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Commercial Design

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  • 1. Project Report of COMMERCIAL SPACES Submitted to Dezyne Ecole College By Ms. Rubina Dsouza Towards the completion of 3 years of Program of BS.c. I.D. DEZYNE ECOLE COLLEGE
  • 2. DEZYNE ECOLE COLLEGE The project of Ms. Rubina Dsouza has been checked and every aspect of design developed was seen and the overall grade is _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Place: _______________________________Sign: _______________________________ Date: _______________________________ Name: ______________________________
  • 3. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Commercial design project has been compiled seeing the growing need of the commercial design field in India. I thank DEZYNE ECOLE for giving me the opportunity to do this project and help me to consider on various aspects of commercial design. I thank Mrs. VINITA MATHUR for guiding me on the various design parameters With due regards
  • 4. The points to be considered in this category are:- Brief of the client and design and structure of restaurant Concept behind design Chinese architecture, looks of the restaurant 3d of restaurant Working drawing plan, sections, views of restaurant Materials and textures used Design brief This project of the restaurant is located inside the premise of a hotel chain and this restaurant caters to Chinese food especially from Thai region. This restaurant is made on water body and the architecture followed is the Chinese architecture; as the Chinese architecture has more of usage of wood, the concept behind designing this restaurant is taken from Chinese architecture. The concept behind designing this restaurant with wood is only because wood gives a warm feeling and since restaurant is open from all the sides it gives an airy feeling. The water body beneath gives a freshness feeling with the flora and fauna planted around the restaurant. The colors used are warm and derived from Chinese architecture In this restaurant the furniture and the whole layout has been done keeping into mind the human space needed with the oriental look. Concept behind restaurant design is Chinese architecture Chinese architecture refers to a style of architecture that has taken shape in East Asia over many centuries. The structural principles of Chinese architecture have remained largely unchanged, the main changes being only the decorative details. Since the Tang Dynasty, Chinese architecture has had a major influence on the architectural styles of Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. The architecture of China is as old as Chinese civilization. It dated from over 2000 years ago. Famous architecture of china is: Great Wall of China; Temples; Roofs; Forbidden city Main features of Chinese architecture Phoenix has been used for decorative as well as economic purposes.
  • 5. It emphasis on width, as the wide halls of Forbidden City. Whereas western architecture emphasizes on height, such as pagodas. Main principle is balance and symmetry. Symmetry gives a sense of grandeur. Feng shui plays important part in structural development Tetragonal shape temples were made Cities were surrounded by high walls to protect Temple roofs are curved because Buddhist believe that it helped ward off evils spirits which were believed to be of straight lines Temple roof is made of glazed ceramic tiles Forbidden palace roof has yellow, green and red tiles Ridges of each roof carries figurines or mythical creatures Most intricate designs of the roofs are almost always pointing towards south- east Temple of heaven use blue roof tiles to symbolizes the sky. Wooden columns and surface of walls, tends to be red in colour Chinese dragon reserved for imperial regime was heavily used on imperial architecture on roofs, beams, pillars and on door. Ancient Chinese favored red colour The buildings faced south side In Chinese architecture wooden framed houses are joined by mortise and tenon joinery Buildings shapes are circular, square, and oblong Simple ceiling ornamentation in ordinary building were made of wooden strips and covered with paper Dougong are used for interlocking wooden brackets and are of latticework, mud and delicate material. Elegant profile and varied structure Chinese architecture focuses on : Colors, decorations, furnishings, carved beams, painted raftersetc Stone lions, screen walls, ornamental columns as well as flowers are used in the outside of building to make ornaments Yellow, red, green are lucky colors : yellow symbolizes royalty and power, red is Chinese national colour and represents happiness, green symbolizes money Tortoise together with, dragon, phoenix, and unicorn is considered to be the four auspicious beasts
  • 6. Concept board Famous Motifs of Chinese architecture are: Ruyi motif lucky cloud motif Double happiness motif Bamboo motif Dragon and phoenix motif
  • 7. Motif board All these arts and features of Chinese architecture attracted me for my restaurant project but seeing the practical world and the facilities available in Ajmer I have transformed these Chinese elements according to materials available at present time
  • 8. Studying all the aspects of Chinese architecture I came up a structure for restaurant which is square in shape and has thatched roof. This restaurant clientele is of elite order and has high working profiles. They can spent lavishly, but needs a good ambience along with food and for that I came up with this structure. 3d view of restaurant
  • 9. Sectional 3d of restaurant
  • 10. Structural plan of restaurant Sectional elevation of restaurant
  • 11. Foundation plan and elevation of restaurant
  • 12. For furniture plan I have come up with these three layout, among these I have selected the last one because I found this layout to be more well planned and in it more than 40 covers can be seated along with efficient aisle space and a bar area with side itazers Furniture plan of restaurant
  • 13. Thatched roof structure of restaurant
  • 14. Restaurant pillar design
  • 15. Material board Chair design Bar stool design will have this type of seat and apron design with legs to be of different style Itazers design
  • 16. etail design is a very specialized discipline due to the heavy demands placed on retail space. Because the primary purpose of retail space is to stock and sell product to consumers, the spaces must be designed in a way that promotes an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience for the consumer. The space must be specially- tailored to the kind of product being sold in that space; The points to be considered in this category are:- Brief of the client and design and structure of restaurant Concept behind design Chinese architecture, looks of the restaurant 3d of restaurant Working drawing plan, sections, views of restaurant Materials and textures used Design brief My client belongs to an elite group, which prefers choice over money. The clientele for this retail outlet involves women crowd, store comprises of women apparels and accessories. These customers have high income group and are very sophisticated. They have high taste and aesthetic and prefer good space and aura for their shopping spaces which can show their prestige and compliment their personality. Project write-up This store comprises of classical Indian traditional dresses designed by tarun tahiliani situated at borivalli in Mumbai. Where each and every piece of apparel and accessory is a unique and exceptional thing which has to be displayed properly. Concept behind retail space There was a need of my client for a store which has an ambience that can relax the stress of customers along with boosting their buying interest. And for that I have given them a change from all contemporary and sleek spaces by c