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Transcript of Poetry Enthusiasts Project Ppt

  • 1. Words are no longer confined
    to white sheets and fine lines.

2. It spawns ideas that have
never been seen before,
but now they are endless
as the sheet transforms.
3. New writing collides with old
revealing imaginative thoughts.
4. The mold
from old pages
are seen by several eyes,
across plastic screens
5. and bring them
back to life.
that help use withering ideas
6. With sound and vision that unifies many,
new media spreads poetry from border to border,
across vast seas.
7. Poetry spreads more quickly
than ever before
as poets speak with rhyme and open many doors.
8. The young and old use media differently.
One was born into it
and the other had to learn to fit.
9. The heart of poetry revives itself.
Everyday it impacts
new lives.
10. But some are left behind where
opportunity is unequal.
Writing is slowly wasting away.
A change of learning is what should be taught today.
11. No one deserves any less.
the strength of experience is
what everyone should be able to possess.
12. poetry is timeless
waiting to beat the best.