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A Report submitted to Ishan institute of Management& Technology, Greater Noida, as a partial fulfillment of full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management.


SUBMITTED BY: Raghwendra kumar ENR NO:-BM 15057 BATCH:-15th

Ishan Institute of Management & Technology 1 A, Knowledge Park-I, Gr. NOIDA, District; G.B. Nagar (U.P.) Website: www.ishanfamily.comE-MAIL: [email protected]


PREFACEThis Project Report has been completed in Partial fulfillment of my management Program, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) in the company SMV Beverages {JAMSHEDPUR}. The objective of my project was TO STUDY THE GROWING MARKET OF COLD DRINKS IN JAMSHEDPUR REGION. The details mentioned in this report are based on real situations. Since the reader would like to know the general detail of two cola giants. Therefore a chapter includes a discussion on theoretical aspects of comparative study and its application for the industry in marketing is also include. Further to help the reader in understanding the findings, graphical representation, conclusions and suggestions are also includes, which very much helps SMV Beverages, Jamshedpur to know where he stands in the soft drinks market. What is the growing market of cold drinks? Training is a period in which a student can apply his theoretical knowledge in practical field. Basically practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge have a very broad difference. Theoretical knowledge is the fundamental weapon for any management student. As a student of management, apart from theoretical studies we need to get a deeper insight of the practical aspects of theories by working in an organization. The training session helps to know about the working process in the organization. It helps to know about the organizational management and discipline, which has its own importance. To achieve professional competence, manager ought to be fully occupied with theory and practical exposure of management. A comprehensive understanding of the principle increases their decision-making ability and sharpens their tools for this purpose. So, this training has high importance as to know how both the aspects are applied together. Theoretical knowledge of a person remains dormant until it is used and tested in the practical life. The training has given to me the chance to apply my theoretical knowledge that I have acquired in my classroom to the real business world. I completed my summer training project in which I involved successful application of theories. In spite of few limitations and hindrance during the summer training, I found that the work was a challenge and fruitful. This summer training project has enabled my capability in order to manage business effectively. I frequently hope that this project report would be considerable help to the management for developing strategies in those areas.


ACKNOWLEDMENTThis project has been prepared as a part of an internship required during the completion of PGDBM programmed at IIMT, Gr. Noida (U.P). I was involved with SMV Beverages (Jamshedpur) for a period of 8 weeks, and I came across a lot of people who put in their time and effort towards acclimatizing me to the workings of their organization. I express my thanks to my project guide Mr. Arbind tiwari (Marketing Development Manager, Jamshedpur) and co-guide Mr. Ravi Bhaskar (Customer executive) who was there to introduce me to the idea of Marketing and what go behind it. Also under his guidance and leadership I was able to enhance my managerial as well as inter-personal skills. I would also like to thank him for his immense support and guidance in the selection of the project, its study and preparation of the report. I would also like to wish a special thanks to my Honorable Chairman Dr. D. K. Garg, without whose approval this project would have been a sdistant dream. Last, but definitely not the least, I express my gratitude to the entire staff of SMV Beverages (Jamshedpur). These past 8 weeks were of utmost importance as they added value towards my path of knowledge. I would like to end this acknowledgement by thanking the customers, distributor people at large with whom I have interacted during the course of my training. I hope this report will be special interest to the marketing students, who are on look for such real life situations beyond their classroom studies.


DECLARATION This summer Traning project on Growing market of cold drinks in Jamshedpur region under the guidance of Mr. Arvind tiwari(MDM,SMV BEVERAGES)is an original work done by me. This is the property of the institute & use of this report without prior permission of the institute will be considered illegal & actionable.

Date: Raghwendra kumar Enr.No-BM 15057



TABLE OF CONTENTSSubjects Executive Summary Objective Introduction Literature ReviewHistory of the soft drinks

Page no 7 8 9-10 11-12 13 14-30 31-32 33 34-37 38-45 46-48 49-58 59-62 63-65 66-70 70-97

History of pepsico Soft drinks industries in india Vision and mission Pepsico slogan Achievements of pepsico Market growth of pepsi in last 5 yrs Marketing strategy Product life cycle Life stage of beverages industries of pepsico Competition History of coca-cola History in india Product and services Mission, vision and values Awards and achievements Products Introduction of soft drinks in Jamshedpur The product profile & production process Marketing activities of SMV beverages Distribution channels of SMV beverages in Jamshedpur region Distribution channels of pepsi in Jamshedpur region Advertisements Analysis and interpretation Merchandising and market share of pepsi and coke Data analysis and interpretation5

98-105 106-118 119-126 127-134 135-141 142-146 147-157 158-166 167-173

Analysis of Dealer questionnaire Operational problems Conclusion Swot analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Findings Limitations Suggestions My experience with SMV beverages & job profile Leanings Achievements Annexure Bibliography Words of thanks

174-175 176-177 178

179 180 181 182 183 184 185-187 188 189-190 191-192 193-195 196 197


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY It means application of theoretical understanding applied into practical world of business. It helps the manager to think about what they should do. Summer training or internship training provides opportunities to apply this theory into real business. Marketing is a very crucial activity in every business organization. Every product produced within an industry has to be marketed otherwise it will remain as unsold stock, which will be of no value. I have realized this fact after completion of my summer training project. During my training my objective of project was To study the Growing market of cold drinks in Jamshedpur region. There are other than this I have performed marketing activities which includes demonstration of Schemes and Service in order to increase its sales & demand. The results of the study reveal that Market activation is a fundamental tool in the promotional activities of any organization. In the Market Activation we apply all the marketing activation material for the advertisement of the products and creates brand image for the company. These activation elements also play a vital role in the launch of any new scheme and product. All the advertising and promos are done with the help of these marketing elements.


Objective :1) The objective of joining PepsiCo company was to get associated with a Multi-National Company (MNC) and to gain the insight of the FMCG industry. This beverage industry is a consumer goods industry. In the current scenario FMCG industry is on the boom. This is an evergreen industry. 2) To study the impact of market activation on consumers and finding out the impact of marketing activation material in general trade through running various shorts of promos at the time of any new product launch and scheme. 3) To study how to launch any new product and scheme in the competitive market. 4) To understand the consumer behavior. 5) To understand how advertisement takes place. 6) To understand the fundamental application of FMCG industry at the time of promotional activity of products. 7) To study the evolution, function, importance and legal frame work of the Indian Beverage Industry. 8) To make sustainable strategy to ensure companies sales growth. 9) To understand the display of merchandising material to create visual appeal. 10) To provide a framework amongst various channels for availability and visibility of PepsiCo products. 11) To trigger consumers inputs to purchase/consume PepsiCo products.


INTRODUCTIONThe following report titled Growing market of cold drinks in Jamshedpur region is prepared after studying market of Jamshedpur. The area was assigned by Mr. Arvind Tiwari (MDM) Jamshedpur. The purpose of the study was to get an insight into the distribution channel, its working as well as consumers view regarding PepsiCo products and to know how merchandizing helps in selling and the importance of plano-graming. All of these form an important place in success of any product. Through the survey I came to know about distribution of PepsiCo products. Jamshedpur has been divided in several areas which are covered by different agencies. In Jamshedpur 24 agencies are present. I was working on one of them, named Sri Hari Trader. Sri Hari Trader is having third largest distribution area. Advertisement plays an important role in selling a product. Those retail outlets having good ads had higher sales compared to the outlets having no ads. Pepsi ads can be seen in various parts of the city through banners, wall paint