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Transcript of Draft Pitch, Style Sheet, Photography Research and Flat Plan

  • 1. Draft Pitch, Style Sheet, Flat Plan andPhotography Planning
  • 2. PitchName of magazine: Rap Nation The title of the magazine works well in telling the target audience what themagazine is about and what music genre it focuses on. This will work well and will grab the target audiences attentionimmediately as they are interested in the front cover and this will make them look further into the magazine.Music Genre: Rap/Hip Hop I have chosen this genre of music because in my research it seemed one of the mostpopular genres of music; in my survey it got 36% of the votes.Target Audience: 16-24 The type of person that would read my magazine is mainly someone with the ethnicity ofblack (British) as the genre of music within the magazine is has a defined black male audience. I have discovered thisfrom the research I have done. However it will also be aimed at other ethnicitys as well but the black (British) is themain one. Within my survey I discovered that 36% of the audience that took the survey enjoyed rap/hip hop music themost. The artists that are a part of this music genre reflect the audience, a way the artists reflect to the audience arethat they are both male and black. The main artists I think of when focusing on rap/ hip hop music is 50 Cent, BiggieSmalls, 2Pac, etc.Price: 2 The price of my magazine is quite low compared to other magazines as my target audience are mainlystudents or only have a part time job and do not have a large disposable income. As the audience may not be as willingto spend their disposable income on the magazine I have decided to make the magazine price available to most peopleof this age group therefore they will be willing to spend a small amount of their disposable income on the magazine.They NRS social grade abc1 tells me that this target audience will have a disposable income from their part time jobs,etc.Frequency of publication: Biweekly Having one magazine published biweekly will make the target audience commit tobuying the magazine as they wont have to spend a lot of money therefore they will be willing to be a committed customer. Alsosuccessful magazines such as Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan magazine also publish their magazine biweekly.Structure: I am going to take inspiration from the rolling stones magazine as I think that the magazines layout is interesting andclear for the reader and this will work well. The rolling stones magazine has around 80 pages, so I will make mine the same asboth magazines are going to be published/ are published biweekly.Sample Article Ideas: These are interesting magazine article ideas as there is a variety of Interview with celebrities different things too look at and this will keep the target audience Top 20 in the charts interested and will bring them back to buy the magazine regularly Posters The celebrity fashion New music to come out
  • 3. Flat Plan Front Cover Contents Page Double Page Spread
  • 4. Style SheetFont Colours I am going to use are black and white I have used these colours as I think they are easy basic colours and any colour will mix with them and work well.
  • 5. Photography planning front pageThe image for my front cover will be an image I have taken myself of one of my friends. My friend has the rightlook I need for my magazine as he has a similar dress sense to the celebrities I am looking at. He wears baggyjeans and t-shirts with a hat/bandana and a gold chain necklace with trainers. I am going to take the photos ofmy front cover model in the photography studio as I think this will give it a more professional and sophisticatedlook. Underneath I have taken an image from the magazine I am going to inspire the look of for my magazineand sectioned it into a grid. This shows a good composition for the magazine and I am going to use this grid tohelp me put my images and text into the right places so it also looks as professional as this magazine frontcover. I am going to have the person I am using to be on my front cover posed and in the studio so it looks likethey have been taken professionally and will look effective on the front cover. I want the image for my frontcover to be either a medium long shot, or a medium close up. The person I am taking images of is going to be amade up celebrity and only has to be influenced by these celebrities to have the right look for my magazine.
  • 6. Photography planning contents pageI plan on having 3 images on the contents page to help to show the different stories in the magazine. The first imagewill be of the main celebrity (the same person on the front cover) who will have the same clothes on to the front coverimage but will a different pose for example a long shot with the whole body in the photo as shown in the Chris Brownphoto below. These images will also be taken in the photography studio as there will be a white background and willhave the correct lighting, I also want a clean cut style photo so it looks more professional and like it is out of a realmagazine.The second photo will have relations to a different story also in the magazine. The photo will be of a made upcelebrity and will have photos done to make them look professional and the story line will be of the new album/trackcoming out. The photo will be a mid shot of the artist. For example, the image of 50 Cent at the bottom is a mid shotand this is what my image will look like for this story. I may try to find a different background for this image to try andfind a more stereotypical gangsta background. I will use a natural light to take the image. The person in the photo willalso be wearing similar clothes to the person on the front cover just slightly different props to show that they are twodifferent people.The third image on the contents page will be of another made up celebrity. The shot for this celebrity will be a closeup like the photo of Eminem in the corner. The person in this photo will just wear a plain vest and a gold chain with abulky ring. This will emphasise the look of the rap/hip hop artist look and will help to show the genre of the magazineto the readers. I will have a plain black background for this image so this image will be taken in the studio.
  • 7. Photography planning double page spreadFor the double page spread my photos are going to be of the person that is on my front cover and on mycontents page. Theyre going to be two images on the double page spread of the same person in differentposes. I am going to take these photos in the photography studio with a white background to show that themagazine has had a full photo shoot with the celebrity in question. The celebrity will wear all the same clothesthroughout the photo shoot but different poses to show the different images and also to make sure they arenot all the same images so it doesnt get boring for the reader. The photo at the bottom of T-Pain works well ashe has a signature pose that he uses in his image making it clear that it is him in the photo. I may get my personI am photographing to do a pose similar to this. Also I am going to get the person I am photographing to takethe pose of 50 Cent in the bottom left corner for my second image as this will work well as there will be avariety of shots for the audience to look at.
  • 8. Photography planning Summery Altogether I will have to take 6 images for my magazine. The location for my images will be the photography studio. The costumes worn for my images will be:1. Baggy jeans, baggy t-shirt, trainers, hat/bandana and gold chain. (front cover, contents page and double page spread)2. Vest, gold chain and bulky ring (contents page).3. Baggy t-shirt and hat/bandana (contents page). Type of shots I will use are:1. Medium long shot (front cover), long shot (contents page) and close up.(contents page + double page spread)2. Medium close up (contents page).3. Close up (contents page).