Reading & Writing Narratives How can we write a Memoir?

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Transcript of Reading & Writing Narratives How can we write a Memoir?

  • Reading & WritingNarratives

    How can we write a Memoir?

  • Warm UpNotebook Set UpNumber each page- front only- like at the beginning of the year.Pages 1-3- Table of Contents- write Table of Contents in the headingPage 4- heading-Memoir- The Jacket 1/24/13

  • HomeworkGrammar Sheet- complete the grammar sheet.Write the sentences correctly on the line. Like we do for warm ups some days.

  • What are the characteristics of a memoir? Memoirs focus and reflect on the relationship between the writer and a particular person, place, animal, time or object.It explains the importance of the relationship. It is like an autobiography but, is limited to a only one time period, place, or object. An autobiography is about the writers entire life.It maintains a first person point of view (me, my, we and I).

  • The JacketBy Gary SotoWhat makes The Jacket memoir?A significant event in the authors life.

    Told in the first person point of view. (This means the author speaks about himself and uses the pronouns I my me and we

    A Narrative (beginning; middle and end)

    Uses descriptive language

  • The JacketBy Gary SotoAs we read the memoir The Jacket, try to find as many examples of figurative language as you can.List them in the chart on your notes sheet.

  • Notebook Heading:The Elements of a Personal Narrative 1/25/13Warm Up:Describe, in detail, the worst gift you ever received.

  • HomeworkThink about your favorite childhood toy or game. List 10 words to describe it.BE CREATIVE

  • Descriptive LanguageIt adds purpose and emotion to a textMakes use of metaphors, similes, adjectives and adverbsConveys feeling as well as action.The girl drank juice. VS The girl hurriedly drank the juice.

  • I described something like bikers wear: black leather & silver studsI discovered draped on my bedpost a jacket the color of day-old guacamole.

    Descriptive Words

  • But when I returned to class I slipped the jacket on & shivered until I was warm. I sat on my hands, heating them up, while my teeth chattered like a cup of crooked dice.

  • Descriptive Language Scavenger HuntList 10 descriptive adjectives used in The Jacket.3 examples of Figurative Language (Personification, metaphor, simile)5 sensory details 1 descriptive phrase for each of the five senses. Write the sentence.Visualization Draw a picture of something that was clearly described.

  • To write a good memoir you should:Have a narrow topic and focusBrainstorm, visualize, free write, web, clusterUse your own voiceDevelop characters through thoughts, characters and wordsUse sensory detailsWrite a good lead inPlace ideas and details in meaningful order

  • Ticket Out The JacketMy clothes have failed me.Can clothes fail you?Explain this quote.