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Sales tips from a dating tips article? It may sound strange, but it's true! Sales and dating are more alike than you'd imagine, particularly when it comes to prospecting. A salesperson and a single person are both looking for "leads" and have to prospect to get them.Learn more about the relationship - no pun intended - between sales and dating in this presentation from

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  • 1. A presentation byFrank RumbauskasNew York Times Best-Seling AuthorlSales Advice from aDating Tips Article? Copyright 2012 by FJR Advisors Inc. All rights reserved.

2. I get a ton of magazines in the mail,and while most of them only get aquick scan for interesting articles,Mens Health is one of the few Iread cover-to-cover, which isexactly what I did this pastweekend.While Im mostly interested in thefitness & nutrition articles, I readone about how women havebecome so empowered in todaysworld that its now actually morecommon for a woman to approacha man and ask him out on a date,than it is for a man to approach awoman. 3. But, thats not the big news. Thereal eye-opener was this:Women report that theyare far more attracted toa man they approach andask out, than they are toa man who approachesthem!This is an astounding statement,especially so because thecommon belief is exactly theopposite. But whats even moreinteresting is how this applies tosales, and particularly tocold calling. 4. At a recent presentation, I taught agroup of salespeople how to use a "byreferral only" method of selling toattract new prospects. And it works.When someone looks at your businesscard, or website, or marketing collateral,and see the words "Appointments byReferral Only," you instantly appear tobe highly desirable and of highervalue than your competitors.Likewise, when a woman must approacha man, he seems more desirable, evenif he really isnt - its the perceptionthat matters. For all she knows, he mayhave been about to get up and approachher, but the fact that she made theapproach is what counts. It sets up adynamic where he has the higher socialstatus in the situation, and will thereforeappear more desirable. 5. As a salesperson, its imperative that you keep this dynamic always in mind. You needto think of ways and means to create the perception that the prospect is actually approaching you, or requesting that you work with them, instead of the other wayaround. 6. Cold calling is the perfect example of how not to go about this.When you make a cold call, it isan overt approach, and one thatmakes this dynamic work againstyou - it immediately puts theprospect on the plus side of thevalue equation, and you on thenegative. 7. worse, yourOrBUT WHAT IF YOU boss requires cold calling?HAVE TO COLD CALL?WHAT IF YOU DONTHAVE A REFERRALNETWORK YET?... 8. Dont despair. There are ways to go about this intelligently. For example, even if you must cold approach prospects, you can do it in a way thatdoesnt seem like a typical cold call. 9. One good method is with social media. Create a list of target prospects, somethingyou should do regardless of whether youre coldcalling or not, since calling at random is never agood strategy. Once youve got your target list, do yourhomework and find out who the decisionmakers are. Once thats done, now you can look them up onLinkedIn and Facebook. Look forcommon interests, or areas of common groundyou can use to initiate a contact. Connectonline. 10. You create the perception that the prospect is starting the sales process."Give me a call"Shoot me an email 11. Forget about traditional cold calling, whichdoesnt put any value on you, and insteadbegin looking for ways to begin thecommunication process with prospects in amore indirect way. Youll find thatthey put more value on what you have tosay, and your closing rate will go updramatically. 12. Thank You For Reading!For a FREE 37-page PDF preview of the NeverCold Call Again system, please visit Copyright 2012 by FJR Advisors. All rights reserved.