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This Quarterly Publication provides updates on upcoming fundraising events, volunteer opportunites, and other news worthy events at East Baton Rouge Council on Aging.

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  • POLISHEDThe official publication of the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging - 2nd Quarter 2013

    MLK Holiday Word SearchTest your Brain Power - Page 07

    TOP Gifts for Seniors - Page 03 EBRCOA PINK OUTFight Against Breast Cancer - Page 04

    2nd AnnualWheels For MealsCar Raffle see page 18

    Lemon Cake RecipeA Sugar-Free Healthy Recipe - Page 09

    Suppor t ing Independence , Se rv ing Sen io r s

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    East Baton Rouge Council on Aging

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    Polished is published quarterly by the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging (EBRCOA). Polished features news and information of interest to senior citizens as well as caregivers of the aging. The EBRCOA reserves the right to determine the suitability of materials submitted for publication and to edit all submitted material for clarity and space. The EBRCOA does not knowingly accept false or misleading advertising or content nor does the EBRCOA or Polished staff take responsibility should such advertising or editorial material appear in any issue. For inquiries regarding submissions and advertising, please contact Trudy Bihm at tbihm@ebrcoa.org. The EBRCOA is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization.

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    2nd Quarter POLISHED MagazineWebsite: www.ebrcoa.orgPhone: (225) 923-8000

    2 2nd QtrPOLISHED

  • giftS ideasfor senior citizensIf you know someone living in a nursing home, give them a gift this holiday season that theyll treasure. Most items appropriate for retirement home residents are inexpensive gifts, and theyre easy to select if you know a little about the recipients hobbies and preferences.Do they enjoy games, reading, or music? Do they enjoy watching movies, doing puzzles, or being out in nature? Even if youre a little fuzzy on those details, its hard to go wrong with one of the gifts below.

    1. Crossword Puzzle Books2. Magazine Subscriptions3. Bulletin Board With an Instant Camera4. Lap Desk With a Book Holder5. Preloaded iPod Shuffle6.A Zazzle, Shutterfly, or Snapfish Customized Creation7. Terrarium8. Visits From a Therapy Dog9. Boggle, Scrabble, and Other Board Games10. Fresh Fruit

    For many elderly people, moving to a nursing facility can represent a loss of valuable things: their homes, their neighborhoods, and their friends. By showing that you care with a thoughtfully selected gift, you can ease those feelings of loss.When youre choosing a gift, consider getting a few extra presents for the other nursing home residents. The director or your loved one can probably point out those who dont ordinarily receive gifts or visits.

    Top 10

    By Joanne Eglash

    MetLife, in a 2011 study titled Elder Financial Abuse: Crimes of Occasion, Desperation, and Predation Against Americas Elders, found that of all the reported financial crimes against the elderly, 51% were perpetrated by strangers and 34% were perpetrated by family or friends. MetLife warns that elderly women are at the highest risk for these crimesespecially during the holiday seasons.

    The best way to prevent these crimes from occurring is through awareness. According to the Elder Financial Protection Network, here are some ways to protect yourself and your loved ones:

    1. Plan ahead to protect your assets and to ensure your wishes are followed. Talk to a lawyer, a financial advisor and/or your bank to make sure you are protected for now and for the future.

    2. Never give personal information to anyone who phones you. Anyone who is authorized to handle your money already has your personal informationyou wouldnt have to give them private, personal information over the phone. Dont trust strangers on the phone, period.

    3. Never pay a fee or taxes to collect sweepstakes or lottery winnings. If someone tries to convince you to do this, it is most likely that you didnt win anything. You shouldnt have to pay to collect a legitimate prize.

    4. Never rush into a financial decision and always consult a lawyer or financial advisor before signing anything. If someone is making you rush or hurry to make a decision, be cautious. Get a second opinion or consult a professional.

    5. Check for references and credentials before hiring anyone. Do your research before hiring a handyman, plumber, electrician, etc. Ask neighbors and friends for recommendations. And never give a worker access to any of your financial information.

    6. Pay with checks and credit cards instead of cash to keep a paper trail. Checks and credit cards can be tracked, and banks and credit card companies have theft and fraud policies that offer you additional protection.

    7. Last but not least, dont be afraid to say no if you ever feel forced or uncomfortable about a financial decision. And if you feel threatened or intimidated, call a family member, friend, lawyer or financial advisor for assistance.

    This is wise financial advice for anyoneyoung or old. Anyone of us could fall victim to a financial scam, but it is especially sad to see senior citizens robbed of their income or savings. Seniors need to know who to trust and who NOT to trust. Be wise and aware of current financial scams. Protect yourself and your finances, so like Margie, you wont fall for the scam if it happens to you.

    How Seniors Can Avoid Losing Money To Scams Source: Bestofhomecare.com

    32nd Qtr POLISHED

  • EBRCOA PINK OUTThe Pink Out Senior rally held on Friday October 25, 2013 was very successful! The

    seniors were dressed in all pink attire. Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge presented information on Breast Cancer and how to perform self-breast examinations. Also, there were testimonials from a few of the Breast Cancer survivors. The seniors had a great time. We will

    continue to Fight, Strive and Support individuals who are faced with Breast Cancer.

    EBRCOA Administrative Staff supporting the Pink Out campaign

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  • (225) 658-4150Neighbors Caring for Neighbors 6300 Main StZachary, LA 70791

    Fax (225) 658-4290

    Lane Home HealthAn affiliate of Lane Regional Medical Center

    658-415072nd Qtr POLISHED

  • The winter holiday season usually offers many opportunities to enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. However, the Thanksgiving- Christmas Holiday season can be stressful and can intensify feeling of sadness in many aging seniors. The unhappy holidays or Holiday Blues is not caused by the holiday itself, rather it is brought on by the fact that the holidays tend to bring memories of earlier, perhaps happier times. Sometimes referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder, the unhappy holidays depression is classified as a recurrent depressive disorder with a seasonal pattern and that occurs during this specific time of the year. Depression can be caused by a minor or serious problem; chronic pain or complication of an illness; memory loss; poor diet; loss of a spouse, close friend or companion; a move to a care facility; lack of exercise; change on routine; general frustration with aging. Symptoms can include: irritable mood, feeling of worthlessness, helplessness and anxiety; loss of interest in daily activities, lack of attention to personal care and hygiene; and obsessive thoughts about death or suicide. It is important to distinguish depression from dementia. Whether it is depression or dementia, prompt treatment is recommend. Once the cause of depression is identified, a treatment plain should be implemented. Treatment may be as simple as relieving loneliness though visitation, outings and involvement in family activities. Antidepressant medication may be indicated in more severe cases. Cognitive therapy session with a counselor may also be effective.


    How to cope with Holiday Blues

    by: Dr. James Hines III

    8 2nd QtrPOLISHED

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