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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, we would like to thank ALLAH S.W.T and HIS messenger, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. It is because of HIS blessing, it is possible for us to finish this assignment. We had finally managed to finish up this group project with great enthusiasm and determination. All the time spent to search and discuss ideas as well as justifying theoretical clues to drive the output were worth our effort and time, Insya-Allah. Therefore, we would like to acknowledge with thanks, the individuals who had guided us in making this project. Firstly, we would like to thanks to our Fundamentals of Management’s lecturer, Sir Zainuddin Bin Mohd Piah. He had guided us on how to complete this assignment. Every week in class, he always reminds and gives guideline on how to search information about this assignment. Then, we would like to thanks to all our friends who had helped and shared ideas with us. They also gave us supports and advices. Lastly, we also want to thanks to our parents who always prayed well for us and giving their time to hear our problem. Thanks also to all units in UiTM Kedah. We hope our assignment is complete and will be receive. We had used our effort and acknowledgement to search information and ideas. Hoped our effort was worth it. 1

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The Organization of Pos Laju Malaysia

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTFirst of all, we would like to thank ALLAHS.W.Tand HISmessenger, ProphetMuhammad S.A.W. It is e!ause of HIS lessing, it is possile for us to finish this assignment.We had finall" managed to finish up this group pro#e!t with great enthusiasm and determination.All the time spent to sear!h and dis!uss ideas as well as #ustif"ing theoreti!al !lues to dri$e theoutput were worth our effort and time, Ins"a%Allah.Therefore, we would like to a!knowledge with thanks, the indi$iduals who had guided usin making this pro#e!t. Firstl", we would like to thanks to our Fundamentals of Management&sle!turer, Sir 'ainuddin (in Mohd Piah. He had guided us on how to !omplete this assignment.)$er" week in !lass, he alwa"s reminds and gi$es guideline on how to sear!h information aoutthis assignment. Then, we would like to thanks to all our friends who had helped and sharedideas with us. The" also ga$e us supports and ad$i!es. Lastl", we also want to thanks to ourparents who alwa"s pra"ed well for us and gi$ing their time to hear our prolem. Thanks also toall units in *iTM +edah. We hope our assignment is !omplete and will e re!ei$e. We had used our effort anda!knowledgement to sear!h information and ideas. Hoped our effort was worth it.1EXECUTIVE SUMMARYPos Mala"sia (erhad is Mala"sia&s premier postal ser$i!e pro$ider.It is lo!ated at PosMala"sia Head,uarters, -a"aumi .omple/, +uala Lumpur. The organi0ation was restru!turedin 1223 from eing a go$ernmental owned Mala"sian Postal Ser$i!es -epartment into a usiness!orporation and e one of the 4o$ernment Link .ompan" 54L.6. Pos Mala"sia pro$ides postaland related ser$i!es, transport logisti!s, printing and insertion, !ounter !olle!tion and pa"mentagen!" ser$i!es for a range of finan!ial transa!tions. Pos Mala"sia also pro$ide multi%ser$i!es.For e/ample, people !an pa" their PTPT7 loan, road ta/ and !ar insuran!e at Pos Mala"sia. The!ompan" holds an e/!lusi$e !on!ession to pro$ide mail ser$i!es through its network of o$er 89:ran!hes and mini post offi!es in Mala"sia. As a large !ompan", Pos Mala"sia (erhad also hastheir$isionandmissionstatement.Their$isionistoethetrustedleaderinthedeli$er"ofintegrated ph"si!al and digital solutions.While their mission statement isto deli$er e/!ellent!ustomer e/perien!e and !on$enien!e in the areas of !ommuni!ations, logisti!s, finan!ialser$i!es and suppl" !hain solutions at the highest le$el of reliailit" and integrit". Pos Mala"siaalso !o$ered the four asi! fun!tions of management whi!h arethe planning, organi0ing, leadingand !ontrolling.2INTRODUCTIONPos Mala"sia (erhad is Mala"sia&s premier postal ser$i!e pro$ider. The" ha$e awidespread network of o$er 1,::: tou!h points !ountr"wide that in!ludes Pos Mala"sia ;utlets,Pos Minis, Pos3< 5Self Ser$i!e Terminals6, Post%;n%Wheels 5Moile ;utlets6, postal agents andstamp agents, making it one of the most e/tensi$e retail network in Mala"sia. It is lo!ated at PosMala"sia Head,uarters, -a"aumi .omple/, +uala Lumpur.The $ision of Pos Mala"sia (erhad is to e the trusted leader in the deli$er" of integratedph"si!al anddigital solutions,resonateswith theiraspiration tostay relevant infuidmarket while refectingtheir digital agenda. Correspondingly, theirmission statement is to deli$er e/!ellent !ustomer e/perien!e and !on$enien!e in the areasof !ommuni!ations, logisti!s, finan!ial ser$i!es and suppl" !hain solutions at the highest le$el ofreliailit" and integrit". The form ofPos Mala"sia (erhad is estalishment of postal ser$i!es first in the StraitsSettlements in whi!h it would !o$er the whole Mala"a " earl" 3:th !entur". Letters were then!on$e"ed through despat!h riders or spe!ial messengers. Instead of postage stamps, fees were!olle!ted when letters were handed in at the Post ;ffi!e. Letters posted were gi$en a re!eipt.Howe$er, this s"stem!hangedwhentheIndianstamps o$erprintedwith!rownandStraits=stamps o$erprinted with dollars and !ents were introdu!ed in 18>?. The first inaugural definiti$eset ofpostagestampswasintrodu!edin12:1. Startedasamediumforthetransmissionsofletters, newspapersandusinessdo!uments, thepostal ser$i!esoone$ol$edintoamultipleser$i!es pro$ider. It eganto$enture intopar!el deli$er", registrations, insuran!e ser$i!e,transa!tionof mone"5postal order andmone"order6 andin$estment of funds5Post ;ffi!eSa$ing (ank6.The postal ser$i!e, then known as @aatan Perkhidmatan Pos, also egan to take o$ernumerous ser$i!es on ehalf of the 4o$ernment ma!hineries. It started to !olle!t pa"ment ofele!tri!it" ill, sale of dog li!en!e, pa"ment of pensions, sale of tele$ision li!en!e and others.*pon eing an independent !ountr" in 129?, Mala"sia egan its a!ti$e parti!ipations innumerous international asso!iations tosta"areast inso!ial ande!onomi!al de$elopment.Amongothers, it e!ameamemer !ountr"of the*ni$ersal Postal *nion5*P*6 [email protected]" 1298, a parti!ipation in whi!h Mala"sia remains a d"nami! memer until toda". As we3emarkintothe31st!entur",thepostal ser$i!einMala"sia, widel"knownasPosMala"sia(erhad, !ontinues to e$ol$e to meet the demands and needs of the !hanging !onsumer eha$iourand marketpla!e.Pos Mala"sia ser$i!es are pro$idingpostal andrelatedser$i!es, transport logisti!s,printing and insertion, !ounter !olle!tion and pa"ment agen!" ser$i!es for a range of finan!ialtransa!tions, su!h as ill pa"ments, remittan!e, insuran!e and unit trusts. Pos Mala"siarestru!tured its !ore ser$i!es into three Strategi! (usiness *nits % mail, !ourier and retail. Mailin!ludes the pro$ision of asi! mail ser$i!es for !orporate and indi$idual !ustomers and!ustomi0ed solutions, su!h as mailroom management and dire!t mail. .ourier in!ludes !ouriersolutions " sea, air and land to oth national and international destinations. Aetail in!ludes o$er%the%!ounter ser$i!es for pa"ment of ills and!ertainfinan!ial produ!ts andser$i!es. ;theroperations in!ludetheh"ridmail whi!hpro$ides dataanddo!ument pro!essingser$i!es,logisti!s solutions " sea, air and land to oth national and international destinations, usiness ofinternet se!urit" produ!ts, solutions and ser$i!es and rental in!ome from in$estment propertiesheld " the !ompan".Pos Mala"sia also offers -ri$e%Thru .ounters. Their ser$i!es in!lude saleof stamps, en!ashment of postal orders andpa"ment of ill.Line and staff responsiilities of Pos Mala"sia has two separate hierar!hies. The first oneis the line hierar!h" in whi!h the departments are re$enue generators 5manufa!turing, selling6,and their managers are responsile for a!hie$ing the organi0ation=s main o#e!ti$es " e/e!utingthe ke" fun!tions 5su!h as poli!" making, target setting, de!ision making6. 7e/t, the se!ond isthestaffhierar!h",inwhi!hthedepartmentsarere$enue!onsumers, andtheirmanagersareresponsile for a!ti$ities that support line fun!tions 5su!h as a!!ounting, maintenan!e, personnelmanagement6. (oard of -ire!tors of Pos Mala"sia are 7on%Independent 7on%)/e!uti$e.hairman is Tan Sri -ato& Sri Ha#i Mohd +hamil in @amil, Senior Independent 7on%)/e!uti$e-ire!tor is -ato& IrahimMahaludin in Puteh. Independent 7on%)/e!uti$e -ire!tor are-ato&Sri .he+haliinMohamad7oh, Adul HamidinShMohamedand-atukPutehAukiah inti Ad. Ma#id. 7on%Independent 7on%)/e!uti$e -ire!tor are -atuk MohamedAa0eek in Md Hussain Mari!ar and )shah inti Meor Suleiman. Pos Mala"sia emplo" morethan1>,:::people, o$er 1,:::ph"si!al outlets nationwide!omprisingmorethan?::Post;ffi!es and more than B:: Pos Mini.4MAIN BODY OF THE REPORTi) PlanningThe defnition o planning is the process o outlining the activities thatare necessary to achieve the goals o the organi!ation. "very organi!ationhas its ownpurposetomakesurethat their organi!ationcanlaunchedsmoothly or not. "very organi!ation also has its own vision, missionstatement, goalsando#$ectives. %ameasthepostal servicein&alaysia,widely known as 'os &alaysia (erhad, they have their own achievement thatthey want to achieve and their vision, mission statement, goals ando#$ectives.)or 'os &alaysia (erhad, its vision is to #e the trusted leader in thedeliveryo integratedphysical anddigital solutions, resonateswiththeiraspiration to stay relevant in fuid market while refecting their digitalagenda.They #elievetheyhavestrongcapa#ilitiesto#ecomealeaderinintegrating the physical and digital world, leveraging on their wide range oo*erings. Correspondingly, their missionstatement istodeliver e+cellentcustomer e+perience and convenience in the areas o communications,logistics, fnancial services and supply chain solutions at the highest level orelia#ility andintegrity. This is #acked#y their corevalues, timeliness,customer centricity, decorum, e+cellence, integrity, accounta#ility andinnovation. The vision and mission statements together with the core valuesare aim at steering 'os &alaysia-s strategy towards charting growth in thee+citing new phase the .roup has entered.Customer is themost important actor inmakingtheorgani!ation#ecome more successul #ecause without customer #usiness cannot #e runsmoothly. That is why 'os &alaysia (erhad cared a#out the /uality o theirproducts and services. 'os &alaysia (erhad will give a good service to theircustomers in order to make sure the successul o their vision and mission.0'os &alaysia (erhad also have their aim to make sure that they can #e theorgani!ationthat o*ers ahigher rankdeliveryservices. Their aimistoprovide /uality, relia#le, timely and innovative solutions to their customers. The dream to #e a leader has to #e orm rom the #ottom. (ack then,when 'os &alaysia was frst esta#lished, theystarted as a medium or thetransmissions o letters, newspapers and #usiness documents. 1ow, as weem#arkintothe21st century, they#ecomeadynamiccommunications,fnancial services and supply chain solutions provider and continues toevolve to meet the demands and needs o the changing consumer #ehaviourand marketplace.'os &alaysia adheres to our #road o#$ectives when it comes tocarrying out their Corporate %ocial 2esponsi#ility activities. The frsto#$ective is to distinguish theirselves rom their competitors #ystrengthening pu#lic image and credi#ility in a non3commercial #ut impactulway. %econdly, to reinorce goodwill and relations with customers #ye+hi#itingourresponsi#leattitudetowardsthecommunitytohelpsustainour #usiness e+istence. Thirdly, to motivate and provide avenue oremployees to proactively realise the company4s core corporate values,known as '56%7. 8astly, to create shareholdervalue in the long term.9. );- a t o=I s k an d a rM i 0a l ( .M a hm o od. );Huma nAe sou r! eMa na ge rF ik riAhma dHuma nAe sou r! eMa na ge rii) OrganizingTop Managers:Top managers is a small group of e/e!uti$es who manage the o$erall organi0ation. Toa!hie$e the goal, the" fo!us on four resour!es su!h as ph"si!al, finan!ial, human andinformation. Ph"si!al is the uilding where we run the usiness. Finan!ial is the !apital or mone"tostart theusiness. Humanis thestaffs inthe!ompan"whohelprunningtheusiness.Informationistheknowledgein$ariet"offield.Topmanagersdelegatetheirtasktomiddlemanager and lower manager. If there are an" prolems in the !ompan", the" will held a generalmeetingwhi!hin!ludeall theemplo"ees intopmanagement for de!isionmaking. InPosMala"sia, .);, -ato= Iskandar Mi0al (. Mahmood, delegates his task to the marketing manager.Middle ManagersMiddlemanagersisalargegroupthatimplementthestrategiesde$elopedatthetop.The"area!!ountaletothetopmanagement for their department=s fun!tion. The"needtoinspireandpro$ideguidan!etolower managers towards etter performan!e. For e/ample,human resour!e manager delegates the task to transportation. The" must make de!ision to makesure that the total and t"pes of the items that need to deli$er are !orre!t.Lower ManagersLower managers is a large group that responsile for putting into operation the plans ofhigher andmiddle management. The"super$ise and!oordinate the a!ti$ities of operatingemplo"ees. Lower manager of transportation manage to deli$er the o/es of letter or items tomain post offi!e of state. For e/ample, if the t"res was pun!ture during the pro!ess of deli$ering,lower manager need to make own de!ision " !hanging the t"res without asking the top manager.;iii) MotivationMoti$ationisaset offor!esthat !ausespeopletoeha$ein!ertainwa"s. Thisisaps"!hologi!al pro!ess that gi$es purpose and dire!tion to eha$iour. Moti$ation also !an defineas the management pro!ess of influen!ing people&s eha$iour to eha$e in a wa" to ensure thea!!omplishment of some goal.Pos Mala"sia has in$ol$ed Maslow&s Hierar!h" of 7eed theor" in order to moti$ate theiremplo"ees or staff. In this theor", there are fi$e fundamental needs su!h as ph"siologi!al needs,se!urit" or safet" needs, elongingness or so!ial needs, self%)steem needs and self%a!tuali0ation. Ph"siologi!al 7eedsPh"siologi!al needs are the most asi! needs that are ne!essar" for our asi! sur$i$al. Fore/ample, food, water and shelter. People needs all that to !ontinue their li$e. The e/ampleof ph"siologi!al needs in organi0ation is wages and work en$ironment. In Pos Mala"sia,the7on%)/e!uti$e-ire!torsarepaidmeetingallowan!esfore$er"(oardand(oard!ommitteemeetingthatthe"attend. (esides, the!ompan"alsoreimursesreasonalee/penses in!urred"the -ire!tors inthe!ourseof their performan!e of duties as-ire!tors. Se!urit" or Safet" 7eedsThisisthese!ondle$el ofneeds. Theseneedsdeal withph"si!al andps"!hologi!alsafet" from e/ternal threats. In organi0ation, emplo"ees will get some enefit from the