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Props List

Perspective ProductionsProps ListPropsMagazine:

The magazine shows peoples ideology and the unfair representation given by the media. This shows the teenage obsession with the media, they want to be the same.


The make-up shows to mask their true image and it will also show their insecurities.

Flowers / Confetti:

The flowers and confetti will be used for the wedding scene as it will add the realism of the shot.

Mobile Device:

This will show that teenagers are constantly connected to the media, therefore showing the impact of media in their lives.

5Dieting Packaging / Food:

This will show the affect media has on people lives when they come to eat more or loose weight due to their appearance.

What we considered but dismissed:

Fitness Machines to show people getting fitter because they are not happy with their body image.

Existing products that link?The documentary look-up, has scenes that link quite well with what can potentially be in our documentary. Some props that we will be using, that are in the documentary look up include a mobile phone. Also the way luck up show that pull focus of the phone on social media links well with the scene we want to portray.