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  • 1. RococoPaintings You Should KnowAboutLIndiffrentANTOINE WATTEAU

2. Rubenisme vs.Poussinisme Rubenisme- naturalsupremacy of color and thecoloristic style should beused as the artists guide(Watteau) Poussinisme- form is themost important element in 3. Art in Arcadia EgoPoussinPays attention tostructure and is about anintellectual subjectArrival of Marie de Medici atMarseilles RubensAbout movement and makingsure it appeals to emotions 4. Return From Cythera Antoine Watteau 1717-1719 Rubenisme Cythera is the birthplace ofVenus; they are celebrating love Flowing, diagonal, looping feelwith difficult movement andpoise portrayals of figures Darker up front and lighter inback 5. Cupid a Captive Franois Boucher 1754 Took after Watteau Mythological subjects Love and erotic frivolity Based on Baroque diagonalsand curves, but made itdelicate 6. The Swing Jean-Honor Fragonard 1766 Sensual Cupid is warning againstfrivolity, but the womankicks her shoe off at it Man in the corner is thepatron 7. Grace at Table Jean-Baptiste-Simon Chardin1740 Natural Lessons Ordinary people, especiallymothers and children Simplicity Back to light to dark