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  • 1. CONTENTS Page I. Introduction..............................................................2 II. Body 1. Importance of location........................................2 2. Specific products................................................5 3. Cultural influence...............................................8 4. Co-operation......................................................10 III. Conclusion...........................................................11 IV. Evaluation and suggestion...................................11 1
  • 2. Welcome to Imperial Hotel ocated in the central of Vietnam, Hue was the capital city of the last Dynasty of Vietnam. Hue is the only place where many historic, cultural, architectural, artistic values are preserved. The majestic 16-floor Imperial Hotel Hue is nestled along the famous Perfume River, conveniently close to all the historical sites this UNESCO World Cultural Heritage city has to offer. L 1. Business location is an important factor in service business Imperial Hotel As is well known to be able to build and develop an overall corporate business as well as business service business hotel and restaurant in particular , the selection of a location for business , product positioning , ... is extremely important . We can say this is also one of the important factors contributing to the business success of the business or not ? So if businesses choose to be positioned as close to tourist areas , near the city center , commercial centers Success in business to business is very high . Not only that , can provide more tourists in the country and international . And vice versa if the positioning of the geographical location where it will be difficult to significantly affect the operations of the business. Every business when determining the location of these businesses have certain goals , such as positioning to dominate and expand markets , to increase access , create favorable conditions for the clients use Catering business , and also to mobilize maximum resources and take advantage of the opportunities available in place ... so when conducting the layout for the location , business often faces many the different options , each option depends on the actual situation of enterprises , as well as the bride's strategy of the business. And each choice has advantages or disadvantages different , forcing companies to be flexible in order to fully exploit the advantages , and find ways to overcome these disadvantages . Understand the basics , together with the purpose of their existing business Hue Imperial Hotel was the first building located in the center of Hue city . Located in Central Vietnam, Hue was the capital city of the last Dynasty of Vietnam, the only place worth preserving many historic, cultural, architectural, artistic values are preserved. The cultural heritage objects - populations relics of history and 2
  • 3. intangible - Hue royal court music has brought high value on the national level and has internationally been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Hue City is the convergence of two ecosystems north-south, is a land-hills, plains, rivers and seas created many beautiful natural scenery with many famous scenic. People Hue is famous for the elegant, gentle and rites of Business lands period. All line together, making Hue has long been well known as a leading tourist city of Vietnam. Imperial is the first 5-star hotel in Hue, located in the heart of the city, close to the banks of the Perfume River, very close to all the famous tourist spots of the world heritage city. Address: No. 8, Hung Vuong Boulevard, Hue City. Hotels near tourist sites and transport of : + Truong Tien Bridge 2 minute walk (120m). 3 Imperial architecture is a combination of harmony between architectural styles of East Asia and Hue with utmost luxury style, characterized Vietnam. The interior of the hotel will offer an impressive design features both modern and mixed-phase culture and architecture of Hue, Vietnam.
  • 4. + The river Huong 3 minute walk (200m). + The Station Hue 3 minute drive (1km). + The Phu Bai Airport 20 minutes drive (17km) + The sea Lang 1.5 hour drive (75km) + The Da Nang international airport 2 hours drive (100km) + The Dong Ba Market 5 minutes drive (1km) + The Thien Mu Pagoda half hour drive + The Lang Co Beach 1.5 hour drive +The Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh, Tu Duc 0.5 hour drive (7km). This is also important to select visitors to the Imperial Hotel. Since being brought into operation from 6/ 2006, the Imperial Hotel to honor many heads of state , politicians and chairman of the world's largest economy . Typically, the Crown Prince 's visit to Japan, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Pham Gia Khiem , Chairman Toyoata Fuji Cho . In addition, the Imperial Hotel is the place to be chosen to host the international event. South Africa- Vietnam Trade & Investment Workshop 2. Specific tourism maketing and services and sell stylish products through major parts of Imprieal Hotel. 4
  • 5. Tourism characteristic maketing: products that are attractive to tourists, the purpose of creating tourist destination in Imprieal Hotel: Restaurant & Bar: include Imperial Restaurent, Yoshihara Restaurant, Moc Restaurant, Royal dinning room and royal dinner, The Kings Panorama Bar, Starlight Lounge Imperial Restaurant: with a capacity of 600 guests, this is the first restaurant in Vietnam with 4 side open space kitchen, serving European, Asian, Vietnamese, especially the special land capital. Outdoor garden of the restaurant is the ideal place for those who want a romantic atmosphere or for intimate meetings or private conversations. Imperial Restaurant is extremely impressive decor and cozy oriental style by wood, is the first restaurant in Vietnam with four sides open kitchen, your meal will become more attractive and interesting spot to witness the culinary art of talented chefs, serving dishes, Asian and European dishes throughout the 3 regions of Vietnam, especially in technology authentic cuisine of Hue, the royal family buried a time 5
  • 6. + Yoshihara Restaurant : With 80 seats, the restaurant serves Japanese-style cuisine with flavors and ingredients are imported from Japan. Yoshihara is considered small Japanese house. With food and spices are imported directly from Japan and are meticulously prepared under the skillful hands of the talented Japanese chef, all the food here is evident culinary culture of origin of cherry blossoms. This really is the best place for you to enjoy the authentic Japanese cuisine. 6
  • 7. Spa Royal Spa : Royal Spa is the most high-class Spa and Beauty Salon in town with 7 treatment rooms. There are also 3-VIP private rooms with indoor pool and Jacuzzi facilities. After the whole day discovering the charming Hue city, come to indulge yourself in the Royal Spa and let our professional staffs relax your body and your mind, youll be completely refreshed. Accommodation: The Imperial hotel possesses 194 rooms, including 168 deluxe rooms, 20 suites, 01 Grand presidential suite and 03 apartments. All are well equipped with modern facilities. Among them are 36 non-smoking rooms located on the two floors. The rooms combine modern with classic elements, blending historic architectural details and earthy dcor. All rooms have classic and polished wooden floors, natural fabric, as well as classy furnishing. All have spectacular panoramic views of the serene Perfume River, the magnificent Ngu Binh Mountain and ancient monuments of the city. Deluxe City View Hotel Facilities : Business 7
  • 8. Center, Queens Souvernir Shop, Casino- Prince Club, Simming Pool & GYM. Simming Pool : At the height of 16 meters, the pool offers an open grand view of the city below. Snack and beverage of all kinds are served poolside. The fitness center next door is fully furnished with up-to-date exercise equipments. Meeting : Meeting Capacity, Meeting Package, Theme Dinners, Weddings, Request for Proposal. 3. Influence of the feudal dynasties selling style and service providers of Imperial Hotel In the mind of many people, to become the city of Hue Festival is almost a matter of course because of Hue also reserve the fairly typical appearance of a capital dynasties that works in harmony with the architectural and nature creating unique rhythms with festivals, music, cuisine traditional diversity conservation. The hotel is a masterpiece of architecture and building an embodiment of architectural characteristic . Furniture hotel is polished to a flawless, luxurious and cozy, is an exquisite combination of modern amenities and cultural values of the architectural highlights of capital Hue. 8
  • 9.