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  • 1. Photography Research
    Professional and Armature

2. Professional Photography
3. 30 Seconds to Mars
Open framing of sand and mountains connotes that they are the only ones you should listen to as there is nothing else worth listening to.
The shot is also in black and white which give the photo an artistic edge.
The group all look fairly serious through their facial expressions, their body language however suggests that they are not as fierce as they look and are actually quite shy and caring.
The Shot is a Mid shot as it shows the head and torso in the picture.
4. You Me At Six
Id say this is a Double Spread shot as it is shot horizontally and is stretched out however if the band where compressed together it would make a good cover shot.
Once again the shot is in black and white to give an artistic affect.
This is a mid shot as it shows both the head and torso.
This shot sticks to the rule of thirds (eye line is about 2/3 up the picture) this connotes that the band are strong/ good.
5. Foo Fighters
I imagine that this photo is a cover shot as it is more of a portrait image.
There is space for the Masthead on this picture to the left of his head.
His Eyes are higher than 2/3 up the picture (not sticking to the rule of thirds) this connotes that he is powerful in music and is successful at what he does.
The Facial expressions of the Musician is like a worried but calm face. Im not sure what this is meant to suggest but having his arms showing with tattoos and muscle makes him look strong and threading creating a role model image.
This is not a studio photo as he has a background behind him in closed framing which could explain the worried face (connoting claustrophobia)
His costume shows the face rock legends kiss with his tongue out, this shows that the artist is rebellious yet his cross shows he may be religious which connotes his well being.
7. 8. Amateur Photography
9. Props
Cover Shot