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  • 1. Fundamentals of TransportExpress Rail Link SdnBhd(ERLSB)presented by:Nurul Edayu Binti Mohd Azman Izzuani Binti Salim

2. ERL STANDS FOREXPRESSRAIL LINKERLedayuazman 3. What is ERL? A daily high speed, non-stop air-rail connectionbetween KLIA and KualaLumpur City Air Terminal (KLCAT) at KL Sentral stationedayuazman 4. E-MASERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd or E-MAS was established in 1999 to commission, operateand maintain Express Rail Link (ERL),Malaysias fastest, and most intensive railwaysystem with an near perfect performancerecord and an unblemished safety record. edayua zman 5. To be the premier and preferredsurface transportation modeproviding international standards ofVisionservice and recognizedinternationally as the top serviceprovider in air-rail connection. To provide premium high-speedair-rail link services between KLCAT and KLIA. To meet the expectations ofMission airline traveller. To promote Kuala Lumpur as abusiness and tourist destination. To provide a comfortable,reliable and safe service. edayua zman 6. Shareholders YTL Corporation Bhd(50%) LembagaTrisilcoTabung Haji Equity Sdn(40%) Bhd (10%) edayua zman 7. Organizat ional &Departme ntal 8. Date updated : 01.07.2012 ERL MAINTENANCE SUPPORT SDN BHD (E-MAS) ORGANISATION CHART Chief Executive Officer Thomas BaakeSafety & SecuritySukhbir SinghMaintenance Human ResourceOperationsHam Mow Wai Nor Hashimah BasriJames Boudville Rolling StockMaterial ManagementQuality, Environment Transportation Md Jamil Alias/ Administration & Documentation Norhandee Nordin MahalatchmyDavid Thiagarajan Operations Control Centre SignallingFinanceBusiness Development Omar ZakirAnthony ArokianathanNauwalah Amat Mustakim Vijendran Veeraya Electrification ProcurementInformation Technology Jayarajah Savarimuthu Gan Lee Hong Alex TanLegend :Pooled Department E-MAS/ERLSB Prepared by: Syima BasriERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd (498574-T) G00.OMG.M11110.BB.0005.Q [#44478 ] 9. Rolling Stock Maintenance Department Org. (Functional) ChartHead of Department (HoD) Mohd Jamil Manager Mgt SupportAssistant HoD Abd Muiz &AzerulMohamadAssistant ManagerSupervisor Light MaintainanceHeavy Maintainance Depoh Workshop Equipment Sys Sallehudin Khairil Helmi Sathia Seelan Tech. Executive Tech. Executive Tech. ExecutiveA LM1 LM2LM 3 LM 4Focus HMDWE Sahar Mohd ZaidiShahiriSuresh Md ZainMohd Nurul Faisal SupervisorSupervisor Supervisor Supervisor SupervisorSupervisor SupervisorSiva RaoAbdul Rahman Muhd FaizalMuslim Abnul HishamHairul IzwanSuhaimiInspector Inspector InspectorInspector InspectorInspector InspectorHarold HedzriZulhelmi Amir Mohd YushaimiHamiziSenior TechnicianRozaimiRosliKhairulnizamSenior TechnicianTechnicianSenior Technician Technician Senior TechnicianSenior Technician Technician S ArizalAhmad ZulhaizamMohd Saiful Zairulnizam Haziq Senior TechnicianOmar Shri KumarNor RahimTechnician TechnicianTechnicianTechnician Senior TechnicianTechnicianTechnicianNor AkmalMohd FahmiAhmad FahmiAhmad FarisMuhd SyahidiTechnician Zaradi ZahidanMohd AminTechnician Technician Technician TechnicianTechnicianTechnicianTechnician 10. Services &Facilities at theTerminal (KLSENTRAL) 11. Routing &Scheduling 12. Ticketing (CounterOperation Time)Counter location Counter operation time KL Sentral StationKLIA Ekspres Departure 05:00 hrs 00:30 hrsKLIA Ekspres Arrival 05:30 hrs 01:45 hrsKLIA StationKLIA Ekspres International 06:15 hrs 23:30 hrsCounterKLIA Ekspres Platform 06:15 hrs 00:00 hrs 13. Ticketing (Price) 14. Ticketing(FullSchedule) 15. Shuttle Bus Schedule 16. Services & Facilities at the Terminal (KL SENTRAL) Waiting area Currency exchange Toilet Health & fitness Surau Information counter ATM Left luggage Beauty Pharmacy College Salon Clinic Travel agency/ information Convenience store Ticket counter 17. ModalCharacteristics 18. Modal CharacteristicsModeRail TransportTrain Model ET 425 M EMUTechnology Used European TechnologySpeed 176 km/ hourDuration to get to DestinationExpress: 28 minutesTransit: 36 minutesDependability in Meeting Schedule Very High(99.7% performance which is comparable to the world classstandards)Frequency Trip is made at every 15 minutesCapacity640 passengers at a time(considering everyone is has their own seat and no onestands)Availability in Different LocationMedium(concentrated to prime locations nearby and lead to KLIA orairports)Trip Made per ay20 TripsDistance Travel per day 1,112kilometres (57km per trip) 19. ServiceCharacteristicsedayuazman 20. Service CharacteristicsSpeed Very High(very swift service as they are maintaining their efficiencyrecord)Ticketing SystemTouch & Go: YesStored value: YesTravel Pass: Yes (monthly)Goods/ Baggage Management Managed by KL Sentral as it includes in theirservices(Passengers with luggage to KLIA will have to show theirticket to the counter at KL Sentral and their luggage will beautomatically transferred to KLIA baggage system and theycan eventually collect their luggage at the final destinationwithout having to drag/ carry their luggage along in the trainon the way to KLIA)Safe ArrivalVery High(During 11 years of ERL servicing the community, the trainhas never met with any kind of accidents ) 21. Service Characteristics (Cont)CostKLIA Express:One Way RM 35 (adults), RM 15 (children)ReturnRM 70 (adults), RM 30 (children)RegularityVery HighFrequency Very HighPunctuality & Reliability Very HighComfort Very HighPassengers AdvantagesShort time transit.Saves time in business travel.More places may be covered in leisure travel. 22. ServiceCharacteristics(Cont) 23. Just 28 minutesawayConvenienceSafely on on boardtimeService Characteristics Flight check- Free Porter in KL Sentral service 24. Just 28 minutes awayKLIA Ekspres is a premium non-stophigh-speed train service that connectsKLIA and the Kuala Lumpur city centre. Cruising at a top speed of 160 km/h,the journey takes 28 minutes allowing you to relax in comfort along the waySafely on time The KLIA Ekspres operates at 15- minutes intervals during peak hours and 20 minutes during off-peak. It isMalaysian fastest railway system with a 99.7% on-time service performance. 25. Convenience on boardKLIA Ekspres are equipped with comfortable contoured seats, a washroom, digital entertainment,overhead racks for light luggage and tiered racks for large luggage. Specialwheelchair seat compartments are also available on board for the disabled Free Porter service Rest assured passengers luggage will betaken care of by our friendly and reliableporters at no charge. Helpful porters areavailable at passengers service at all theareas for loading or unloading of their luggage. 26. Flight check-in KL Sentral Just like an airport, passengers can check-intheir flight before even reaching the airport. Thisfacility is exclusively for KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit passengers flying with Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei, Cathay Pacific or Emirates. Passengers can simply check-in and collect their boarding pass in advance so it allows you more time to avoid the rush when you reach KLIA. 27. Ticketing (CounterOperation Time) 28. Ticketing (Counter Operation Time)Counter locationCounter operation time KL Sentral StationKLIA Ekspres Departure 05:00 hrs 00:30 hrsKLIA Ekspres Arrival 05:30 hrs 01:45 hrs KLIA StationKLIA Ekspres International Counter 06:15 hrs 23:30 hrsKLIA Ekspres Platform 06:15 hrs 00:00 hrs 29. Passenger System ConceptPARK & KISS & RIDE RIDEedayuazman 30. Functions of Terminal in System Concept: IntermodalMovement of freight by two ormore modes of transportation 31. Traffic Congestion CauseDue to nearly-perfect to high performance, sothe company has never experiencing thetraffic congestion problem. SolutionNot applicable since there is no such eventoccur. 32. Accident Accident Rate Since 11 years in servicing, ERLSB has neverencountered any transportation problem. Thus, ERLSBhave 0% accident rate. Road User Errors Even though there is no transportation and trafficcongestion problem that is originally coming from theirsides, they are having a problem with road user. Commit Suicide Crossing rail track and get stuck. 33. ACCident (Cont) Vehicle Defect The company do not encountered vehicledefect since they are services their traineveryday. Every 10,000km, ERLSB will havetheir trains full services by E-MAS. Road and Environment Fault ERLSB has never experience road andenvironmental fault. 34. AccidentPrevention Despite having no faulty coming from their side, ERLSBhas taken some precaution for the unforeseen eventsuch as: ERLSB has provides their technicians with the sufficientknowledge and skills in order to ensure that they areprepared for any unpredictable situation. Their maintenance team will service their train facilitiesand equipment periodically. ERLSB provides extra equipment, for the purpose ofrepairing and maintaining their services such as extraseat and extra windows. Strengthen rules for safety and security. For exampleinstall CCTV and hire more security guard. 35. Transport &Environment EnergyEfficiencyCostConsumptionCommunitySafetyResponsibility Benefits Climate ChangeInitiativesedayuazman 36. ~The End~