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  • 1. Your customer wants all items that are posted to their customer accounts to be transferred to their headquarters automatically?

    a. Head office and branch accounts

    2. Your customer runs an SAP system with new G/L accounting activated. They want to run a valuation of accounts receivable that are posted in foreign currency. What do you have to do?

    a. Set up a valuation method and assign it to a valuation area.

    3. A company sells products. Sometimes when dealing with complaints they need to issue a credit memo. Which accounts will be used to issue credit memos?

    a. Receivables and Revenue accounts

    4. Your customer runs an SAP ERP system with new G/L accounting activated. What do you need

    to do to have profit center updates be part of the general ledger?

    a. Assign the profit center update scenario to the ledger. 5. Which of the following task types are supported by the closing cockpit or schedule manager? 6. Which SAP Netweaver component ensures company wide verification of data and information in

    heterogeneous IT environments?

    a. Master Data Management 7. Your customer sells products and services. They have to separate the invoices into invoices for

    products and invoices for services. Which object do you want to use to create dunning notices dependent on the division (products or services)?

    a. Dunning areas

    8. Which activity will have an impact on the net book value of an asset?

    a. Changing the useful life of the asset 9. Which of the following properties can you assign to a field when creating a variant?

    a. Protect a field Make a field mandatory Hide a field

    10. A customer wants to use segment reporting on balance sheet and P&L accounts? 11. What controls the posting key?

    a. Debit/Credit Field Status

  • 12. A customer wants to define a chart of depreciation. How do you recommend setting up the depreciation area?

    a. Based on the relevant chart of accounts

    13. Which parameters do you want to specify if you want to execute a payment run? a. Payment method Company code

    14. Your customer is running as SAP ERP system with new G/L activated. All scenarios, but no customer fields are assigned to the leading ledger. Which objects in the XXX tables (FAGLFLEXT) can be evaluated with drill down reports?

    a. Segments, profit centers, cost centers, business areas, and functional areas.

    15. Which postings are created by the depreciation posting run?

    a. Postings to the depreciation accounts to the G/L year to date depreciation on current assets.

    16. Which of the following activities will generate an FI document if real time integration between

    CO and FI has been setup?

    a. An assessment between cost-center in one company code with different functional areas

    An assessment between cost-centers that belong to two different company codes. 17. Your customer wants to perform their year-end closing activities. Which of the following

    activities are mandatory to close the books?

    a. Run fiscal year change in Asset accounting Run the carry forward

    18. In which scenarios is the solution manager used? a. Operations Implementation Optimization

    19. You have entered a non-invoice related credit memo and selected the terms of payment net due 30 days. The invoice reference field is empty. What effects does this have on the terms of payment?

    a. The payment terms are invalid

    20. A customer wants to use document splitting to enable balance sheets by segments. How do you setup the document splits?

    a. Define splitting rules Assign all G/L accounts to item categories

  • 21. A customer is running SAP ERP 6.0 with new G/L accounting. For which purpose can they use the closing cockpit?

    a. To perform periodically recurring activities.

    22. What do you define when you setup a depreciation area? a. The posting to the G/L

    23. You want to capitalize an asset under construction (AUC) using the lone item settlement process. However, the settlement does not work. What could be the reason?

    a. There is no settlement profile assigned to the company code. The AUC has not been released The settlement profile does not allow assets as valid receivers

    24. Which of the following is a typical sequence of steps in a purchase to pay process? a. Purchase Requisition Purchase Order Goods Receipt Invoice Verification


    25. Which characteristics of account determination can be used to assign revaluation adjustment to different G/L accounts?

    a. Chart of accounts Currency

    26. Which SAP netweaver component realizes cross-system application processes? a. SAP Exchange infrastructure (SAP XI)

    27. At which level is the vendor account number assigned? a. Client level

    28. While posting a G/L document, two different field statuses (for posting key and G/L account) have an impact on the posting. What happens if one field status is set to required entry and the other is set to hidden entry?

    a. An error message will occur 29. You receive a payment where the difference from the posted invoice is larger than the stated

    tolerance limit. How can you deal with this? a. Post the difference to an account assigned to a reason code. Post the difference to a residual item

    30. Question missing 31. What additional options does parking documents offer compared to holding documents?

    a. A parked document can be changed and posted by a different user, there by supporting the principle of dual control.

    A parked document can be posted using a workflow 32. What does the SAP Web AS provide?

    a. J2EE and ABAP in a single environment

  • 33. Which functions are provided by the closing activity reclassify payables/receivables? a. Regrouping and sorting of payables and receivables. Adjustment postings for changed reconciliation accounts.

    34. Which of the following objects must you enter when posting an asset acquisition against a

    vendor? a. Transaction type Asset master data Document Type

    35. If vendor is also a customer, it is possible to clear both roles against each other. Which settings

    are necessary to implement this? a. The vendor number must be entered in the customer account and the customer number

    must be entered in the vendor account. The clearing with vendor field must be selected in the customer account and the clearing

    with customer field must be selected in the vendor account. 36. Your customer wants to use the closing cockpit for period end closing. What major benefits of

    the closing cockpit do you highlight? a. It enables the use of a task list covering all closing activities. It closes the posting period automatically at the last day of the period.

    37. What are the prerequisites of setting up cross company cost accounting?

    a. The same chart of accounts is used for all company codes The same fiscal year is used for all company codes.

    38. To which primary cost accounting objects can depreciation be posted?

    a. Internal order Cost center

    39. How do you prevent duplicate vendors from being created?

    a. Use match code to check whether the vendor already exists Activate message control for the duplicate vendor check.

    40. How can short text field of G/L account be changed?

    a. Individually, in the company code segment. 41. Question missing 42. When dealing with FSVs, how do you ensure that the requirements of the various target groups

    (Auditors, tax authorities) are satisfied? a. Create different FSVs based on the needs of the target groups

  • 43. During reorganization, two cost centers are merged and all future postings should go to only one of them. If postings are made to the wrong cost center in future FI postings, your customer wants to ensure that the wrong cost center is automatically replaced with the correct one. What will you recommend?

    a. Define a substitution in FI with the wrong cost center as a prerequisite and the correct one as the substitution value

    44. A customer wants to implement parallel accounting in asset accounting. How do you implement

    this? a. By using 2 different depreciation areas.

    45. Which of the following is a prerequisite for using the segment field as a standard account assignment object?

    a. New segment account must be activated in the SAP system

    46. Which infrastructure supports core business solutions in four subcomponents including people integration, information integration, process integration, and ??? (E-learning question)

    47. What elements of customer accounts creation need to be completed to post entries to the

    account? a. General data, company code data, and sales area data.

    48. What do you define when you configure a dunning procedure? a. Dunning levels and maximum number of days in arrears.

    49. Which of the following describe characteristics of master data? a. It is used on a long term basis for multiple business processes It is typically assigned to organizational level

    50. Which functionality can be used to generate intercompany posting documents? a. Central procurement Central payments

    51. Which transactions on the procurement process with valuated goods receipt create documents in FI?

    a. Post valuated goods receipt Enter invoice receipt

    52. You want to use external number assignment.. 53. The field status definition from the account group and the transaction are configured for each

    field and the one which higher priority to use. Which priority sequence is correct, going from highest to lowest?

    a. Hide, Display, Required Ent