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Review Vocab. Ancient Hebrews Chapter 8. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Review Vocab

Review VocabAncient Hebrews Chapter 811What is the holiday in which Jews remember the Exodus? Remember the Exodus was when the Jews made their journey out of slavery in Egypt. In the Hebrew Bible, it says that the last plague on Egypt, God came and killed all the firstborn males. But God ____ the Jews firstborn. This led the pharaoh to free the Jews.22Passover 33What are the writings about Jewish beliefs created about 2,000 years ago? They were found in urns in caves. They include prayers, commentaries, letters, and passages from the Hebrew Bible. Scholars learned about the ancient Hebrews lives.44Dead Sea Scrolls 55What is a Jewish temple or house of worship called? It translates to same god.66Synagogue 77What is the section of the Bible that does not have any of Jesuss teachings or life? It is the only part of the Hebrew Bible. It explains the start of the world. It explains the way people should live.88Old Testament99What is the religion of the Hebrews (practiced by Jews today)? It is the worlds oldest monotheistic religion.1010Judaism 1111Who is known as the King of Israel who defeated the Philistines and established the capital in Jerusalem as a government and religious center. Jesus belonged to the House of ____; his ancestor.1212David 1313Who was the Biblical figure who, according to the Bible, he lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt and back to Canaan in the Exodus? During this journey, he received the 2 tablets: the 10 Commandments.1414Moses 1515What do you call the inclusion of the two most sacred days of the Jewish religious observance: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? 1616High Holy Days 1717Who were the radical Jews who supported rebellion about the Romans? It translates to fanatic, enthusiast, or very strong believer.1818Zealots 1919What is the first holiday of the High Holy Days in which people celebrate the beginning of a new year in the Jewish calendar?2020Rosh Hashanah2121Who are people who is said to receive messages from God to be taught to others?2222Prophets 2323What is the belief in one God? It translates to one God. 2424Monotheism 2525What is the second High Holy Day in which the Jews ask God to forgive their sins? It is said to be the holiest of all days. 2626Yom Kippur2727Who is another King of Israel who formed alliances with nearby kingdoms and built a temple to God in Jerusalem? 2828Solomon 2929What is the journey of the Hebrews, led by Moses, from Egypt to Canaan after they were freed from slavery? It translates to leave or exit.3030Exodus 3131Who are the Jewish religious leaders and teachers? 3232Rabbis 3333What is the set of commentaries, stories, and folklore that explains Jewish law called?3434Talmud 3535What is the most sacred text of Judaism called?3636Torah 3737What is the scattering of the Jews outside of Judah after the Babylonian Capativity?3838Diaspora 3939What is, according to the Bible, a code of moral laws given to Moses by God? They were written on tablets.404010 Commandments 4141Who is the Biblical figure, according to the Bible, who God led to Canaan and his descendants became the Jewish people?4242Abraham 4343