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L:===---==~ Twelfth Triennial or Fourteenth Reunion of the· Isenberg Family H. C. Isenberg A. Rupley Isenberg Chairman Secretary Thursday, August 19, 1937 LAKEMONT PARK ALTOONA, PA.

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Twelfth Triennial or FourteenthReunion

of the·

Isenberg FamilyH. C. Isenberg

A. Rupley Isenberg



Thursday, August 19, 1937


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Singing , Doxology

Invocation Rev. Marshall C. PiperMilesburg, Pa.

Address of Welcome C. Meade IsenbergAltoona, Pa.

Singing-"Blest Be The Tie That Binds"

Recitation-"The Family Album" Betsy Jean ElderHollidaysburg, Pa.

Piano Solo ..- "Second Mazurka". . . .. .. by Benjamine GodardMargaret J. McKenzie

Vocal Solo-Selected Charles W. IsenbergAltoona, Pa.

Address-"What I Know About the Isenbergs"Rev. Marshall C. Piper

Election of Chairman and Secretary for next Reunion

Singing-"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"

Benediction Rev. Marshall C. Piper


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Praise God from whom all blessings flow,Praise Him all creatures here below;Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts;Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


Blest be the tie that bindsOur hearts in Christian love,

The fellowship of kindred mindsIs like to that above.

When we asunder part;It gives us inward pain;

But we shall still be joined in heart,And hope to meet again.


God be with you till we meet again!By His counsels guide, uphold you,With His sheep securely fold you;God be with you till we meet again!

CHORUSTill we meet! Till we meet!Till we meet at Jesus' feet;Till we meet! Till we meet!God be with you till we meet again!

God be with you till we meet again!Keep love's banners floating o'er you,Smite deatb 's threatening wave before you;God be with you till we meet again!

Evening Band ConcertPennsylvania Railroad Band

Fred C. Hager, Conductor W. D. Melcher. Manager

1. March-"Balloonograph" R. B. Eisenberg2. Overture- "Zampa" Herold3. Cornet Trio-"The Three Kings......... . Smith

Roy Heimel, Melvin Bennett, Ray Detwiller4. "The Old Organist"........ . R. B. Eisenberg5. Soprano Solo-"Blue Danube Waltz" : Johann Strauss

Josephine Lombardo6. "The Children's March" Goldman7. "Humoresque" ' Dvorak. Arr. by Cailliet8. Novelty-' 'The Whistling Farmer Boy". . .. . Fillmore

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lJu 1Irmnrium1 Wm. Farber, Husband of

Abigail Lloyd, dtr of Thomas Isenberg; Abraham; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.2 Oliver G. Smith, husband of

Nancy E. Smith; Daniel; Henry; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.3 Iva Esther Isenberg, dtr of Benjamin; William; Nicholas; Gabriel, Sr.4 Benjamin C. Isenberg, son of j Jacob: Enoch; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.

(Sarah; Benj; William; Nicholas; Gabriel,Sr.5 Mrs. Sarah (Truax) Isenberg, wife of

Cloyd W. Isenberg; Alfred; Little Samuel; Henry; Gabriel, Sr.6 Mrs. Clara (Littlej-f Menchey ) Isenberg, wife of

Peter S. Isenberg'; Mordecai; Peter; Gabriel, Sr.7 James S. Wood, Attorney, husband of

Lenore Isenberg, dtr Capt. J. G. Isenberg; Abraham; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.8 Mrs. Rose (Shultzabarger) Moser, daughter of

Marie (Isbg) Shultzabarger; William; Nicholas; Gabrial, Sr.9 Mrs. Emma (Isbg) Gratius; Samuel; John; Gabriel, Jr.; Gabriel, Sr.

10 William C. Gerst, husband ofIda M. (Cross) Gerst; Benj. Cross; Anna (Isbg) Cross; Enoch; Gabrial, Sr.

H Mrs. Margaret Jeanette (Sbultzabarger) Isenberg, wife ofA Rupley Isenberg; Jacob Miller; Abraham; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.

12 Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Downing) Isenberg. wife ofHoward R. Isenberg;·William; Benj.; Nicholas; Gabriel, Sr.

13 Howard R. Isenberg'14 Mrs. Lenora (Isenberg) Woods; Capt. J. G.; Abraham; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.15 Mrs. Minnie Estella Isenberg, widow of

John V. Isenberg; Benjamin; William; Nicholas; Gabriel, Sr.16 Mrs. Elmer S. Eisenberg, wife of

Elmer S ; John; William; Nicholas; Gabriel, Sr.17 J. B. Sboenfelt, husband of

Anna E. (lsbg) Shoenfelt; Jacob Miller; Abraham; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.·18 Mrs. Martha Work, widow of

Howard Work; Ann Eliza (Isbg) Work; Samuel; Henry; Gabriel, Sr.19 Mrs. Juniata (Isbg) Powley; Henry; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.20 Harry Frank Carles; David & Marie (Isbg) Carles; Michael; George;

Enoch; Gabriel. Sr.21 Mrs. Margaret Isenberg, wife of

Joseph Keiffer Isenberg; Joseph; Henry; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.22 Annie E (Isbg ) Cresswell; John Enoch; George; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.23 Joseph Stewart Metz; Susan (lshg) Metz; Abraham; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.24 Miss Laura Isenberg; Samuel & Elizabeth; John; Gabriel, Jr.; Gabriel, Sr.25 Charles Abram Spiker, husband of Bertha M. Piper, daughter of

Isabelle (Isbg) Piper & Peter Piper; Daniel; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.26 John P. Isenberg; John & Rebecca; Johnathan;r>eter; Gabriel, Sr.27 Mrs. Ella (Isbg ) Baird, (wife of J. K. Baird) daughter of

George & Nancy Isenberg; Michael; George; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.28 Mrs. Annie Harrison, dtr Wm. & Elizabeth Piper; Philip & Susan (Isbg)

Piper; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.29 James Watters Isenberg, son of

John S.; Joseph; John; Joseph; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.30 Lewis Henry Isenberg; John; Joseph; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr ..31 Mrs. Sarah Lou Taylor, daughter of

Amelia (Isbg) Thompson; John; Samuel; Gabriel, Jr.; Gabriel. Sr.32 RolandusAlban Isenberg; John Perry; Johnathan; Peter; Gabriel, Sr.33 Edith L. Lucas; Annie (Isbz ) Lucas; Daniel; George; Enoch; Gabriel, Sr.34 Mrs. Kate (Bartow) Isenberg; widow of

John P. Isenberg; John ferry; Johnathan; Peter; Gabriel, Sr.35 Alonza Johnathan Isenberg, James G.; Johnathan; Peter; Gabriel, Sr.y6 W. Hewitt Isenberg; Benjamin, William; Nicholas; Gabriel, Sr.