Project Review RIT FSAE

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Project Review RIT FSAE

Transcript of Project Review RIT FSAE

  • P07222: FSAE Engine Management System For Electronic Fuel InjectionSponsor: RIT FSAE TeamFaculty Advisor: Dr. Alan Nye

    MemberRoleErich FiederleinTeam Leader / Heat Transfer AnalysisAndrew BloomProgrammingBrandon ManciniVibration AnalysisGreg DoelgerIC Engine Analysis / 3-D ModelingKenvin TungDigital Design / Embedded SystemBrad GreeneHardware Design

  • Project DescriptionFuel and ignition control module for 4-stroke gasoline engine.

    Customer NeedsEngineering SpecsEasy to tune and adjustUser definable and intuitive interfaceProgrammable from a laptopCross platform, Zero configuration, USB interfaceBuilt in wideband o2 sensorAccurate to 0.1 AFRWatertight, vibration proof, reliable and durableAluminum case with rubber dampnersPotted Sealed ConnectorsSmall and lightweightLess than 147mm x 105mm x 40mmLess than 0.5kgData logging capability with run storageAbility to record past 20 minutes of sensor activity Flexible I/O ConfigurationInputs: 8 Analog / 8 DigitalOutputs: 16 Digital

  • Design Concept

  • Design Concept

  • Design Concept

  • Risk AssessmentDamage to customers componentsSensorsOxygen Sensor - Improper heater control circuitryFuel Injectors - Running over 80% duty cycle will cause failureEngineTiming Inaccuracies - propagation delays in firing fuel injectors or ignition can cause engine malfunctions and even damageDamage to our componentsOverheating - the case is water-tight and sealed, but the components will generate 45W of heatFaulty Installation - a battery installed in reverse can destroy the electronics

  • Proposed MitigationDamage to customers componentsSensorsComputer simulations and substantial bench testingEngineReal time monitoring of outputs in the laboratoryDamage to our componentsOverheatingThermal analysis used in case developmentMonitor temperatures during extended test runsFaulty InstallationOver Voltage and Battery Protection circuitry

  • Current State of DesignDesign meets all customer needs exceptAuto tune, Wireless Telemetry, Knock Sensor, Integrated Display, Traction Control are all out of the scope of this project due to time constraints.Design meets all engineering specificationsStill on track for proposed budget of $1200Budget COG (each) - $400Actual COG (each) - $362MitigationThe system contains extra I/O and processing power to allow future expandability

  • Project Schedule MilestonesMarch 19th - PCB layout complete, and drawing package finalized, sensor input and processing routines begunMarch 26th - Electrical/Mechanical components and PCB ordered, start implementation of output timer routinesMarch 31st - Functional prototype assembled, fuel and ignition map control added to programApril 2nd - Electrical hardware testing, serial communication (USB) completedApril 9th - Systems integration, thermal testing, GUI development resumes, design verificationApril 16th - Embedded application testing begins, if necessary design revisionMay 7th - Website constructed, electrical data sheet composed, design paper completed, poster fabricatedMay 18th - Project review

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