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The In Beauty issue will feature interviews from professional as well as aspiring make-up artists as well as beauty/glamour editorials.

Transcript of Reverie Magazine: In Beauty Issue

  • Reverie Magazine June 2011

    In Beauty

  • Reverie Magazine In Beauty

    Editors Note:

    Beauty comes in many different shapes,forms & sizes. Reverie wanted to create aspecial issue dedicated to those aspiringcreatives, who devote their time, hardwork & creativity into making us, as well as our models look fantastic. This issue is all aboutMake-up artists. In this issue you will beable to read about these aspiring make-upartists,get to know their journeys, theirstories and their beauty tips, as well as view their amazing work. We hope youenjoy our very first In Beauty issue.

    - Reverie Team

  • Whats Inside This issue???

    Cover by: Cornelia Klimek

    pg 3.... Dreams of Decadence by: Cornelia Klimek pg 17...Q&A with Chelsea Dutchak Pg 25... Q&A with Carrie Tibbs Pg 39... Sweet Sanctuary by: Daniela Majic Pg 51... Free your Androgyny by: Saibh Egan pg 65... Q&A with Chelsea Mandziuk. Pg 75... Call It Aftermath by: Jessica Luch Pg 85... Bridal chic by: Anna Scetinina Pg 95... Q&A with Flora Psarianos Pg 107... Q&A with Vanessa Mills Pg 119... No new is...By: Andreea Iancu Pg 127... Aura By: Stephan M. Loban Pg 137... Q&A with Angie DiBattista Pg 145...Q&A with Sonia Ryan Pg 159...Kindred Sprits by: Charlotte Brown Pg 171... Q&A with Oz Zandiyeh Pg 179... Adeola by: Toni Ekunah Pg 183... Q&A with Brittany Daigle Pg 193... Q&A with Jay Dee

  • Dreams of Decadence

    Photography & Styling by: Cornelia Klimek Make-up by: Sonia Ryan Hair by: Rachelle Gill

    Models: Samantha Czerlau @ Gemini/Sherrida & Justyna Zablocka @ Corestone Assistant: Paige Robertson Jewelry provided by: FAB Accessory Boutique Waterloo

  • Q&A With

    Chelsea Dutchak

    Q: Tell us a litte bit about yourself?

    A: My name is Chelsea Dutchak. I am From Burlington Ont. Canada and have been doing make-up for three years.

    Q: How did you become interested in make-up Artistry?

    A: I had been interested in art my whole life, I loved

    to draw and paint, and also really loved fashion media. I would always have stacks of magazines that I would cut pictures out of and make collages of images I loved. When I got into highschool I started to really play with make-up on myself, playing with colours and trying out new things. My make-up obesession grew until I had a massive collection of make-up for myself. I then decided

  • to go to school for cosmetics, combining my love of art and make-up, and soon fell in love with trans- forming people with make-up.

    Q: What is the most interesting thing about being a make-up artist?

    A: I love how everyday of work is different. There is always something new and creative to do, whether it is creating a bright and colourful eye shadow look, or turning someone into a zombie, there is never a boring moment. Its an amazing feeling to see the final product of a shoot I worked on, whether it be a photo-shoot or a film, and know that I helped create something special.

  • Photography by: Alnoor Meralli Model: Julia

  • Q: Is there any advice you can give to aspiring make-up artists?

    A: Dont be afraid to put yourself out there. Working on trade shoots and student film is a fantastic way to gain experience and meet peo- ple in the industry. Also, try to assist more experienced artists. Its an amazing way to learn the ropes of the industry, as well as new skills. Finally, do your re-search learn make-up trends, methods and products. Basically, treat it like you would a job in any other field. You dont necassarliy have to go to school, but if its something you are serious about pursuing, educate yourself. There is always something that someone can teach you, and it will make you a stronger artist.

  • Photography by: Naman Gupta Model: Alena

  • Photography by: Naman Gupta Model: Alena

  • Q: What are some of your best/favourite beauty/make-up tips?

    A: - Dont be afraid to play with color! Step out of your comfort zone and add a pop of color to your eyes, lips or cheeks, but be sure not to go bright everywhere else, because it will over- power your natural beauty.

    - Dry flaky lips? Take a little bit of sugar mixed with olive oil and give them a good scrub. The sugar will exfoliate away the dead skin, and the olive oil will leave your lips nice and soft.

    Photography by: Daniela Majic

    Model: Alyssa.W. @Elmer Olsen

  • Photography by: Daniela MajicModel: Alyssa W @Elmer Olsen

    You can see more of Chelseas beautiful works at:

  • Q&A With Carrie Tibbs

    Q: Tell us a little but about yourself. A: Award-winning and published make- up artist Carrie Tibbs has an approach that is uniquely hers with an outstanding creative vision and impecable attention to detail. Her surroundings inspire her to create a palette of colours for each project. Experience producing photo-shoots and campaings for clients such as Macys and JCPenny provides a pragmatic and organized balance to her projects.

    Hi! Im Carrie Tibbs, mobile and certified Professional Make-up Artist for Beauty Marked Make-up Artistry based out of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Beauty Marked provides mobile services for Southwestern Ont primarily Kitchener, Cambridge,Waterloo, Guelph areas. Travel outside of these areas is also available in London, Tor, and Niagra ect. A full roster of make-up services is offered including bridal, beauty and creative editorial photo-shoots, music videos, and television commercials.

    Q: How did you become interested in make-up artistry?

    A: Well, it actually started at a fairly young age when I used to play

    make-up with my moms lovely Avon and Mary Kay collection. When I was around 12 yrs old, thats when things really started

  • happening; I would take my allowance money and buy all sorts of pretty make-up and colours from the local pharmacy and test them out. I even went to school (only for special occasions such as class presentations) with bright blue eye shadow on; my mom knew it was just me expressing myself and having fun. When I was in my teens I would find myself experimenting more and more with make-up. At the same time I was aslo heavily involved in art, mostly oil painting as well as painting on lots of lovely large rocks I would find at my familys cottage. My mom would proudly display those rocks in and outisde of our home. So art on a canvas, on a rock, or on a face seemed all natural and transitional for me. Later in my teens my friends started asking me to do their make-up for all sorts of occasions. A few years after, and much support from my husband, friends and family, I went for my certifi