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2. ARTICLES When it came to adding in the text for my articles, I created a text box, as it shows opposite, which then allowed me to insert text, which is based on the articles featured inside the magazine. 3. ARTICLES It now shows the final version of the Contents Page once all the text, including the Editor's Note, had been inserted. 4. 5. PAGE NUMBERS Seeing as the actual text was black, I decided to change the colour of the page numbers, which would make it stand out, and also, bring in more colour to the page. To do this, I highlighted the page number, so that I could change the colour. 6. PAGE NUMBERS I then went onto theColour Picker , and which gave me a range of colours to choose from. I decided to go with red, as this is one of the main colours for my magazine, which will also relate to the colours used ton the Front Cover. 7. PAGE NUMBERS In addition to this, to make the page numbers stand out more, I decided to make it bold, which was done by right-clicking onto the text, and going onto the option forFaux Bold. 8. PAGE NUMBERS I wasnt completely happy with the overall layout for the Contents Page, as it looked messy and unorganised. Due to this, I decided to change the location for the text. I made the font size smaller, so that I could have two columns underneath the Editors Note, which would then leave me with enough space for an image on the opposite side.