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Transcript of Intro AdamsCar FSAE

Introduction to Adams/Car for Formula SAEJoseph Little, MSC Technical Support April 14, 2011

MSC Software Corporation

Agenda Getting Access to the Software and Resources Running simulations with the FSAE database Modifying the template to represent your Car Conducting a Design Study Questions


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Suggested Strategy for Getting Started


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Getting Started Tutorials

Select Adams Help from the Help menu then navigate to the getting started section. Though the demo vehicle appear much more elaborate than the FSAE model, they are actually very similar, and the Getting Started tutorials are directly applicable to the FSAE template for the most part.4

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Using the FSAE Database

Register on to get access to SimCompanion Visit the article Using the special FSAE database with MD Adams/Car 2010 at ex?page=content&id=KB8019488 Download the template files follow the instructional .pdf5

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How to Get Help Help Docs Start at the TOC and work down to your topics (Remember PostProcessor is under Adams Basic Package) Use Context Help (F1 in appropriate text boxes) Text Search/Index

SimCompanion Search SimCompanion for Keywords Search for posts for similar issues Post in Adams University Section Have your Designated Contact email Technical Support at [email protected]

VPD Forums

Technical Support


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Types of SimulationsSuspension Testrig

Full Vehicle Simulation


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Suspension Testrig Kinematic Analysis Bump (Parallel) Roll (Opposite) Steering (None, Fixed, Free, Controlled) Dynamics Analysis


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Suspension Results Analysis Analyze Results Display Animations Graph Results


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Full Vehicle Simulation Predefined Analysis Basic Maneuvers Acceleration Braking Maintain Steer Angle Some Combination of Above Closed Loop Maintain Specified Radius Achieved Specified Acceleration


MSC Software Corporation

Full Vehicle Simulation (cntd) User Defined Simulations Event Builder - Define maneuvers with open loop constants/functions or closed loop objectives Road Builder Define Custom roads for path optimization and SmartDriver


MSC Software Corporation

Modifying Your Vehicle Hardpoints Masses Property Files Tires Shocks Powertrain Aero Forces Adding/ Removing /Modifying Parts, Joints, etc. Swapping Subsystems Modifying Templates


MSC Software Corporation

Hardpoints Most Define the Center or Axis of a Rotational Joint Defines Geometries Mirrored Edit in table editor Listed in .sub file


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Property Files Tires PAC2002 FSAE property files available from TTC Curve Editor Property Files Engine Torque Curve Differential Property File Engine/Transmission Parameters




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Mass and Setup Parameters Right Click >> Modify to Change Mass Mass can be calculated using geometry and custom density Suspension Setup Parameters used for certain Analysis/Results


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Suspension Modeling TutorialAn in-depth suspension modeling tutorial can be found in SimCompanion:

Thank you for your attendance!16