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Presentation for the Kishwaukee Women's Network. Hosted by Sycamore Chamber of Commerce.

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  • 1.a tour of the platformsintroducingPinterest &

2. Social Solutions with Rebecca WardlowCONNECT WITH ME on other socialmedia platforms... Twitter Facebook Pinterest Google+ Go SOCIAL! Have an Amazing Day! 3. What is Pinterest? 4. Amazing Stats! Over 12M monthly US unique visitors! Average time spent is 72 minutes! Drives more traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn &Google+ COMBINED! More exposure for your business!! 5. Why Use Pinterest? Its EXTREMELY viral in nature! Over 80% of pinsare repins! Its is entirely visual so people can consume infoquickly and share it even more quickly. Incredible traffic source! You need to get there before your competitiondoes! 6. Pinterest Lingo Pinterest Lingo Pin: An image posted to Pinterest Repin (Pin It): Once something is posted, it can be shared via a repin. Board: This is where your pins are categorized. 7. Pinterest Boards 8. Adding Price & Website Link 9. Other Ways to Use Pinterest 10. Pinterest launched changes on March 18th 11. New Image Width = 735 pixels 12. Categories left of Search Bar 13. Red Pin It Button & Comment Button Missing 14. Website Button & Related Pins 15. Settings Page 16. Features Removed 17. Features Removed 18. NEW FEATURE: Web Analytics 19. Verify your Business Account 20. Current Web Analytics Will Show: 21. Why Google+ MattersGoogle+ is Google itself.Wereextending it across all that we do search, ads,Chrome, Android, Maps, YouTube so that eachof those services contributes to ourunderstanding of who YOU are.Bradley Horowitz, VP products for Google+ 22. Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps, Google Local,You Tube, Google Play (Andriod Store), Google News, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Offers, Google Wallet, Blogger, Google Books, Google+ & much more 23. Why Google+ 70% of people start the search for yourbusiness on Google 400 million members Attracts 100 million active monthly users Google+ Is Indexed by Google Visibility of Posts any follower as well as thepublic. (Facebook Edgerank determines whichfriends or fans see posts)Google Stats: 24. Google Google owns the playground! Search results are affected by the people you are friends with on Google+ Social connections hold more value than links Sites on Google+ are indexed quickly +1 links rank higher in search results Google+ & Search Integration 25. Setting Up A Google+ Profile 26. Get Started!1. Set-up Google Accounthttps://accounts.g Fill in the blanks and Click Next Step 27. Add A Photo 28. Check Out Your New Account 29. Add People 30. Basic Profile Information 31. Complete Your Profile 32. Google+ Feed 33. Setting Up A Google+ Business Page 34. Enhance Your Brand Start using Google+ to educate followers, handle customerGoogle+ Business Pages service, build a community & share media. 35. Pick A Category Select the local business/place" category so you can also get listed in Google+ LocalGoogle+ Business Pages 36. Enter Your Phone Number Google+ is going to search for your business listings via your phone numberGoogle+ Business Pages 37. Select Existing or Create New 38. Add Your Business To Google 39. Create Google+ Page 40. Your Google+ Page Add Content 41. Use Keywords in Tagline & Introduction 42. Find People 43. Circle Organization Find Interesting peopleand Organize them intoCircles Use Circles in 2 ways Share posts with specific groups Read posts from specific groups 44. Circles Circles are flexible NOTE: Circling is You can completely deleteunilateral. You do notcircles or redo them.need to ask for or receive The people in your circlepermission to circledo not see the name of someone.the circle you put them in Circles enable YOU to Click the X in upper control who can readright corner of persons your to remove them Circles can be shared with others. 45. Circles 46. Google+ HangoutsGoogle+ HangoutsGoogle+ Hangouts on Air Up to 9 friends Live Broadcast Chat face-to-face Stream your hangout Host Virtual Meetings publicly on Google+, your Broadcast to the WorldYouTube channel, andyour website. Save instantly to YouTube Share to the WorldZ2U 47. Google+ Communities Talk about the stuff youre into The four types of Google+with people who love it toocommunity groups you can create Gather Togetherare: Have Rich Conversations Public group that anyone can Explore Your Interest join and post. Public group where onlyrnmore/communities/ moderators can post, butanyone can view or comment. Private group (members only)that can be discovered bysearch. Private group (members only)hidden from search. 48. Communities Home Page Social Media Professionals Community 49. Nats On Maple Google+ Page 50. Google+ Local 51. Nats On Maple Google Search Results 52. Google+ Cheat Sheet