator Slide 9 Keystone predator in action Slide 10 Otters love urchins There are kelp forests because there are otters Slide 11 Kelp forest stability Human hunting changes the kelp forest structure Slide 12 The first otter kill 8-9000 ya, otters become an easy target Slide 13 Russians get lost in Alaska Russians discover Alaskan wildlife in 1741 Slide 14 Sea cow is easy meat Last few thousand stellers sea cows on the planet have a hard time of it Slide 15 Sea otter genocide Otters previously only hunted for warmth and food Slide 16 The massacre continues Demand for otter fur grows throughout the world Slide 17 The process of skinning The fleshy pieces still attached to the fur are scraped off delicately so as not to cut into the fur Slide 18 What the otters used fur for Otters can spend 50% of daylight hours cleaning their fur Slide 19 A daily life of peril Otters can die from the cold Slide 20 The last of the otters 150 years after excessive hunting, people realize a mistake has been made Slide 21 Otters repopulate the world Miraculously, otter population has not been too far reduced for regrowth Slide 22 Otter death still occurs Aleutians demand cultural hunting rights back Slide 23 Ignorant violence Californians deliberately murder protected sea otters Slide 24 Otters are loved Despite rare deaths, otters now cherished in many parts of the world Slide 25 A new threat emerges In 1991, first killer whale attack on Alaskan otter is witnessed Slide 26 Otter killer 3 killer whales, 3-6 otters a day, ten years Slide 27 Whale killer The reasons why Slide 28 Red for murder Slide 29 Solutions to the problem No solution except the impossible Slide 30 Cetacean populations Slide 31 A great fall Whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters Slide 32 The threat of extinction Can the sea otter still go extinct? Slide 33 A sign of things to come Ripple effects Slide 34 Rise and fall The sea otters life history has been shaped by human greed Slide 35 Sea otter today A different relationship currently exists