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A project made by the students of 4 ESO at San Jose School, Getafe

Transcript of Reported speech

  • 1. Let's play journalists!!
    • A list of people I have interviewed about their routines, and current projects:
  • George Clooney
  • Jun Jos Ballesta
  • Rihanna
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Jessica Alba
  • Barack Obama

2. George Clooney

  • Q: "Do you travel around the world?"
  • A: "Yes, I travel a lot."
  • I asked George if he travelled around the world, and he told me that he travelled a lot.

3. George Clooney

  • Q: "Do you like Nespresso?"
  • A: "Yes, I like it a lot".
  • I asked George if he liked Nespresso, and he said (that) he liked it a lot".

4. Juan Jos Ballesta

  • Q:" Which is your first film,El bolaorPlanta Cuarta ?
  • A: "I can't remember"
  • I asked Juanjo which his first film was, and he told me he couldn't remember -he was joking".

5. Juan Jos Ballesta

  • I asked him where he went on holiday, and he said he usually went to Valencia
  • Q: " Where do you go on holiday?"
  • A: "I usually go to Valencia."

6. Rihanna

  • Q: "What is your favourite song?".
  • A: "It isDon't Stop The Music"
  • I asked her what her favourite song was, and she said it wasDon't Stop The Music

7. Rihanna

  • I asked her what you had to do to become a superstar, and she said you have to work very hard."
  • Q: " What must you do to become a superstar?"
  • A: "You must work very hard."

8. Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Q: "What is your favourite episode ofSex in New York ?
  • A: "Oh!, I like them all"
    • I asked Sarah what her favourite episode ofSex In New Yorkwas, and she said (that) she liked them all"

9. Sarah Jessica Parker

  • I asked Sarah if she wanted to marry me, and she told me (that) she was sorry, but she was already married.
  • Q: "Do you want to marry me?"
  • A: "I'm sorry, but I am already married".

10. Jessica Alba

  • Q: "Where are you from?'"
  • A: "I'm from the USA"
  • I asked Jessica where she was from, and she said she was from the USA.

11. Jessica Alba

  • Q: "What is your most important film?"
  • A: "I think it isFantastic Four ".
  • I asked Jessica what her most important film was, and she said it wasFantastic Four ".

12. Barack Obama

  • Q: "What do you think about racism?
  • A: "It is a big problem in the world".
  • I asked Obama what he thought about racism, and he said it was a big problem in the world".

13. Barack Obama

  • I asked him how often he had meetings, and he told me that he had meetings every single day.
  • Q: "How often do you have meetings?
  • A: "I have meetings every single day".