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Opening Event of Seminar Series: "Future of Learning and Work at Aalto". Overview for the theoretical background and current status of the serendipity research . Practical implementations of serendipity management. Vision for the future.

Transcript of Respect Serendipity, Aalto University 4.3.2014

  • 1.Respect SerendipityIlkka Kakko! FUTURE OF LEARNING AND WORK AT AALTO , Helsinki, 4.3.2014 !

2. The benefits of coworking Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004!Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought AlbertSzent-Gyorgyi 3. Outline of the presentation 1) Why serendipity, why its emerging just now?! 2) Background and denitions! 3) Theoretical models the current status of research! 4) Serendipity Management practical implementations! 5) Vision for the future!!! 4. Big Shift ? h2p://! ! ! ! ! 5. Examples of serendipity Science: Archimedes! Columbus!WorkPenicillin! X-rays! Teon! Post-It notes! More than 200 examples (1989) the book ! SMS, Viagra, !Business: XeroxPARC, 3M, Pixar, Google, MIT Media Lab, Virgin !Ice Hotel and Ice Bars!Blancco !!LearnPlay 6. Why just now? Transformation ! -Postnormal Era (Stowe Boyd)!-Big Shift (John Hagel, John Seely Brown)!-Society 3.0 (Ronald van den Hoff)!Predictability is decreasing => more unexpected events ! Emergent ecosystems, new collaboration models, coworking, hacker spaces, online communities etc! Connectivity, global scope! Flow of information vs. stock of information! New types of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurs! Extended enterprises ! 7. Background and definitions Definition: Serendipity is a quality of mind, which through awareness, sagacity and good fortune allows one to frequently discover something good while looking for something else!WorkIt illustrates also the process leading to serendipitous ndings and value creation!!Background: The Persian fable from 6th century The Travels and Adventures of Three Princes of Serendip!Horace Walpole coined the word, Robert K. Merton & Elinor Barber studied the etymology and elaborated further!!LearnPlay 8. Plan, design, engineer, manage, harness.. Are we able to facilitate serendipity?:! !Planned serendipity, Muller&Becker! !Design for serendipity, Hagel&Seely Brown&Davison! !Maximize serendipity around you, Nassim Nicholas Taleb! !Engineering serendipity ! !Cultivating serendipity! ! also serendipity engines, serendipity machines are mentioned! ! Coincidensity diversity and social density (Stowe Boyd / Matt Biddulph)! Synchronicity Joseph Jaworski et al. (Jung.)! ! My terminology:!!> Harnessing serendipity on individual and community level and! > Serendipity management on institutional and organizational level! 9. Opportunistic information encountering, ErdelezCapturingReturningBackground ProblemForeground ProblemInformaDonencounteringExaminingInformaDonseekingStopping NoDcing 10. Capturing is vital, how to do it? What kind of clicker are you? non clicker, one clicker etc! How to make distractions work for you?! balance between background/foreground problems, information seeking/ encountering!! Anytime you nd some interesting, use getpocket software, and get back to interesting information whenever you have the opportunity to do so.! Possibilites to tag all the links then get back even ofine! One way to deal with the constant ow of information!! ! ! ! ! ! 11. Rubin, Burkell & Quan Haase - model !Ref:h2p:// 12. Some remarks about the model Facet A: Prepared Mind! Prior concern + previous experience Social Capital as important! ! !! Facet B: Act of Noticing! Observation / attentionInsight and collective insight needed!! Facet C: Chance! Accidental nature / perceived lack of control desperation also valable!Contradictions and creative! Facet D: Fortuitous Outcome! > Perceived gain / happy endingMight take a long time to capture/realize!! Serendipity: reframing the events / a story re-told / an unsought nding! ! ! ! 13. Makri & Blandford - model !Ref:h2p:// %20Coming%20Across%20InformaDon%20Serendipitously%20(Part%201).pdf 14. Theoretical modelsRef. Quan-Haase: YouTube presentation*ModelfeaturesErdelezRubin,Burkell& Makri& Quan-Haase BlandfordNoDcing+++ Find-++ReecDon/Storytelling-++Outcome-++InvesDgaDnglead+-+Capturing(saving)+--Foreground/Background Problem+--Chance-+-Preparedmind/Prior Concern-+-MakingnewconnecDons/ Insight--+RoleofEnvironment---*h