Pittsburgh Marathon and P3R Organization

Building a Year- Round Community To Build Your Race Dee Stathis COO, Director of Operations P3R

Transcript of Pittsburgh Marathon and P3R Organization

Building a Year-Round Community To Build Your Race

Dee StathisCOO, Director of OperationsP3R

The History of the Marathon . . .

• No Marathon2003-08

• 10,5002009

• 40,000+2015


2009 – Build it & They Will Come

2010 – The Bomb

2011 – North Shore Finish

Steel City Road Runners


Halloween Race Added

Rock the RunCheerathoner

Program Developed

Industry Expert


2012 - Build It Out

Add Liberty 1 Mile

Halloween Races

Partner w/Chicago


Event Staff Registration

Medical Program

Growth and Diversification


• Added 10 Miler• Great Race Expo Management• Boston Bombing 13 days before Pittsburgh Marathon• Inaugural MLF 6.6K


• Increase staff• Contract out our organizational expertise


• Partnership with Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Steelers• It’s about the Experience• Revenues vs. Expenses

P3R Goals

• Event Portfolio

• Diversify Income• Revenue Producing Units• Independent Ventures• Partnerships with Long-term• Expand/Develop


DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon Events

GNC Live Well Liberty Mile

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler

Great Race ExpoMario Lemieux Foundation 6.6K

Steel City Road Runners

Pittsburgh Pirates and


Run for a Reason

Kids of STEEL Program• Exercise/Nutrition• 120 schools• Expand Across State

Lines • 6,000 in Kids Marathon • Summer Dreamers

Academy• Junior Elites

American Development

• $360,000 to American Athletes

• Support Team Minnesota

• Adopt an Athlete • Grow Fan Base• Pen Pal Program with

Kids• Community


Steel City Road Runners Club

• Runner’s Voice• Runner’s sponsorship of

the event• Advocates• Training program for


Building Community Relationships• Matching Grants to

Neighborhoods• Community Relations - Staff

Member• Cheerathoners/Bands• Specific Neighborhood Cheer

Stations• “Favorite Neighborhood” Award • Partner with GTECH to Revitalize

Baseball Field• Compostable Cups used in Local

Farm • Zero Waste in Pittsburgh Gold


Marketing Strategies

Marketing Tactics• Big registration launch• Megaticket/Bundling• Holiday gift registrations• Referral program• Facebook Ads• Team/Relay• Steel Challenge• Photo contest


• Keep the conversation going• Authenticity = trust• Building our brand• Support sponsor brands without

pushing• Must be ready for good and bad

Trial By Intuition

It’s A Journey

Just as the Pittsburgh Marathon has a story to tell . . Each runner has their own story to tell Their own unique journey

Event Social Media Center

Dedicated area to monitor and engage in social conversations

Real-time monitoring of social channels

Share the event live thru social channels

Real-time customer service

Support of operations

Event Social Center Goals

World c\Class Customer


Runner Hospitality

EncouragementSponsor Amplification

Participant Generated


Future of P3R


Investing in Social Media

Market Segmentation

Event Diversification