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  • 1. Textual AnalysisDarby Country and Top of the Pops magazine

2. Country Music People MagCirculation-Readership information-Mission statement-Reader profile-Publishers- Kickin cuts limitedI have tried to contact the magazine by sending an email.However I havent received a reply from them with their mediapack. 3. Magazine 1- Country music people Colour-The masthead colour is red, this may bebecause red is associated with passion anddetermination and they want the colour ofthe masthead to link with the person on thefront cover.A lot of the colours used throughout thedouble page spread is browns and bluesand I think this is because these are thetypical colours associated with the folk andcountry genre, they are very natural andearthy colours that link well with the folkmusic genre. 4. Magazine 1- Country music peopleLayout and Design- The layout and design on the front cover is very simple. The first thing that attracts the readers attention is the main image, I think this is because it is a close up shot of an artists face so its eye catching. The masthead is where it would normally be on a magazine, at the top of the page. There is only one cover line which is of the artists name, its places at the bottom of the page. Underneath the main cover line there is a sub cover line of other artists and bands that are featured in the issue. The contents page layout is pictures of the articles in the magazine down the right side of the page. Then the page number and what the article is about is down the left side of the page. 5. The double page spread is laid out over sixpages however I am focusing on the first twopages. In the background there is one imagespread across both of the pages with most ofhis body on the right page. They have donethis so that there is space for writing on theleft page. The title and sub titles are at the topof the left page because its easy to read and isnormally associated with being placed here.They have placed a quote on the right page, Ithink they have done this to try and make thepage look less bare. The overall layout anddesign of the double page spread to me is farto bare and simple it doesnt, and because it isso bare I dont think it will attract manyreaders. I would have a lot more text on thedouble page spread to make it looks better. 6. Magazine 1; Country music people Images- The image on the front page is a close up on the artists face, the reason that they have done this is to catch the readers eye and also because the artist looks around the age of the target reader. The featured artists in this magazine are Chris Young, Aaron Watson, Old Crow Medicine Show, Albert Lee and Patti page. They show images of the bands and artists because the reader wants to know what they look like and are wearing to influence what they wear and look like.The image on the double page spread dont really fit in with the text because in the texts he is talking about advice and touring in London and Paris and the image of him sitting in a chair so there isnt really any link between the text and the image. The main image for the double page spread shows the artists laying back in a chair, he is wearing a cowboy hat. This image is a good example of how Representation and Stereotypes theory applies to this magazine i.e. cowboy hats are very stereo typically thought of as country clothing. 7. Magazine 1; Country music people Pose, style, hair and make up- The front page pose looks very natural. His hair looks messy which is seen as fashionable because it makes the artist look rough which attracts the female readers. It doesntt look as if he is wearing make-up so it looks really natural which is good because it doesntt rake away from his masculinity. The pose of the image from the double page spread looks posed because he doesntt look relaxed and hes looking into the camera even though he is facing a different direction. 8. Magazine 1; Country music people Composition and framing-Front page composition is quite bare however theplacement of the masthead, cover line etc. is good becauseit allows the reader to see the whole of the artists face.The contents page I think is also good, its easy to read andunderstand. Also I like how they have put the picturesdown the right side of the writing because it gives a visualaid and if the look of one of the articles attracts them thenthey know exactly where to go.I didnt like the composition of the double page spreadbecause to me the main image took to much of the pageup, so there wasnt enough space for the main text. Thetext was too small and pushed into a small corner on oneof the pages. Compared to the main text the one quotethat was used had a too big of a font and made it look likethe editors were trying to make it look as if they had usedup more space. The places that the text were placed wasgood for the image because it wasnt covering it up so thereader couldntt see it. 9. Magazine 1; Country music people Written codes- The title is very big at the top of the screen and can be seen from a distance. Although they are in a very big font everything is either one word and I think would blend in with other magazines if in a magazine shelf stack. The small amount of text on the front of the magazine are only of the title and artist names which suggest to me that they think that the most important thing to the reader is the artists and that alone is what attracts people to read the magazine. The text on the contents page is used to inform the reader of where to go to get what they want. The listings and page numbers are in a slightly bigger font so they are separate from everything else. The double page spread the title and quote are in a large font so they can be seen but the text is in an extremely small font compared with the other text. 10. Magazine 1; Country music people Language- I think that the language used throughout the magazine is informal and I think they do this so that their target readers will be able to easily understand it. The language on the double page spread felthaving co-written four of his five inspirational and exciting. This is good because consecutive chart-topping singles it then makes the reader want to read it. From the language used on the front page Chris Young compared to the double page spread it is minimal and a large percentage of it is names.Aaron Watson-Old Crow The front page has no language effects that Medicine Show- Albert Lee- draw a reader in, and for a magazine to sell youPatti Page need everything on the front page to draw the reader in.12 Chris YoungThe contents on language is quite good, itThe Nashville star winner and consists of information about what is in the five-time chart topper talks to magazine, it then goes further into detail Douglas McPherson ahead of underneath some of the page titles.his UK debut this month 11. Magazine 1; Country music people Overall impression- My overall impression from this magazine was that it is okay but it uses minimal colours and not much text mainly on the double page spread and front page so it wasnt really interesting look wise, so to me it wouldnt really attract many readers. The overall language was good it made me feel excited and inspired to do what I want, however the minimal amount of language and text didnt help make it any more interesting. 12. Top of the pops magazineCirculation-Readership information-Mission statement-Reader profile-Publishers- 13. Magazine 2; Top of the Pops Colour- Front cover colour is very bright for example the title is in an orange box and some words that they want to be highlighted are in orange as well because its eye catching. Other bright colours that are being used on the front cover are yellow and red. I think that they have decided to use quite boyish colours because there is a majority of male celebrities featured on the front cover. this could link to the male gaze (or female gaze) as it would attract the audience because he is a good looking person. The contents page however is using different shades of purple probably to appeal more to their female audience. On the double page spread the colour used is red, I think that using this colour was a good idea because the article is about Justin Bieber so they dont want to make him seem girly but the colour red can also be associated for girls. 14. Magazine 2; Top of the Pops Layout and design- On the front cover the layout is very typical, in the masthead there is the title, strap line and insert and is placed at the top of the magazine. The cover lines are placed on the left hand side of the page, these are easily seen. the title font is very girly because the target audience is mostly girls. The layout uses the rule of thirds with the main image. The contents page colours are a lot more girly compared with the front cover, they have used purple and pink. The font they have decided to use for part of the page makes it look as if someone has written it, and the font is also very feminine. The double page spread colour is red. Its laid out with an image on the whole of the right page, title at the top of the left page and writing and smaller images on the left page. The smaller image fits in really well with the text because it is talking about his relationship and the image is of him and his girlfriend. 15. Magazine 2; Top of the Pops Images-The main image on the front page represents the typical idol boy ofthe target readers. Justin Bieber is featured on the front cover, thismay be due to recent events during his life or because he is verypopular celebrity to the target reader. I wouldntt really say thatthe image reflects the contents, I would have to say that the imageis to make the target audience buy the magazine. Using Justin in themain images classes as Laura Mulveys theory of the male gazewhere she says the main purpose of that person being there is forthem to be looked at.On the contents page the images are not as interesting a the o