Professionalism Betty Stallings. Professionalism The Profession The Professional.

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Transcript of Professionalism Betty Stallings. Professionalism The Profession The Professional.

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  • Professionalism Betty Stallings
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  • Professionalism The Profession The Professional
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  • Definition of Professionalism Conforming to the technical and ethical standards of a profession.. The disconnect for us...
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  • SOOOO.. Why is all of this so important?
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  • 35 Years of Volunteer Management Volunteerism has changed dramatically Volunteer Management - MUCH slower to change and evolve!
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  • Quotes that JOLT me! If I dont DO SOMETHING, Ill soon be just an old lady with an idea. By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired. Nikos Kazantzakis
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  • Visions Giving us the energy to work for for change as a profession and as professionals
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  • I have a vision that one day. Young people will select leadership of volunteer programs and initiatives as a profession to prepare for
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  • I have a vision that one day.. Leaders of volunteer programs will be respected members of the leadership team in their organizations
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  • I have a vision that one day. Leaders of Volunteer Programs will see themselves as people who empower organizations to effectively and creatively engage volunteers
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  • I have a vision that one day There will be significant, on-going advocacy to executives in nonprofit organizations, to funders, to the media and others whose support is critical to the success of the profession
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  • I have a vision that one day. There will be additional research, and funds backing that research, bringing to action the needed support of volunteer management
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  • I have a vision that one day. Those holding positions in this profession will feel pride in the field, will understand its history, its potential, its standards and its ethics.
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  • I have a vision that one day.. The professional society for leadership of volunteers will boast a membership of 10,000 plus, built from the base of local and regional support across the nation.
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  • I have a vision that one day. Our profession will link with professionals around the world to learn from and support each other
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  • I have a vision that one day. Our professional association will include grassroots leadership, entrepreneurial visionaries, faith based, corporate and others finding our common ground and respecting our necessary differences in methods of engaging citizens in our missions.
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  • What are your visions????? Not just ones you wish for But also ones you will work for
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  • How do we get moving as a profession and as professionals?
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  • Malcolm S. Knowles The Stages of Development in Evolving Disciplines of Social Practice definition of field, differentiation of field, standard-setting, technological refinement, respectability and justification and understanding of the dynamics of the field
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  • Two Random Toddlers.:-)
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  • Stage of Development of our Profession The Toddler Stage Think of some characteristics...
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  • Challenges of the Toddler Stage Dont know who else is out there Short attention span Whine when people dont pay attention to them Can do it BY MYSELF Fall down a lot - miss danger signals Look down a lot - miss the forest for the trees!
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  • Positive Traits of the Toddler Stage Learning all day and seeing new ways to do things Incorporating new language Challenging the NO Clean slate everyday - let go of yesterdays baggage and approach with freshness and optimism
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  • COVAA Check it out: (Congress of Volunteer Association Affiliations)
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  • Actions to Increase our Professionalism Be Pro-active Dont take care of volunteers - empower organizations to more effectively and professionally engage volunteers
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  • Actions to Increase Professionalism Build your case for a volunteer program on what COULD BE, not what it is.
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  • Actions to Increase Professionalism Take Charge of your own Professional Development
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  • Actions to Increase Professionalism Get Involved in helping to build the profession
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  • Actions to Increase Professionalism Engage in the new language of the field or our sphere of influence will become VERY small
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  • Actions to Increase Professionalism Keep up to date with whats impacting volunteerism and show leadership within your organization so that they will have cutting edge volunteer programs.
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  • Summary The road ahead The Profession We, as Professionals
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  • Excellence In Professional Development Can Be Obtained If WE.. Care more than others think is wise Risk more than others thank is safe Dream more than others think is practical & Expect more than others think is possible
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