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  • 1 1 www.icpraha.comGuide for migrants living in Prague

    eNGPraGueis our Home!

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    Created and published by the Integration Centre Prague.3rd edition, December 2014

    The capital city of Prague financially supported the update and reprint of this guide.

    All listed information, contacts, and addresses were current as of November 30, 2014. We are not liable for any changes after this date.

    Prague 4

    The Capital City of Prague and Its Districts 5

    Integration Centre Prague 8

    Where can you find offices of ICP? 10

    Residency in the CR 12

    Social Security 13

    Family and Children 14

    Education 15

    Nostrification 16

    Czech Language Courses 17

    Health Care 17

    Employment 18

    Entrepreneurship 19

    Problem Solvingin Crisis 19

    Transport 22

    Culture 23

    List of non-profit organisations working with migrants 24

    Migrant Organisations 26

    CONTeNTDear all,

    you are holding in your hands a guide designed not only for migrants living in Prague but also for state em-ployees, local governments, and non-profit organisati-ons working with migrants.

    Intergration Centre Prague’s motto “Metropolis for All“ refers to one of its key objectives – to create such con-ditions in Prague, so that migrants living here would feel like full-fledged citizens of our metropolis and par-ticipated in its social life.

    The guide is designed as a directory of basic infor-mation and contacts for various organisations, offices and their departments that ensure the best possible information for migrants and support them in solving everyday problems associated with living in the CR.

    The aim of this guide is to give you an overview of contacts for websites or institutions where you can find more information or someone to assist you when fe-eling lost.

    May Prague become your new home and metropo-lis for ALL!

    Team of the Intergration Centre Prague

    imPOrTaNT liNks fOr miGraNTs

  • 4 5 5 Metropolis For All


    Prague is the capital as well as the largest city in the Czech Republic (CR), located in the middle of Bohemia on the Vltava river. It has been growing for centuries to its present size. Currently, it covers an area of 496 square kilometers and has about 1.2 million in-habitants. “The Capital City of Prague“ has been its official name since 1920. The phrase “Prague - the heart of Europe“ refers to the position of the metropolis located in the heart of Europe.

    According to one legend, Princess Libuše predicted the founding of Prague in her famous statement, “I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars. In the forest, as far as you can go in one day, you will find a man working on a wooden threshold (práh). You will name this place Prague after this threshold.“

    Prague soon became the centre of an emerging Czech state. Rulers began to manage the surrounding area from the Prague Castle. Even today, the President of the Czech Republic resides in the Prague Castle. In addition, the seat of the Czech government, the supreme body of executive power, is also in Prague. Prague City Hall is the responsible managerial body with holding both municipal and regional offices.

    Historically speaking, the most significant parts of Prague are situated within the territory of today’s Prague 1, the medieval heart of the city listed since 1992 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Almost all of the important tourist destinations in Prague are found here:

    The Prague Castle is the most significant Czech castle. Since the 9th century it has been the seat of Czech princes and later kings and since 1918 the seat of the President. Twice in history it became the seat of the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. According to the Guinness World Records, it is considered the largest ancient castle in the world.

    The Charles Bridge is the oldest existing bridge across the Vltava river and the second oldest preserved bridge in the CR. The Charles Bridge connects two districts, the Old Town and the Lesser Quarter, and it is a part of the historical royal route.

    Old Town Square, formerly also Large Square, today called by many simply “Staromák“ is located in the heart of the Old Town. Several significant historical buildings can be found here, for example, Prague Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall, or the Tyn Church.

    During the existence of Prague, several world-famous persons were born or lived in Pra-gue. For example, among the most famous were the King of Bohemia and Roman Em-peror Charles IV., composer Antonín Dvořák, opera singer Ema Destinnová or writers Franz Kafka, Karel Čapek, and Jan Neruda. Composer Amadeus Mozart also briefly lived in Prague.

    Prague City Hall (Magistrát HlavníHo Města PraHa - MHMP) Mariánské náměstí 2, 110 01 Praha

    Prague City Hall (MHMP) is an authority entrusted with public administration. Its activities are focused on providing services to citizens of the capital city of Prague. It is both a city and regional office of the capital city of Prague.

    The division of Prague is very complicated. It is useful to know that Prague is divided into 57 independent self-governing city districts/městské části (hereinafter MČ). Out of these MČ, 22 have their own City Halls/městský úřad.Depending on your residency, you belong to a particular city district. Departments (so called “odbory“ - such as Trade License Department, General Register Office, Department of Social Care, Department of Education, etc.) are located at each city district.

    The CaPiTal CiTy Of PraGue aNd iTs disTriCTs

    Praha 1Vodičkova 681/18,115 68 Praha 1 +420 221 097 111 [email protected]

    Praha 2Náměstí Míru 20/600,120 39 Praha 2 +420 236 044 111 [email protected]

    Praha 3Havlíčkovo nám. 9/700, 130 85 Praha 3 +420 222 116 111 [email protected]

    Praha 4Antala Staška 2059/80b, 140 46 Praha 4 +420 800 194 237 [email protected]

    Praha 5Náměstí 14. října 1381/4,150 22 Praha 5

    +420 800 800 005 [email protected]

    Praha 6

    Československé armády 23/601, 160 52 Praha 6

    +420 800 800 001 [email protected]

    Pražské kontaktní centrum+420 12 444 [email protected]

  • 6 7 7 Metropolis For All

    Praha 7

    nábř. Kpt. Jaroše 1000, 170 00 Praha 7 +420 220 141 111 [email protected]

    Praha 8

    Zenklova 1/35, 180 48 Praha 8 +420 222 805 111 [email protected]

    Praha 9

    Sokolovská 14/324, 180 49 Praha 9 +420 283 091 111 [email protected]

    Praha 10

    Vršovická 68, 101 38 Praha 10 +420 840 111 213 [email protected]

    Praha 11

    Ocelíkova 672/1, 149 41 Praha 4 +420 800 104 300 [email protected]

    Praha 12

    Písková 830/25, 143 00 Praha 4 +420 244 028 111 [email protected]

    Praha 13

    Sluneční nám. 13/2580,158 00 Praha 5 +420 800 130 000 [email protected]

    Praha 14

    Bratří Venclíků 1073, 198 21 Praha 9 +420 281 005 111 [email protected]

    Praha 15

    Boloňská 478/1, 109 00 Praha 10 +420 281 003 111 [email protected]

    Praha 16

    Václava Balého 23/3, 153 00 Praha 5 +420 234 128 111 [email protected]

    Praha 17

    Žalanského 291/12b, 163 00 Praha 6 +420 234 683 111 [email protected]

    Praha 18

    Bechyňská 639, 199 00 Praha 9 +420 284 028 111 [email protected]

    Praha 19

    Semilská 43/1, 197 00 Praha 9 +420 284 080 811 [email protected]

    Praha 20

    Jívanská 647, 193 21 Praha 9 +420 271 071 611 [email protected]

    Praha 21

    Staroklánovická 260, 190 16 Praha 9 +420 281 012 911 [email protected]

    Praha 22

    Nové náměstí 1250, 104 00 Praha 114 +420 271 071 812 [email protected]

    deParTmeNTs – whO dOes whaTEven though each city district may have different names for its departments, you will find what you actually need at each city district.

    Primary deParTmeNTs wiThiN The CiTy disTriCTs trade License dePartment (živnostenský odbor) – in charge of business owners

    and entrepreneurs – you start your own business here. GeneraL reGister office (matriční úřad, so called matrika) – is an office that

    keeps a register. This office issues documents for weddings – marriage certificates, birth of children – birth certificates, death – death certificates, registered partnerships, changes of names/surnames, etc.

    BuiLdinG dePartment (stavební odbor) – issues zoning permits, confirmations about location of buildings and their approval, keeps a register of buildings.

    dePartment of sociaL care (sociální odbor/odbor sociálních věcí) – mainly fo-cuses on social care and prevention – this department is responsible for oversight of trou-bled families, children and youth guardians, adult guardians, responds to applications for placements in nursing homes or homes for seniors, provides housing for socially under-privileged citizens, issues parking permits for citizens with permanent residency and for citizens with disabilities. So called OSPOD (see Pg. 14) is often within this department.

    dePartment of education (odbor školství) – secures, for example, the place-ment of children in kindergartens/elementary schools in the place of residency; esta-blishes, monitors, and closes schools, coordinates school education plans to ensure high quality of education for children and students.

    transPort dePartment (odbor dopravy) – issues driving licenses and permits, administers vehicle registrations, etc.

    Czech POiNT Czech POINT serves as a place to carry out public administration, enabling communication with the state administration at one location.

    Provided services useful for you: extracts from the land register, companies register, trades register, criminal record

    (even for legal persons) or extracts from a list of a point system for drivers

    Czech POINTs are available at some city offices, at Czech Post, and some notaries.

    Documents that you get at Czech POINT are primarily for the use in the CR!

  • 8 9 9 Metropolis For All

    Integration Centre Prague (hereinafter ICP) was founded based on Prague City Council resolution and subsequently approved by the Prague City Assembly on March 3, 2012.

    ICP became the 11th of 13 existing integration centres, located in different regions in the CR.

    ICP is active in Prague where it provides services to migrants from third countries toge-ther with other partner non-profit organisations.

    iNTeGraTiON CeNTre Prague (iCP)

    iCP serviCes sociaL counseLLinG – assistance with applications for state social benefits, social

    care and poverty benefits; orientation in the social system of the CR; assistance with job search and finding solutions to problems related to work in the CR; search for suitable accommodation; assistance with obtaining health insurance and care; assistance with education (school enrollment of children, nostrification) etc.

    LeGaL counseLLinG – information about the legal system in the CR; assistance with applications for residency in the CR or its extension; assistance in civil proceedings (divorce, not getting paid by an employer); consultation or assistance in administrative proceedings; information on obtaining citizenship, etc.

    accomPaniment to offices – assistance in communication with authorities, in-terpreting, and assistance at meetings.

    czech LanGuaGe courses – for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students including grammar and conversation. Courses will prepare you for the exam A1, which is one of the requirements for getting permanent residency in the CR. Courses take place in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and babysitting is provided if needed.

    socio-cuLturaL orientation courses – professional presentations about the history of the CR, customs and traditions of the Czech nation, residency in the CR, about health, social, and educational system in the CR, tax returns, etc.

    cuLturaL and community activities – every year ICP organises several cultu-ral and community activities throughout Prague to bring the majority society and migrants closer to promote friedly cohabitation.

    access to information – free internet access, multilingual library including profe-ssional publications, fiction, poetry, and foreign language periodicals, TV.

    education/traininG of exPerts – professional seminars for employees of state and regional administrations, doctors, teachers, police, etc. Their objective is to make issues of migration and migrant integration into the Czech society familiar. Furthermore, the seminars focus on basics of intercultural communication.

    Leisure activities – the possibility of using ICP premises for leisure activities, clubs, meetings, exhibitions, etc.

    GOals Of iCPICP provides services to migrants to facilitate their integration into majority society. The goal of ICP is that migrants become fully-fledged citizens of Prague and the whole CR, and that all institutions and non-governmental organisations will participate in carry-ing out this vision.

    hOw muCh will yOu Pay fOr The serviCes?All ICP services are financed from the EU funds and the budget of Prague City Hall, the-refore they are offered to ICP clients for FREE.

    yOu CaN sPeak yOur OwN laNGuaGe aT iCP!ICP has a total of 6 offices – Community and Information Centre of ICP in Žitná 1574/51, with free internet access, multilingual library, space for meetings and two large classro-oms connected to a play area for children.

    PrOjeCT ParTNers

    Free is not bad! Quite the contrary!

  • 10 11 11 Metropolis For All

    ICP has a total of 6 offices – Commu-nity and information centre of icP in Žitná 1574/51, with free internet access, multilingual library, space for meetings and two large classrooms connected to a play area for children.

    icP offices, offering social and legal counselling several days a week, are located at partner districts of Prahy 4 – Pankrác, Prahy 12 – Modřany and Libuš, Prahy 13 – Stodůlky and Pra-hy 14 – Černý Most. Futhermore, you can contact us at our office located at the vietnamese market saPa in Prague - Libuš. 252 543 846 [email protected]






    Rajská zahrada

    I. P. Pavlova

    komunitní a informační centrum icPŽitná 1574/51, 110 00 Praha 1+420 252 543 [email protected]

    Pobočka icP – Praha 4Hvězdova 1594/19, 140 00 Praha 4+420 775 771 944 (eng, rus, ukr)+420 773 957 473 (viet, eng)[email protected]

    Pobočka icP – Praha 12Sofijské nám. 3400, 143 00 Praha 12(obchodní dům Prior, 2. patro)+420 775 791 202 (eng) +420 774 124 094 (eng, viet)[email protected]

    Pobočka icP – Praha 13Zázvorkova 2007/6, 155 00 Praha 13+420 775 564 654 (eng)+420 775 553 730 (rus)+420 775 229 230 (ara, rus)[email protected]

    Pobočka icP – Praha 14Bratří Venclíků 1072/6, 198 00 Praha 9+420 775 553 188, +420 225 295 515 (eng, chi, rum)[email protected]



    kancelář icP v saPě Libušská 319/126, 142 00 Praha 4(budova Saparie, 6. patro)+420 775 151 082 (viet)[email protected]


    Sídliště Písnice

    where CaN yOu fiNd OffiCes Of iCP?

    sOCial NeTwOrks




  • 12 13 13 Metropolis For All

    odděLení PoBytových aGend

    Olšanská 2,130 51 Praha 3

    +420 974 820 317 [email protected]

    Po, St: 08.00 – 17.00Út, Čt: 08.00 – 15.00Pá: 08.00 – 12.00

    dLouhodoBé a PŘechodné PoBytyoddělení pobytu cizinců Praha ii, Působnost: okres Praha-západ

    Zborovská 1505/13150 00 Praha 5

    Po, St: 8.00 – 17.00Út, Čt: 8.00 – 15.00Pá: 8.00 – 11.00*

    oddělení pobytu cizinců Praha iii, Působnost: Praha 2, 4, 5 a 10

    Cigánkova 1861/2148 00 Praha 4

    Po, St: 8.00 – 17.00Út, Čt: 8.00 – 15.00Pá: 8.00 – 12.00*

    oddělení pobytu cizinců Praha iv, Působnost: Praha 1, 3, 6, 7, 8 a 9

    Koněvova 188/32130 00 Praha 3

    Po, St: 8.00 – 17.00Út, Čt: 8.00 – 15.00Pá: 8.00 – 12.00*

    oddělení pobytu cizinců Praha v, Působnost: okres Praha-východ

    Nad Štolou 936/3170 34 Praha 7

    Po, St: 8.00 – 15.00Út, Čt: 8.00 – 16.00Pá: 8.00 – 11.00*

    *v pátek pouze pro objednané klienty

    inforMation line of Mv Čr (only in Czech and English):

    [email protected], +420 974 832 421, +420 974 832 418 Hours of operation: Mon – Fri, 8 am – 3 pm

    The Czech Republic has a social security system to which all economically active population contributes. The system provides assistance to socially underprivileged fellow citizens, fami-lies with children and other groups. The functioning of this system is rather compli-cated, consisting of three pillars and several social benefits and contributions.

    We offer only a brief overview of how the system works:

    1.) sociaL insurance – sickness insurance, retirement income insurance

    Czech Social Security Administration (OSZZ)

    2.) state sociaL suPPort (ssP) – provides 2 types of benefits, which may or may not depend on the amount of your income a) benefits dependent on the amount of your income - child allowance, housing allowance, birth allowanceb) benefits not dependent on the amount of your income - parental allowance, foster care allowance, bereavement allowance

    3.) assistance in materiaL need– living allowance, housing allowance, immediate emergency assistance

    sOCial seCuriTy

    Two departments within the Ministry of the Interior (Ministerstvo vnitra ČR - MV ČR) are re-sponsible for agendas related to residency in the CR: Foreign Police (Služba cizinecké poli-cie) and the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy (Odbor azylové a migrační politiky).

    fOreiGN POliCeForeign Police is responsible for issuing short-term visas for up to 90 days, registration of new migrants coming to the CR, check on residency permits (e.g. at work, on the street), and penalties of non-compliance with the conditions for residency in the CR.

    resideNCy iN The Cr

    You must report a change of your address

    within 30 days, other changes have to be

    reported within 3 days after their occurrence.

    Always keep deadlines!

    The deParTmeNT fOr asylum aNd miGraTiON POliCy (Odbor azylové a migrační politiky - OAMP)OAMP deals with long-term visas, long-term residency and permanent residency permits, temporary residency for EU citizens and their family members, biometric ID cards, etc. You have an obligation to report to OAMP any changes related to your place of residency, surname, marital status, change of data in your travel document and document issued as a proof of your residency in the CR.

    If you would like to know what exactly you are entitled to, make an appointment for social counselling at ICP or another organisation (Pg. 24). We will be glad to accompany you to respective offices.

    Submit applications for State Social Support and Assistance in Material

    Need at Labour Office (Pg. 18).

    trvaLé PoBytyoddělení pobytu cizinců Praha iPůsobnost: hl. m. Praha a okresy Praha-západ a Praha-východ

    Nad Vršovskou horou 88/4 101 00 Praha 10

    Po, St: 8.00 – 17.00Út, Čt: 8.00 – 15.00Pá: 8.00 – 11.00* *v pátek pouze pro objednané klienty

    If you need to visit OAMP, schedule an appointment in advance – you avoid long waiting times! Phone line for scheduling appoinments: +420 974 820 680, office hours:Mon – Th 8 am – 4 pm, Fri 8 am – 2 pm.

  • 14 15 15 Metropolis For All

    The Czech Republic is a country actively engaged in the creation of family policy, and it supports families with children.

    1.) Social servives designed to support individual family members or family as a whole in difficult social situations in order to prevent social exclusion. Social services include: social counselling, social services, and prevention services.

    2.) Services with focus on prevention and support of families. Their purpose is to facilitate and strengthen marriages, other partnerships, and parenthood, and provide fa-milies with support in child care and harmonization of work and family. These services are provided by private nursery centres, private nurseries; leisure and educational activities for children (e.g. leisure sports/art/music clubs), maternity centers, etc.

    children and youth centers (Domy dětí a mládeže) offer leisure activities for children and youth.

    3.) the department for the social and Legal Protection of children (odbor soci-álně-právní ochrany dětí - osPod) – is a department within social departments at municipal offices. OSPOD represents the interests of children in proceedings involving minors (e.g. placement of a child in the care, the amount of alimony, contact of children with their parents).

    family aNd ChildreN

    safeTy hOTliNeSafery Hotline (Linka bezpečí) is a free emergency phone line offering assi-stance to children and youth (up to 26 years). It operates 24 hours per day throughout the year. Hotline provides emergency assistance and counselling to children and adolescents who are in difficult life situations and cannot cope on their own.

    +420 116 111

    PareNTal hOTliNe provides telephone crisis intervention and counselling especially to parents, grandpa-rents and other family members in the whole Czech Republic.

    +420 840 111 234; [email protected]

    mariTal aNd family COuNselliNG CeNTresContact the centers when going through not only partnership, marital or family difficulties, divorce and post-divorce but also many other personal and relationship difficulties.

    low-tHresHold Clubs for youtH (Nízkoprahové kluby pro mladistvé - NZDM)What does “low-threshold“ mean? It is an adjective describing clubs where a child/ado-lescent can come and take advantage of services offered free of charge. NZDM offer free leisure activities (climbing wall, art workshops, table football, listening to music, tutoring, etc.). Thanks to NZDM, children spend their free time in a meaningful way in a safe en-vironment.

    OSPOD can take your children away if you do not take proper care of them and send them to school.

    eduCaTiONThe Czech Republic has a high quality education at all levels:

    Czech schools are state (no fee) and private (with fee, the amount deci-ded by each school individually).

    imPOrTaNT iNfOrmaTiON If you would like your child to attend a

    kindergarten/preschool, you have to enroll him/her in March of every year.

    It is recommended and desirable for a child to attend a kindergarten/preschool one year before starting at elementary school, that is why there is no fee, and the kindergarten/preschool should take priority in accepting your child.

    Primary school enrollments are held every year from January 15 until February 15.

    To study at high schools, students are selected based on results of entrance exams given by each high school. Applications are accepted until March 15.

    To study at universities, applications are accepted until February 28. Completed secon-dary education is one of the requirements for university admission.

    PreschooL education

    comPuLsory Primary education

    secondary education

    hiGher ProfessionaL education and

    hiGher education


    1st. and 2nd. levelof primary school

    college(vocational certificate)

    high school(leaving exam)









    follow-up studies

    The CR has a shortage of places in kindergartens/preschools, i.e. the kindergarten/preschool you

    choose has to accept your child!

  • 16 17 17 Metropolis For All


    If your child has trouble at school (with attendance, grades, or behavi-our), you suspect that he/she suffers from a learning disability, or you just need assistance with choosing the right school, contact counselling facilities at schools, including:

    educational-psychological counselling office special education centre or directly from your child’s teachers.

    Compulsory school attendance applies to children after the age of 6 years and lasts for 9 years.

    Recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas (so called nostrification) is important if you want to continue with your studies in the Czech Republic and when searching for


    Prague City Hall carries out nostrification of primary and secondary education:

    Nostrification of higher/university education and diplomas are carried out by public and state universities (e.g. Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, etc.).

    Non-profit organisation meta focuses on supporting education of mig-rants in the CR and offers counselling services in this field:

    odBor sPrávních činností ve škoLství

    Jungmannova 29/35, 110 00 Praha 1 Po – Čt: 8.00 – 18.00Pá: 8.00 – 16.00

    ICP and other organisations‘ social workers will assist you with nostrification (Pg. 24).

    Knowledge of Czech language will not only make your communication with authorities, potential employers or customers easier, but it will also help you to participate in cultural life and finding Czech friends. If you have children of school age, your knowledge of Czech language will help you in activily supporting your children in preparation for school. If you would like to live in the CR for a long-term, knowledge of Czech language is one of the requirements for obtaining permanent residency and Czech citizenship.

    ICP and other non-profit organisations (Pg. 24) offer Czech language courses for begi-nners, intermediate, advanced and also professional language courses important for job market competitiveness. These courses are usually offered either for free or for a small fee. You can attend courses long-term or only occasionally when it suits you (so called low-threshold courses/nízkoprahové kurzy). ICP offers special courses for adults with children, babysitting for some courses is provided.

    Czech language exam for permanent residency and Czech citizenshipKnowledge of the Czech language (knowledge at a A1 level) is one of the conditions for obtaining not only permanent residency but also Czech citizenship (knowledge at a B1 level). To obtain Czech citizenship, you must also pass an exam of basic facts about the CR.

    To have a duly paid and valid health insurance is obligatory for everyone in the CR, even for migrants! The following hospitals and medical facilities specilize in providing medical care to mig-rants:

    If you cannot locate a doctor or are refused by a doctor, contact you health insurance company to provide you with a list of contracted doctors. There is

    a shortage of specilized doctors in the CR, so you can be refused because of full capacity.

    healTh Care

    CzeCh laNGuaGe COurses

    ICP offers Czech language courses to prepare you for the exams!

    fakuLtní nemocnice motoL, odděLení Primární PéčeV Úvalu 84, 150 06 Praha 5 +420 224 431 111 [email protected]

    nemocnice na homoLce, cizinecké odděLeníRoentgenova 2/37, 150 30 Praha 5 +420 257 271 111 [email protected]

    Always carry your health insurance card on you!

  • 18 19 19 Metropolis For All

    In case you are not employed or lost your job and fulfill legal require-ments, you can register at Labour Office, which provides unemploy-ment benefits, requalification courses and assists with employment opportunities.

    If you are looking for a job, use social counselling at ICP or other organizations (Pg. 24), accredited employment agencies or web portals:


    eNTrePreNeurshiPPraha 2 (Pro Prahu 1 a 2)

    Bělehradská 214/86, 120 00 Praha 2 - Vinohrady +420 950 178 111

    Praha 3

    Roháčova 133/13, 130 00 Praha 3 - Žižkov +420 950 178 111

    Praha 4 (Pro Prahu 4, 11 a 12)

    Novodvorská 803/82, 142 00 Praha -Lhotka +420 241 408 307

    Praha 5 (Pro Prahu 5, 13 a 16)

    Štefánikova 216/21, 150 00 Praha 5 - Smíchov +420 950 178 111

    Praha 6 (Pro Prahu 6 a 17)

    Bělohorská 688/165, 169 00 Praha 6 - Břevnov +420 950 178 111

    Praha 8 (Pro Prahu 7 a 8)

    Stejskalova 185/7, 180 00 Praha 8 - Libeň +420 950 178 879

    Praha 9 (Pro Prahu 9, 14, 18, 19, 20 a 21)

    Sokolovská 14/324, 190 00 Praha 9 - Vysočany +420 950 178 111

    Praha 10 (Pro Prahu 10, 15 a 22)

    Vršovická 1429/68, 101 00 Praha 101 - Vršovice +420 950 178 111

    Register at a specific Labout Office according to your place of residence!

    Office hours at Labour Offices: Mon, Wed: 8 am – 12 am / 1 pm – 5 pm

    Tue, Th: 8 am – 11 amFri: 8 am – 11 am

    (only for new applicants and scheduled clients)

    In the CR, you can become entrepreneur as a self-employed individual (OSVČ) or a legal entity. To get information about business opportunities, go to Trade License Department (Pg. 5) or organisations working with migrants (Pg. 24).

    GLe o.p.s. is a non-profit organisation providing free advice to migrants about entrepre-neurship:

    You have an obligation to file your tax return by April 1 of each year!!! If you do not file your tax return, you will face the danger of getting large financial fines, and the extension of your stay in the CR will therefore be in jeopardy! Tax returns are to be filed at an appropri-ate Tax Office according to the location of your business. If you have your tax return done by a tax advisor, the deadline for filling is extended until June 30.

    contact information for tax offices in Prague:

    Anyone can get into a difficult situation such as losing a place to live, job, or becoming a victim of a crime, discrimination, etc. In Prague, you can contact many non-profit organi-sations that provide counselling and other services.

    dOmesTiC viOleNCeAny type of a violant act, even within a family, is a crime in the CR, and it should be repor-ted to the Czech police. If you become a victim of domestic violence or know of someone who is likely to be a victim, contact the Czech police or organisations listed below.

    ProbleM solving in Crisis

    Bílý kruh bezpečíU Trojice 2150 00 Praha 5 +420 257 317 100 [email protected]

    Kladenská 103/105, 160 00 Praha 6 +420 950 179 310 [email protected]

    regional labour insPeCtoratesTo monitor compliance with obligations based on labour legislation, including regulations on health and safety at work, is the main task of a labour inspectorate. In justified cases, labour inspectorates impose sanctions for committing an offense or other violations. If you believe that your employer does not fulfill his/her obligations or otherwise violates your employment contract, submit an application at a labour inspectorate.

  • 20 21 21 Metropolis For All

    druGsThe following organisations provide information about drug issues, assist with addiction treatment or provide new syringes free of charge in order to prevent the spread of dise-ases among people addicted to drugs.

    traffiCking in HuMan beings, ProstitutionThe following organisations provide free assistance to victims of human trafficking, ex-ploitation or forced prostitution.

    drop in o.p.s.

    Karolíny Světlé 18110 00 Praha 1 +420 222 221 124 [email protected]


    Na Skalce 819/15, 150 00 Praha 5 +420 283 872 186 [email protected]

    o.s. Prev-centrum

    Meziškolská 1120/2169 00 Praha 6

    +420 233 355 459+420 777 161 138 [email protected]

    intervenční centrum PrahaChelčického 39 130 00 Praha 3

    +420 281 911 883, +420 734 510 292 [email protected]

    profem o. p. s.Plzeňská 66150 00 Praha 5 +420 608 22 22 77 [email protected]

    Rosa o. s. Podolská 242/25147 00 Praha 4

    +420 241 432 466 SOS linka:

    +420 602 246 [email protected]

    hOmelessNessHomelessness is often connected with loss of housing due to a difficult financial situation, job loss or, for instance, divorce.If you end up in a situation, so to speak “lose the roof over your head“, contact the fo-llowing organisations providing not only counselling but also overnight accommodation, access to basic sanitation, food and clothing.

    debts and exeCutionsAnyone can get into financial difficulties culminating into acquiring debts or executions. If you find yourself in such a situation, contact the following non-profit organisations. They provide information on how to deal with debt, explanation of the payment schedule, per-sonal bankruptcy, etc.

    maltézská pomoc o.p.s.

    Lázeňská 2118 00 Praha 1

    +420 736 620 894 [email protected]

    nízkoprahové denní centrum – Bolzanova

    Bolzanova 1604/7 110 00 Praha 1

    +420 222 243 434+420 775 868 841

    [email protected]

    noclehárna – na slupi

    Na Slupi 1484/12128 00 Praha 2 +420 775 889 601

    [email protected]

    noclehárna žižkov

    Husitská 110/70, 130 00 Praha 3

    +420 222 783 957+420 775 868 862

    [email protected]

    Poradna při finanční tísni o.p.s.

    Americká 22120 00 Praha 2 +420 222 922 240 [email protected]

    občanská poradna Praha 1

    Jakubská 3110 00 Praha 1 +420 222 310 110 [email protected]

    občanská poradna společnou cestou o.s.

    Spytihněvova 4128 00 Praha 2 +420 223 011 642 [email protected]

    občanská poradna remedium Praha 3

    Křišťanova 15130 00 Praha 3 +420 605 284 737

    [email protected]

    občanská poradna Proxima sociaLe o.s.

    Rakovského 3134,143 00 Praha 12 +420 241 770 232 [email protected]

    rozkoš bez rizika

    Bolzanova 1, 110 00 Praha 1 +420 224 234 453

    [email protected]

    Lastrada o.p.s.

    P. O. Box 305,111 21 Praha 1

    +420 222 721 810 +420 222 717 171+420 800 077 777

    [email protected]

    arcidiecézní charita Praha – Projekt magdala

    Londýnská 44 120 00 Praha 2

    Nonstop linka: +420 737 234 078

    [email protected]

  • 22 23 23 Metropolis For All

    raCismIf you become a victim of an attack based on ethnic, racial, religious, sexual, political, social group or subculture affiliation or on the basis of your age or health condition, seek assistance free of charge.

    You can use metro, trams, buses or suburban trains, i.e. public transport (MHD) to travel around Prague. All traffic information, latest news, schedules and travel rules are on the website of the Prague Public Transit Co. (Dopravní podnik hlav-ního města Prahy - DPP).

    When you travel by any means of transport, you are required to have a valid and properly marked ticket.

    Tickets can be purchased at vending machines (at metro stations), newsagent‘s or via SMS sent from Czech phone numbers.

    If you travel often and on a regular basis around Prague, it is more beneficial for you to buy an electronic ticket, so called Opencard with monthly, quarterly, or annual passes.

    Ticket inspectors check the validity of your ticket in all types of transport and also at me-tro stations. They are obliged to show you an inspection badge. You, on the other hand, have to show a valid ticket.

    Poradna Justýna, in iustitia o.p.s.

    Slezská 103, 130 00 Praha 3

    +420 212 242 300 + 420 773 177 636 [email protected]

    Most organisations provide their services FREE OF CHARGE and anonymous. Do not hesitate to contact them!


    Do not forget to mark your ticket at yellow vending machines located at the entrance

    to metro, trams, buses, and trains. If you do not mark your ticket, it is not valid.

    Warning! If you do not have a valid ticket, you will get a fine of 800/1000 CZK. Furthermore, a ticket inspector will request to see your passport (or other identification) to give you a fine you can pay on the spot or at DPP offices.


    ParkiNG iN PraGuePaid parking zones are being gradually established in the centre of Prague. Based on a color, you can tell who and for how long can park at a given location:

    Blue zones are for residents with a long-term parking pass. Orange zones are for short-term parking (max. of 2 hours) visitors paid through parking

    machines. Green zones are for short-term parking (max. of 6 hours) visitors paid through parking


    Go to the websites of specific city district offices for more information about the location of parking zones (Pg. 5).

    Some metro stations have P + R (Park and Ride) parking lots where you can park your vehicle, and then use public transport to travel around Prague.

    Participation in cultural and social life is one of the important aspects of integration. A large network of cultural facilities – theathers, clubs, music halls, dance halls, etc. is in Prague.

    MuniCiPal library of PragueThe Municipal Library lends not only books but also electronic readers, music, movies,

    and paintings. It organizes cultural events, children’s programmes, lectu-res, seminars, concerts, and theatre performances. Free internet access

    is available at all library branches.

    non-eu citizens can become library members only when they pay a deposit or with the assistance of a guarantor. What is needed:

    to provide a proof of identity and pay a deposit of 1 000 czk or to provide a proof of identity and request the presence of a guarantor who

    fulfills conditions for registration as a library member (citizen of the CR or EU).

    You can get a parking pass at a city district office where you reported your address.

    Each year ICP organizes a number of cultural and community events!

    Check regularly at

    The library has publications available not only in Czech but also in other languages!

  • 24 25 25 Metropolis For All

    Fill out and sign a library application, pay a registration fee of 80 czk (in case of registration with a deposit, pay additional 1 000 CZK).

    The Central Library is located in the city centre at Mariánské náměstí, other 41 branches are located at easily accessible locations throughout Prague. Mobile library, so called Bibliobus, travels regularly to its readers.

    Several non-profit organisations in Prague, such as the Integration Centre Prague, o.p.s., offer migrants FREE OF CHARGE assistance in their integration into the Czech society. Do not hesitate to contact these organisations whose services are of high quality.

    list of non-Profit OrGaNisaTiONs wOrkiNG wiTh miGraNTs

    Mariánské náměstí 1/98,110 00 Praha 1 +420 222 113 555 [email protected]

    integrační centrum Praha o.p.s. (icP)

    Žitná 1574/51, 110 00 Praha 1 +420 252 543 846 [email protected]

    sdružení pro integraci a migraci (simi)

    Baranova 33130 00 Praha 3

    +420 224 224 379+420 605 253 994 [email protected]

    Poradna pro migraci (PPi)

    Opletalova 6110 00 Praha 1

    +420 603 281 269,+420 603 807 567 [email protected]


    Legerova 50, 120 00 Praha 2

    +420 224 941 415 +420 739 037 353 [email protected]

    organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům (oPu)

    Kovářská 939/4, 190 00 Praha 9

    +420 730 158 779, +420 730 158 781 [email protected]

    mezinárodní organizace pro migraci (iom)

    Argentinská 38, 170 00 Praha 7 +420 233 370 160 [email protected]

    klub hanoi

    Libušská 319/126, 142 00 Praha 4

    +420 603 583 690 +420 608 535 792 [email protected]

    arcidiecézní charita – Poradna pro migranty a uprchlíky

    Pernerova 20, 186 00 Praha 8 +420 224 813 418

    [email protected]


    Tyršova 1,120 00 Praha 2 +420 778 050 186 [email protected]

    Poradna pro občanství, občanská a lidská práva (PPo)

    Ječná 7, 120 00 Praha +420 270 003 288

    [email protected]

    multikulturní centrum Praha (mkc)

    Náplavní 1, 120 00 Praha 2 +420 296 325 345 [email protected]

    konsorcium nevládních organizací pracujících s migranty v čr

    Vladislavova 44/10, 110 00 Praha 1 +420 224 946 635

    [email protected]

    evropská kontaktní skupina o.s. (eks)

    Dejvická 267/28160 00 Praha +420 222 221 799 [email protected]

    centrum pro integraci cizinců (cic)

    Kubelíkova 55/827, 130 00 Praha 3

    +420 222 360 452+420 222 362 142 [email protected]

    Gle o.p.s.

    Tyršova 1832/7 120 00 Praha 2 +420 224 241 589 [email protected]

    Lačhe čhave o.s.

    NZDM Rozhledna, Smolkova 565, 142 00 Praha 12

    +420 723 293 601 [email protected]

    nová škola o.p.s.

    Křižíkova 344/6186 00 Praha 8 +420 737 544 773

    [email protected]

    youth included

    Santrochova, 4/1773,162 00 Praha 6

    +420 723 293 601 [email protected]

  • 26 27 27 Metropolis For All

    City police



    Contact with people coming from your homeland, meeting new friends and help received from other migrants are all very important factors, especially when you are in a new country. Migrants living long-term in the CR set up their own associations and clubs where they meet to remember their homeland, organise cultural events and try to demonstrate to fellow Czech citizens the beauty of cultures of their countries.

    miGraNT OrGaNisaTiONs

    sdružení občanů bývalé Jugoslávie – Lastavica, o.s.

    Zborovská 512/40150 00 Praha 5 +420 774 888 922 [email protected]

    ukrajinská iniciativa v čr

    Vocelova 3, 120 00 Praha 2

    +420 777 212 240 +420 221 419 821

    [email protected] [email protected]

    svaz vietnamců v čr

    TTTM SAPA,Libušská 319, 14200 Praha 4 – Libuš [email protected]

    azer-čech o.s. – sdružení ázerbájdžánců v čr

    Voroněžská 19/564, 101 00 Praha 10 +420 777 107 740 [email protected]

    Barmské centrum Praha o.p.s.

    Dělnická 54,170 00 Praha 7 +420 266 710 045 [email protected]

    informační centrum kavkaz – východní evropa

    Tibetská 2, 160 00 Praha 6

    +420 606 565 611, +420 736 199 369 [email protected]

    občanské sdružení aLLiance-Benin en rePuBLiQue tcheQue (a.B.e.t.)

    Matúškova 16/975, 149 00 Praha 4 – Háje [email protected]

    artek - spolek rusky mluvících studentů a jejich příznivců

    Vocelova 602/3,120 00 Praha 2 +420 776 017 319 [email protected]

    humanitas afrika o.s.

    Ječná 2, 120 00 Praha 2 +420 251 560 375 [email protected]

    kazachstánské kulturní centrum v české republice „elim aj“

    Přecechtělova 2431, 155 00 Praha 5

    +420 608 547 924, +420 776 083 543 [email protected]

    krajanské sdružení číňanů žijících v čr

    Pujmanové 1218, 140 00 Praha 4 +420 241 733 978 [email protected]

    iMPortant PHone nuMbers

    112is a free emergency phone number in the CR and EU

    filipínsko-česká asociace / filipino-czech associationPetrská 1171/21,110 00 Praha 1 [email protected]

    Slovo 21 o.s.Štěpánská 1,120 00 Praha 2

    +420 222 511 434 +420 222 522 070 [email protected]

    The hOuse Of NaTiONal miNOriTiesPrague City Hall established a charitable organisation called the House of National Mino-rities (Dům národnostních menšin - DNM) to promote understanding between nationa-lities. DNM organizes activities to overcome prejudices against different ethnicities and nationalities living in the CR. The following minorities: Bulgarian, Hungarian, German, Polish, Russian, Ruthenian, Slovak, Serbian, and Ukrainian have their offices at the DNM.

    Vocelova 602/3,120 00 Praha 2 +420 221 419 800 [email protected]





  • 28 Metropolis For All

    Žitná 1574/51, 110 00 Praha 1 +420 252 543 [email protected]

    /[email protected]/ICPraha