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Race Day Tools

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Race Day Tools

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Race Day Registration

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Kiosk Mode

A very simple registration page that is most useful for on-site registration of simple events, and allows payment by credit cards, cash or check.

Note: Kiosk Mode does not ask questions or include a give-away. It does not allow teams, fundraisers, or store purchases, and cannot use the USAT integration. If any of these features are needed, recommend using Expo Mode instead.

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Expo Mode

Expo mode uses the full registration system, but tweaks two things to make it more useful for collecting registrations at race expos.

1. Users are not automatically logged in after registering

2. A “Next Registrant” button shows on the confirmation screen to start the next registration. This will log out the previous user if they have signed into their account when registering.

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Results KioskThe Results Kiosk is meant to be used on site so that participants can look up their results by bib number, or by name.

This report will list out any splits recorded for this event, age group placements, along with any team associations.

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Main Results Page

This is a link to the main results page in non-kiosk mode. This is useful for posting to your website, or including in emails directing participants to the full results page.

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Participant Lookup & Tracking

This is the non-kiosk version of the individual results lookup. This link also allows you to add in the bib number in the URL with a hashmark in order to get a direct link for this participant’s results. Perfect for QR codes printed on customized bibs.

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Bib Results Lookup Kiosk

This is the link to a kiosk to look up participant results by bib number. The screen automatically resets for the next participant after 30 seconds of displaying a result.

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Live Leaderboards

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Meant for large screens at the race site to view recent and overall finishers.Settings can be managed through the gear

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Recent FinishersThis link will scroll through finishers as results are posted for them, with the most recent finishers showing at the top of the screen. This is great to use with a screen for an announcer to read of the most recent finishers.

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Overall FinishersThis leaderboard link will automatically scroll through all finishers. You can also set this link up to print a range of finishers so you can have multiple displays.

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Timing Point Announcer (RD|


This leaderboard link can be set up if the event is using The Race Director. It allows a direct connection between a single timing point and a scrolling announcer screen.

This is useful for events where there is a split mid-course, and the event wants to display race progress at the finish area, or publically on the web.