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1. Preface 2. Acknowledgment 3. Executive Summary 4. Introduction a) Vision b) Mission c) Core Values 5. Quality Performance 6. Gourmet Strategy 7. Organization Structure 8. Distribution Channel Management 9. Channel Management Diagram 10. Gourmet Segmentation 11. Positioning 12. Service Output Demand 13. Planning 14. Distribution System 15. Distribution in Pakistan 16. Channel flows 17. Eight generic channel flows 18. Marketing Flows in Channel 19. Unit & Cost Allocation 20. Distribution cost Break Up 21. Channel Structure 22. Gap Analysis Framework 23. Gap Analysis at gourmet Distribution

24. Recommendation to Close Gap a. Demand-Side Gaps b. Supply-Side Gaps 25. Conflict 26. Logistic a. Logistic Mission 27. Transportation Risk 28. Conclusion 29. Recommendation 30. Glossary


All praises to Almighty Allah who is THE CREATOR of whole of the universe and admires to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)who taught us everything of this life and the life there after. Now it is our responsibility to convey the WORDING OF SUCCESS to whole of the Ummah. As it was indicated in the last Address of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him). And the graves of FELLOW BEINGS are the proof of the completion of this responsibility. We are greatly indebted to our resource person PROF. USAM RASOOL whose help and guidance enabled us to muster our courage and findings in a presentable manner. His comprehensive teaching style also enabled us to understand the subject of Marketing. At Last but not least, we owe our special regards to our parents who always supported us and prayed for our betterment and success.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYWe have prepared a project which based on the distribution channel of gourmet Cola and this distribution channel is vertical integration. The new and most inspiring launch is the Gourmet Cola. Through proper distribution channel, Gourmet has become a profitable company. Gourmet cola has become a strong network. They have already captured the market. GOURMET is a good example of a successful story and after achieving its stability position, Gourmet has tried to match its products with the big international brands, established ones, like Pepsi, Coca-Cola. Gourmet has rivalry with Pepsi, Coca-Cola

INTRODUCTION: Gourmet Bakers and Sweets is the largest food retail chain of Pakistan. It is based in Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan known for its traditional foods and passion for eating. With our 4 processing units and 63 sales outlets we outreach to a huge population for their food needs. Gourmet is one of the most respected and trusted makers of bakery goods and now cola's in Lahore and seek to further expand their business throughout Pakistan. In Pakistan gourmet come in existence at 1992. They are Providing best quality products with suitable price. They have only 95 branches in Lahore. So, gourmet believes to invest in their outlets that have their own physical appearance but dont want to waste their money on advertising. Gourmet has become a success story of business growth in Pakistan. At moment we have more than 1700 employees working in the organization.

Company Overview:Gourmet is one of the most respected and trusted makers of bakery goods and now cola's in Lahore and seek to further expand their business throughout Pakistan. Let Gourmet It!

Mission:Gourmet cola is probably the most respected cola drink under the nationality of Pakistan and is now a major competitor of the cola industry in Lahore. Gourmet Thanks its customers for helping it through its way!

CORE VALUE:The core values, known as the Spirit of Gourmet within the organization have not changed over the generations. These values were and still are what makes Gourmet the market leader. Integrity Innovation Team Work Continuous Improvement Social Responsibility Best customer services No usage of chemicals in their products

Organization structure:

WITH IN PAKISTAN: In Pakistan gourmet have branches only in LAHORE Total branches are 63 in Lahore and 7 are under process and 100 are expected in near future. After their successful 70 branches, they will start their business in other cities of Pakistan and afterwards internationally in future.

MAIN BRANCHES:Branch Johor Town Address 40-B Johor Town Contact # +92 42 5176914 +92 42 5304318 +92 42 5181615 +92 42 5164574 +92 42 5851812 +92 42 5866073 +92 42 5866741

12G Johor Town 12-G Johor Town 14 F, PIA Society Near Wapda Town.

Wapda Town

Faisal Town Link Road Model Town Model Town

11-D Faisal Town

89-K Link Road Model Town

51/52 A Model Town 448-A Ayubia Market New Muslim Town

Muslim Town


310 Z LCCHS Defense

+92 42 5731250 +92 42 5898378 +92 42 5740747


162 H, DHA


DHA Lahore


4/1, 4/2 Abed Majeed Road Girja Chock +92 42 LHRCantt 6671722 H No. 1425-16 Ahata Kosher Lal Sadar +92 42 Bazaar 6663990 106, Shalimar Link Road +92 42 6845866

Sadder Shalimar Link Road Bark at Market 18-G Iqbal Town Iqbal Town

Shop # 10 Lahore Tower Barked Market +92 42 Garden Town 5889139 18- G Goshen Block Iqbal Town +92 42 5418612 +92 42 5415654 +92 42 7560112 +92 42 5871948 +92 42 7700545 +92 42 6309348

654 Omer Block Iqbal Town


476-N Main Road Samanabad

Zahoor Elahi

25- A Block B Gulbarg II

Ravi Road

103,Ravi Road

Davis Road

14- A, Davis Road

Shad man

42/6, 42/7 Shadman Market

+92 42 7560112

Railway Plaza

Ghari Shahu Railway plaza A llama Iqbal +92 42 Rd 6314656 Omer Market Ruston Park Gulshan Ravi +92 42 7460668 +92 42 5753146 +92 42 7462933

Rust am Park

Hussain Chok

3A,C III Gulberg III Lahore

Gulshan Ravi

162-A Gulshan Ravi

QUALITY PERFORMANCE:Many companies of soft drinks came in market to overtake Pepsi and Coca Cola in Pakistan but they did on basis of Islamic scandal only i.e. Pepsi and Coca Cola serve Jews so take Muslims drink and they name their products like Makkah Cola and other Islamic names. None of them sustain in market because their basis was not a better product but an issue. As their issue fade away from consumers mind so their products. Now we dont see any other name in market except Shandy Cola which is building its market gradually but they are not upgrading their product. They should also give variety or update their product through market research except of producing more bottles. Shandy and other soft drinks are found mostly in remote areas or villages where people buy them because of low price and only available option. Gourmet Bakers and Sweets which is growing rapidly and introducing new product lines frequently. They dare to jump in soft drinks market.

GOURMET STRATEGY:Gourmet Bakers is one of the fastest growing local baker and confectioner stores in Pakistan. Gourmet Bakers move toward business is both professional. Gourmet products, ranging from milk, ice creams, russ malai and many more. The new and most inspiring launch is the Gourmet Cola. Gourmet is the largest food retail chain of Lahore (Pakistan). It is the number one brand in the market due its quality products & valuable services. Gourmet Bakers aim is to be the best food company by promotion open communication and teamwork between Gourmet Bakers customers and people. Gourmet Foods is well recognized organization in Lahore & all over the Punjab. Gourmet Bakers are expertise in: Bakers Sweets Beverages Milk Soft drinks

Gourmet Cola:Gourmet cola lounge 2 years before 2008. Till 10 years no tax will be paid on Gourmet cola due to the term and condition of the place where factory is situated. Gourmet Cola Price is low as compare 2 other bakeries because they have no tax payment Attainment of customer 4 their satisfaction. Cola patent import from Dubai and Turkish and cola, Pepsi, all are using the same patent but manufacturing style is different. Gourmet cola 1 liter bottle is Rs. 32/= Gourmet cola 1.5 liter bottle is Rs. 50/= The Chanel which was chosen by them is City 42. They promote cola by free personal sampling. Cola only given 2 distributor happy cheese 4 selling purpose it is not available at retail shop

Distribution Channel Management: Gourmet cola is