Report on SXSW: Interactive 2010

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Presented to Mullen Library at The Catholic University of America on May 10, 2010.

Transcript of Report on SXSW: Interactive 2010

  • 1.South by Southwest: Interactive 2010 Jonathan Smith The Catholic University of America

2. 3. Smartphones are ubiquitous 4. 5. Twitter is everywhere 6. 7. Emerging tech - QR Codes 8. Emerging tech - location-based social networking 9. Emerging tech - touch screens 10. Danah Boyd - Making sense of privacy 11. Universities in the "Free" Era The University System is in crisis, the current model is leading to a collapse.

  • Where to begin
    • Experiential learning
    • Multi-institutional collaborations
    • Train PhDsto think more contextually and how to teach
    • Get rid of tenure
    • Facilitate collaboration, team teaching etc
    • De-privilege institutional content
    • Reward failure, publishing results
    • Get rid of departments instead focus on questions
    • Contribute to open commons

12. HTML5 13.

    • Is Google making us stupid?
    • There needs to be time inefficient contemplation in balance with information retrieval
    • Will we adapt? People used to flip through TV channels, now they prefer to watch DVD box sets to get immersed

Nicholas Carr - The Shallows 14. 15.

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