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  • 1. This presentation will include textual analysis of 2 magazine front covers, 2 contents pages and 2 double page articles. One of each page will be from NME and one from Q, because these are the conventional magazines I hope to base my own on.

2. 3. 4. House Style This cover uses a simple house style,with four constant, neutral colours which would appeal to both genders. It is continued throughout the magazine to create a consistent theme. The Q logo is repeated throughout.
Masthead Qs masthead could be said to be unconventional due to the logo appearance, as opposed to the horizontal text commonly used. The bold red background attracts attention and the colour fits into the house style. Lily is superimposed onto the masthead slightly, suggesting her importance and fitting editing conventions. The small font in the masthead a different take on music suggests the magazinesindividuality. The date of edition is included in tiny font so as not to make the magazine seem crowded with text.
Strap lines Short, simple sentences focusing on band names by making them bold, hinting at what is inside. Audience gratification > information about musicians an audience is interested in propels them to buy the magazine. Attracts large potential audience due to popularityand quantity of bands mentioned.
Language Bestial language seems to be a recurrence on this cover to coincide with the photograph; beast tiger. The language is informal and conversational (good lord), appealing to the particular target audience. Simple, abrupt language is used to convey a lot of the magazines content without losing the simple style of the cover.
Image Only one main unframed image used. No framed smaller images, focuses audience attention on the musician featured, which is effective due to her huge fan base and success. The long shot allows Lilys conventionally attractive shape to be emphasised, attractive female readers who admire her and males who are attracted to her. Theprops used are unconventional, giving the photo an edgy and individual tone. They carry connotations that Lily is fierce and there is a mysterious side to her, attracting the reader further through curiosity. Only grey and black are used for background, costume and props, which give the cover a dark atmosphere. The part nudity shows this magazines use of content which may not appeal to some of the public a kind of informality. Their target audience being young individuals who accept controversial images.
5. House Style This cover is much busier than the Q cover, although they still use four main coloursof yellow, red, black and white which would appeal to both genders. There are many more framed pictures, text and splashed making the magazine seem full of content.
Image There are many images crowded together on this issue. The main image is a mid shot of a very popular musicianlooking similar to a fashion photography shot her costume and makeup fit these conventions as does the prop of flowers around her. The smaller framed images are effective; a mixture of posed shots and action shots and a mixture of genres will attract a large possible fan base.
Strap lines The main headline across the splash suggests that the reader will gain information on a lot of music from this special issue. The graphics are effective on the splash as it looks like a torn page. They include many photos of bands suggesting that the magazine is very full and up to date. The PLUS at the bottom effectively includes more information in a small space. Underneath the main headlines there is smaller text trying to attract the audience further, making it slightly mysterious.
TattooOn show to highlight the edginess of NME.
Bar code, price and edition dateAll are essential in professional magazines, therefore I will remember to include these in order to achieve a professional look.
SplashMuch of the text over coloured boxes or circles, ensuring that text does not get lost in all of the photographs and graphics.
Masthead The NME masthead is conventional; simply a font across the page. The black, white and red are effective colours for a music magazine. They use a banner textbox over the logo, fitting it into the design where it doesnt necessarily have to be at the top of the page, which I think suits the crowded look of NME.
Language The language doesnt elaborate on headlines as much as in Q. They include mostly titles of musicicans/bands and aim for these alone to appeal to the target audience. Q uses more informal language on the cover whereas NME uses basic summary of much of the content inside the magazine.
6. 7. 8. House Style Consistent house style with front cover, also uses the same colours as the cover and logo. Professional and effective look.
Image A live long shot of a band performance, however the lighting and composition is effective, due to the spotlights and dark background.. It is small framed making it not the main feature of the page.The musical instruments and costume fit in with the genre of the magazine and reinforce the different genres covered in NME. The text underneath explains the photograph in simple review-type language.
Headline A different take on typical text contents page is effective. Including the logo in the headline enforces the magazine title. The black background attracts attention there first and the huge text contrasts with the other text on the page which is much smaller.
Subscription box The first page of the magazine advertises a subscription which could be effectively profitable. It stands out with a bold black background and bright yellow, bold text. The persuasive language is typical of advertisements (just 5.57) and the image adds to the overall effect of the page.
Index On the left hand side is a list of every music act included in the magazine, and their page number. The text is very small, as it doesnt need to attract attention this will be used for a reader looking for a particular page.
Red arrow A small graphic, simply states another piece of content in the magazine but adds to the appearance of the page, bringing the red colours into attention, which is effective for a music magazine as red can connotate anger and has a loud effect.
Contents The bold headings outlining what the articles are about are well organised and look effective with black background for the heading and white writing.
9. Headline Q uses a conventional headline with the magazine logo and contents written across the top of the page, and the bold text in different colours make this effective. The date of the edition in a smaller, lighter font and aligned higher works well.
Image This posed mid shot was most likely taken in a studio environment and the plain dark background is effective for a contents page. It makes the background of the page making it a bigger focus of attention than the NME photograph. The musicians outfit and body language is appropriate for a music magazine and it creates a dark, but edgy atmosphere.
Index On the left hand side is a list of every music act included in the magazine, and their page number. The text is very small, as it doesnt need to attract attention this will be used for a reader looking for a particular page. As this is a special best albums edition, the features are split into two; the articles in the special category and the monthly regular features. The magazine expects the reader to look through more thoroughly.The red background makes this text easier to read therefore suggesting its higher importance, and the white list of contents is less easy to read and not very effective. The list of contents is generally conventional.
House Style This contents page is much simpler than the NME page. The main background is also the only image on the page, making this the focal point. The list of contents is very basic, yet still underlines what is in the magazine and the use of colours is consistent; red, black and white.
Text box at the bottom This white text box with red and black writing attracts attention and the language itself is shocking and blunt. This reinforces the informal, young and careless language used in Q. The sentence is very odd to read therefore making the reader curious of its content and want to read the article.
10. 11. 12. Headline This headline reflects the image of NME, as it uses edgy graphics, language and music. The attention grabbing text disagrees with what it says, perhaps showing a satirical sense of humour. It takes up most of one page, showing the importance of the headline and the back and white fits in well with the musicians costume and the house style.
Image The mid shot of Lily takes up a whole page so is a main focal point. Her costume, body language, make up and hair is in a grunge style, which is quite different to her usual quite feminine self so perhaps aims to show a different side of the musician. It is still posed similar to fashion photography, however, and shot in a studio setting showing how fashion photograph can play a big part in the photography of music magazines. Music is a form of fashion, so it represents this.
Type of article This article is longer than a double page, however these are the first two. It is a journalistic style article, instead of an interview, however the journalist includes direct quotes from Lily and information about her body language to create the same personal, close effect that a written interview has (only it includes other detail too).
LanguageLily Allen has based her music career around being real, honest and aware of the lifestyles of many young britons today. Therefore, this journalist has reflected this in the writing. The language is honest, sharp and witty, whilst including unknown information and detail on Lily Allen (what the reader is looking for). The style of writing