Roberto Clem ente Walker August 18, 1934- December 31, 1972

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Roberto Clem ente Walker August 18, 1934- December 31, 1972. By Cody Lambo. Biography . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Roberto Clem ente Walker August 18, 1934- December 31, 1972

Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente Walker

August 18, 1934-December 31, 1972

By Cody LamboBiography Roberto Clemente Walker eras en Augusto 18, 1934 en Carolina, Puerto Rico. He began his professional baseball career right after he finished high school. The first deal he signed was with the Brooklyn Dodgers, but he only played for there minor league team. After that year he went to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1963 he married Vera Zabala and later he had 3 children. El murio en a plano chocar en diciembre 31, 1972. He was attempting to bring supplies to survivors of an earthquake in Nicaragua. He is a baseball legend and should never be forgotten.

Accomplishment 1Roberto had many accomplishments baseball related. In 1973 he was into elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, he was also the first Hispanic player to reach 3,000 hits including 240 homeruns. Another award of many he won was the Babe Ruth Award in 1971. In the world series he batted an average of .414. El ayudar ninos can beisbul. Tambin ocup clnicas de bisbol para niosThis is Robertos 3,000 hit also sadly his last:

Accomplishment 2Some more accomplishments of Roberto Clemente are. He had a career batting average of .317. In the years 1961-1972 he won the National League Gold Glove. He was picked for 12 World Series games. Tambin tuvo muchas corridas en casa. l era un dolo para muchos jugadores de bisbol y las futuras generaciones de jugadores

Legacy He was ranked as one of the greatest major league baseball players of all time. He received many awards for his many baseball acts. He became know for his great pride and kindness. He would hold baseball clinics for kids just to help them improve there skills, not for publicity. He really cared about the children since they were the future of baseball. El juado bisbul en un teprano edad. E es un bisbul leyenda.