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Transcript of Popup Extension User Guide & FAQ ... Popup Extension User Guide & FAQ Create first popup...

  • Popup Extension User Guide & FAQ

    Create first popup After successful installation, you can access our extension inside admin by navigating to the CMS->Magebird Popup section. If you want to create new popup from scratch click Add New Popup button. If you want to use one of the predefined templates, click Popup templates button and selected from the list your favorite template. A page with a popup editor will show up with the popup configuration options.

    How to create responsive newsletter popup? Click widget icon in your editor and select Popup Newsletters. For width unit select Percentage (%) and fill out other data. Then select Precentage (%) unit also for your popup (under "Popup width unit"). A new field "Popup max width" will show up when you select % unit. It is recommended to set max width so your popup won't be too wide on very wide screens. You can select this popup to be shown only on mobile devices using "Devices" field under "Settings".

    How can I translate newsletter? First you need to copy file /app/locale/en_US/Magebird_Popup.csv to your language folder (if your language folder is other than en_US). Then you can translate it inside csv. The CSV file contains the translation strings in the key-value pair format. First key-value is original, second key-value pair is translate. Example: "Enter Your Email","Your translation"

    After you change csv file you need to clear Magento cache + click 'Clear popup cache' button. The button is located inside CMS- >Magebird popup.

    A B testing To perform A B testing create 2 or more popups. Both popups should have the same value for field "Cookie/popup id". To find the field "Cookie/popup id" click tab "Settings" on the left. When 2 or more popups share the same cookie id it will show by random just one of them. When user closes any of them, it won't show again any popup with the same cookie id. You can create as many popups with the same cookie id as you want.

    Using Countdown timer and time limited coupon codes The extension gives you option to show time limited coupon codes to customer. When you open newsletter widget, you will find field "Coupon expiration (in minutes)" beside other options. When you leave this field empty, it will set coupon code expiration based on field "To Date" from Shopping cart rule you selected for coupon. Normally this field is empty which means coupon code will never expire.

    You can put inside "Coupon expiration (in minutes)" a number of minutes. When you put that, coupon code will expire in number of minutes you wrote. It will start counting when coupon code is created. When the coupon code expires, it won't be valid anymore.

    Another option you have is to click checkbox "Inherit from countdown timer". In this case coupon code will expire when Countdown counter ends. Therefore it won't start counting when coupon code is created but it will start counting with Countdown counter. To make this work, you need to insert inside your popup also Countdown Timer widget. It is perfectly fine to insert both Newsletter and Countdown Timer widgets into to the same popup

    How to show embed video? Click html icon in your editor and paste the embed code.

    How to use Mailchimp integration? The extension gives you various integration Mailchimp options. You can send e-mail to Magento newsletter list, only Mailchimp list or to both lists. For Mailchimp you can set to use double opt-in or without.

    First you need to add Mailchimp Api Key. Go to System->Configuration->MAGEBIRD EXTENSIONS->Popup->Newsletter Services to add it. There you will see also some other basic settings. You can find your key at http://admin.mailchimp.com/account/api/.

    Next you need to add your Mailchimp list id. Each popup can have different list id. Double click to the widget icon. In Widget Insertion you will find MailChimp List Id field at the end of the form with instructions where you can find your list id.

    Adding First and Last name into Mailchimp: If you want to add first and last name into newsletter form and send it to Mailchimp, you need to make tiny modification inside newsletter template. Open file app/design/frontend/base/default/template/magebird/popup/newsletter/1.phtml (replace 1.phtml with your template number you selected inside newsletter widget). After line