Photography Degree Requirements 2009-2010 catalog

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Photography Degree Requirements 2009-2010 catalog. College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Presented by The Photography Department and the Office of Academic Services and Advising. Why Change the Curriculum?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Photography Degree Requirements 2009-2010 catalog

  • Why Change the Curriculum?

    The Photography Faculty developed the new degree requirements based on the changing trends occurring in the field today. Current industry standards and practices are incorporated into the changes in Photography courses.These changes add to the current skills and knowledge to create a dynamic level of instruction that will prepare students for employment today and in the future.

  • What has changed?New classes are being offered to prepare students with the skills to effectively use industry standard Computer Applications. PHO 282 (NEW)Introduction to Digital Photography WorkflowPHO 382 (REVISED) Advanced Digital Photography Workflow

    Other Courses in the curriculum have been updated to reflect the new courses noted above.

  • Should I Change Catalogs?A students degree requirements are determined by the catalog they aredeclared in when they become a student at NAU. Students may change to anewer catalog to take advantage of changes to degree requirements if theydetermine the change is in their best interest. If you are a Freshman or Sophomore we strongly recommend that you move to the Fall 2009-2010 after verifying that it will not delay graduation.If your are a Junior you can select the new degree requirements after checking with an advisor and exploring the new plan. If you are a Senior planning to graduate Spring 2009, Fall 2009 or Spring 2010 we recommend that you remain in your current catalog.When should a student consider a change of catalog of their degree requirements?If the student want to incorporate the new curriculum into their degree plan.If the change of catalog will not increase their time remaining toward the degree.If the students minor and or 2nd major will not change in the new catalog.

  • How do I change catalogs?How can a student figure out whether it would be best to change catalogs?Meet with a professional academic advisor to go over the degree requirements and compare plans for all components of your degree.How can a student change to the newer catalog?After meeting with an advisor, complete a major change request form to submit to the Office of Academic Services and Advising. The change of catalog will be entered by office staff.

  • Summer Photography CoursesSummer Session I 6/1/09 to 6/30/09PHO 181 Communication Photography in personPHO 281 Black and White in personSummer 10 week 6/1/2009 to 8/4/2009 PHO 408 Fieldwork experienceENROLL TODAY!!!!!


    The class I was planning to take for the Fall 2009 semester(mysenior year) has a new pre-requisite that I cannot take, now what? Contact the Office of Academic Services and Advising or your Photography Faculty to verify your need and assist with a requisite override.

    Does the change to the degree requirements mean I cannot graduateuntil I complete the new Photography requirements?No, as long as you remain in your earlier catalog for all of your degree requirements and are a continuing student at NAU you may earn your Photography degree by completing 36 units.

  • More Information

    Contact Laura Camden PHOTOGRAPHY Faculty [email protected] visit the Office of Academic Services and AdvisingRoom 370 Communication BuildingWeb Page Email [email protected] Phone 928-523-8055 or928-523-6540

    *Add text for the recommendation for changing catalogs

    *Next academic year newly imposed pre requisites exceptions for 2010 will be enforced.*