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  • 1. Skill Sharing in Renewable Energy Comenius Regio Partnership Project 2011 - 2013

2. Project Objectives: To develop services and products aimed at raising awareness and educating in the Energy Sector. To identify knowledge and skills required for young people to make career decisions. To develop long term working relationships between the educational establishments/institutions in Torun and Fife. To enhance services and provide opportunities within a global marketplace. To promote vocational skills and motivation towards the regeneration of an international skilled workforce. To exchange best practice creating best value for both partners. 3. Expected main results: Creation of 2 Renewable Energy Skills and Awareness Training Centres. Developing Resources to promote renewable sources of energy to young people. Training workshops for teachers of interdisciplinary subjects. Designing awareness training packages, in both languages for secondary school pupils from Fife and Torun and sharing with the wider community. International Renewable Energy Awareness school competition. Exchange of best practice. Linguistic tools in specific vocabulary for Energy Sector. 4. Visit to Fife October 2011: 5. Visit to Fife October 2011: 6. Visit to Torun March 2012: 7. Visit to Torun March 2012: 8. Visit to Fife June 2012: 9. Visit to Fife June 2012: 10. Visit to Torun September 2012: 11. Achievements Best CREST Silver Engineering & Technology Award. Agreement to develop qualifications and courses to be run in both institutions. Learning materials translated into both languages. Creation of networking opportunities for local businesses in renewable energy sector. Development of new European project ideas with current and new partners (STEM, Tourism). 12. Future STEM project: 13. Thank you [email protected] 08451 555555 ext. 406742