Safe Online Dating – Tips Every Women Should Know

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Transcript of Safe Online Dating – Tips Every Women Should Know

  • Safe Online Dating Tips Every Women Should Know

  • With all new dating apps or online dating options to meet new people, the concern of safety has increased a lot these


  • Though meeting and making a quick rapport through online dating is easy, but on the other hand, a lot of risks are involved.

  • As there are so many recent news about convictions, internet scams, dating scams, the fear among online daters are inevitable.

  • The risk of identity theft, financial fraud, internet stalking or catfishing are the common safety issues on online dating


  • Here are some useful tips that will help you to avoid

    scammers and have an enjoyably digital dating


  • If you haven't used any dating site or app previously, then you might be get confused about which one to pick.

    Choose the site wisely :-

  • Always use reputed sites which can protect your information and ask for your permission prior to sharing your information to others.

  • Though these sites don't verify the users' background, but they do protect the information of its user.

  • Make sure you have added less information in your dating profile or have made them private.

    Disclosing Information :-

  • Make sure not to add personal details like where you stay or which sorority

    you attend etc.

  • Make sure not to share your phone number in the first chat until you feel comfortable.

  • It's not easy to find the red flag persons but it's not that much difficult if you take a while before starting to trust.

    Concentrate on the conversation :-

  • The red flag raising questions like :-Asking about your personal details too soon

  • :- Some conversation is too good to be true etc.

  • Always do your math and do a background check of the profile image.

  • You shouldn't afraid to report someone if the person makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.

    Report if inappropriate :-

  • Some sites allows users to block or report inappropriate users if they feel so.

  • But its always your responsibility to be safe than sorry

  • Always make sure to go for a quick background check which can reveal the criminal records, financial records and real name

    address of the person what he/she has given in profile.

    A quick background search :-

  • Always meet the online date in public place which gives you enough witness if something goes wrong.

    Meet in public place :-

  • Never meet a person at his home or never call your

    date to your home until you have finished a right background check.

  • Always make sure to inform all details to a reliable friend or family member who can be around if emergency happen.

    Informing a friend or family:-

  • Tell your friend to call you in between to know whether everything is going fine or not.

  • Always have an exit plan which could save from you more embarrassment if the date turnout opposite as of your


  • When you drive your car to meet the date and drive back home that will give a control on your decisions rather depending on

    someone to drive you.

    Be with your own wheels :-

  • When you rely on other person that usually gives him control over the time about how long to date and when to drop you.

  • Chemical attraction can misjudge your intuition so it's strict NO for alcohol in first date.

    Stay sober and conscious :-

  • Many women say yes to the unknown friend to come home after a few drinks --- Always try to be in the right state of mind in

    your first meet.