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  • 1. Sade e Mundos Virtuais Katia Cnepa Vega

2. Agenda Educao Tratamento Cross-Reality Consideraes 3. Educacional - Heart Murmurs An example of educational possibilities in Second Life as you can listen to cardiac murmurs. 4. Educacional - Play2Train A hospital scenario where a pandemic flu training exercise was simulated 5. Educational - Emergency Preparedness The island chain offers a variety of urban and rural environments with customized buildings, objects, and scripting tailored to emergency scenarios ranging from pandemic influenza to bio-terrorism and dirty bombs. 6. Tratamento- Asperger's Syndrome People with Aspergers Syndrome Learn Social Skills It allows a participant to practice building his or her comfort level with social situations in a non- threatening environment, heightening awareness of emotional cues and personal responses that affect a conversation. 7. Tratamento - Asess The purpose of this project is to establish best practices and protocols for the provision of on-line peer-to-peer support services for military amputees and their families. ADL Company Inc. (ADL) and Virtual Ability, Inc. (VAI) announced the start of a project to establish best practices and protocols for the provision of on-line peer-to-peer support services to this community, with funding from the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) of the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC). 8. CrossReality - Interreality Interreality in Practice: Bridging Virtual and Real Worlds in the Treatment of PTSD The main feature of Interreality is a twofold link between the virtual and real worlds: (a) behavior in the physical world influences the experience in the virtual one; (b) behavior in the virtual world influences the experience in the real one. This is achieved through 3D shared virtual worlds; biosensors and activity sensors and personal digital assistants and/or mobile phones 9. CYBERPSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOR Volume 13, Number 0, 2010 attachauth=ANoY7coulT9rlvJAmMyT4twWdXY4Hb3JK3mVz9hox790X8dRT65K6INhwfDg15By6JOoMfLS3I6tbyT- k_iCLt6X6Mx_28MVEYRNELgybmN_FE6wx8HbNdLn- Uct9T4Le7XeE5GGtQj658jefgrdcNI6Y2q4PoIDktmLdke8i98h2RTTxfqj9Iau1Tl3XHvSNNbRbnB4rENeV72qzH2TgjsT41IuvNGCnGEuTGUIwNyGDvJfTZKXzII %3D&attredirects=2 10. Cross Reality Anxiety Disorders Second Life, Bio-Sensors, and Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders Therapy for anxiety disorders, coupled with automatic processing of bio-sensed emotional signals. attachauth=ANoY7coLNoJdkv6N_KnkydRpcOUMQn5LWwRGZMlJKw3tCVDFgOCEv_7akCaeB18dgbCLdVlpDzfj8eAuLxx9B8kd2_u8 WT17Ki2ABgf682UyhLgg1ZDu93YWtX0b0IUvBjOoi0f4Q68tiWovRwJuGxFywSTmZi63T5gawbz2Bu8pvTO_FnQCV40n4zKoEPSWl0R FboBtThcbOzjOSexVrlSxaqF9maGPOG3NEwF3ZzQK0XIGynYHtsM%3D&attredirects=0 11. Cross Reality - Smart Condo A sensor network records a variety of events and environmental parameters and feeds the related data into our Web-based system. This system is responsible for inferring higher-order information about the activities of the condo's occupant and supporting the visualization of the collected information in a 2D Geographic Information System (GIS) and a 3D virtual world, namely Second Life (SL). sp?tp=&arnumber=5191230 12. Consideraes Professional associations have created codes of ethics and organizations who use or release records to organizations who utilize insurance reimbursement must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These ethics, regulations and standards naturally extend to treatment conducted in a virtual world setting. The Center for BrainHealth is taking steps to ensure best practice is followed, helping to create a standard of care in the industry. 13. Sade e Mundos Virtuais Katia Cnepa Vega